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ganesh, amulya

The hit pair of Ganesh and Amulya are back and continue their impressive form together at the box office. Last year the pair that made a sensation with Cheluvina Chittara a few years ago teamed up for Shravani Subramanya which was also a hit. The first film of 2015 also belongs to them and Kushi Kushiyagi which is a remake of a Telugu film is no exception. It has all the good elements of becoming a hit. The romantic story, good performances, eye-pleasing visuals make the film a must watch for youngsters.

The film has a complex story. Ganesh falls in love with a girl he only happens to have a glimpse of at a wedding. Mistaking another girl to be her, he begins an effort on phone wooing her. The other girl so happens to be waiting for such a person who would fall in love with her without knowing anything about her. But when Ganesh realises that the two girls are different, his troubles begin. Adding more intrigue to the plot is the fact that his best friend and the first girl are in love. The comedy turns to an attempted revenge and all hell breaks loose on the hero. How he manages to overcome all the odds and win the girl is the rest of the story.

Ganesh and Amulya give an amazing performance and they continue their good chemistry that has always worked before. The soothing music, the glamorous visuals and quick fire dialogues make the film an interesting watch. Though it is a bit long at two and a half hours, the episodes unfolding on the screen holds audience attention. The year has started perfectly for Sandalwood and this film has all the good elements to become a major draw for audience looking for some fun time at the theatre.

Chitraloka Rating - 3/5