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One of the most prolific producers in Sandalwood, K Manju, is preparing to contest the upcoming election to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. Manju wanted the recent Assemby elections but gave up in the attempt. But in his quest to become the new president of KFCC, he is already begun the race. Not the one to keep anything in hiding, the outspoken producer of big-budget films has already announced to his friends his intention to contest. However, he will have to wait a bit longer as the KFCC elections earlier scheduled for September has now been postponed to October.

The post of president is rotated between the producers, distributors and exhibitors every year. The coming term will have a president from the distributors sector. However, it is not a handicap for Manju as he is also a distributor. The current president, Vijay Kumar is from the producers sector and the previous president, KV Chandrashekar, was from the exhibitors sector. Speaking to, Manju said that he is serious about contesting the elections. He has already soliciting support from friends in the industry.