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s ramesh (pic - km veeresh)

In a day full of activities at the Gururaja Kalyana Mantapa the votes were polled for various posts. Politician cum film producer S.Ramesh despite of showing his guts through money was a worried man. The knowledgeable woman of the industry Jayamala maintained a low profile in this prestigious battle was wondering about the result. Ultimately the congress-I politician S.Ramesh a former minister has beaten Thai Saheba by a margin of 89 votes. S. Ramesh got 517 Votes, and Jayamala got 428 votes.

Everything was smooth until the Presidential votes were opened. Smt. Jayamala and Sa. Ra. Govind raised an objection saying that proxy voting has taken place. They were complaning aganist Lakshminarayan, Distributor for Tamil films is the main culprit. They have caught him while he was allowing 17 persons to do the proxy voting. Sa. Ra. Govind says `let it be Ramesh or Jayamala. It should be a neat election. No one should do the proxy voting. We raised the objection in the evening and nobody bothered. In the general body meeting itself they have clearly stated no candidates should be there while voting or counting. But why Lakshminarayana was there? We won't allow to announce the result of the President post. If they do so we will go to court to seek justice'0

At 3.00 AM (8th December 2002) results was finally announced. Election commission officer Basanth Kumar Patil with Ajantha Raju, K.C.N. Chandrashekar and Gangappa who had a long discussion finally made the annoucement in favour of S. Ramesh.

Voting started at 2 PM. 954 persons casted their votes. In this there were 478 Producers, 288 Distributors, and 188 Exhibitors. This number is the highest in the history of the Kannada film Chamber election. Earlier in the year 1997 when K.C.N. Chandrashekar and S. Ramesh contested 900 persons voted. Ultimately S. Ramesh lost that election.

For the Vice President post in the Producer sector there was a tough fight. 25 Producers contested and eight got elected. Prominent persons who lost were S.V. Rajendra Singh (Babu) (M/s. Rohini Pictures), T.S. Nagabharana (M/s. Bimba International), S.K. Bhagawan (A/s. Anupam Arts), H.R. Bhargava (M/S. Kalakruthi), A.S.N. Gupta (M/s. Nargis Eneterprises), C. Jayaram (M/s. Sapthaswara Movie Makers), Joe Simon (M/s. Navaraathna Pictures), H.R. Madhusudhan Reddy (M/s. Jayalakshmi Pictures), R.F. Manikchand (M/s. Sri. Shakthi Productions), B.L. Nagaraj (Naganna) (M/s. Sapthagiri Chitra)

S.J. Nandihal (M/s. Sheethal Films), Ramesh Yadav (M/s. Royal Pictures)

D.K. Ramakrishna (M/s. Devama Productions), C.V. Shivashankar (M/s. Raagashree Chtira), H.R. Sripada Rao (M/s. Sandeep Enterprises), G.R. Srinivasa (M/s. G.R.S. Productions), K. Suresh Reddy (M/s. Reprada Films)

The list of the office bearers are as follows:

President - S. Ramesh

Vice Presidents

Producer Sector - S.A. Chinnegowda (M/s Mahalakshmi Pictures) Elected unopposed

Distributor Sector – K. Janakiram (M/s/ Bawa Films Distributors)

Exhibitor Sector – B.P. Ashok (M/s Abhinay Theatre)


Hon. Secretary

Producer Sector – B.N. Gangadhar (M/s A N S Productions)

Distributor Sector – G.K. Kutty (M/s G.K.K. Pictures) Elected unopposed

Exhibitor Sector – Thomas D’Souza (M/s Srikanteshwara Chitramandira


Hon. Treasurer – H.N. Maruthi (M/s parimala’s) Elected Unopposed


Sa.Ra. Govindu (M/s. Tanu Chitra)

T.N. Venkatesh (Rockline) (M/s. Rockline Productions)

Jaggesh (M/s. Jaggesh Chitra)

B.S. Dwarakish (M/s. Dwarakish Chitra)

Siddalingaiah (M/s. Vijayashree productions)

K. Manju (M/s. Lakshmishree Combines)

Jai Jagadish

N. Kumar ( M/s. Lakshmi Films)



S.A. Govindraj (M/s. Venus Enterprises) Elected Unopposed


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE – Distributor Sector

A Region

B.H. Basha (M/s. Bahar Films)

B.K. Gangappa (Sree Chamundeshwari Films)

K.S. Nandakumar (M/s. Santosh Pictures)

P. Narayana Reddy (M/s. Navayuga Pictures)

C. Nagaraj (Navashakthi Enterprises)


D Region

M. Lakshminarayana (M/s S.L.N. Films) Elected Unopposed



A Region - Permanent

B.S. ArunKumar (M/s. Theatre Santosh)

B.P. Ashok (M/s. States Picture House)

Rajesh H Patel (M/s. Sagar Theatre)

(All Elected Unopposed)


A Region (Other than Permanent Theatres)

N. Chandrashekar (M/s Prakash Chitramandira)

V. Hanumantharaya (M/s. Kanteerava Chitramandira)

K.N. Vasudevamurthy (M/s. Gopal Touring Talkies

(All Elected Unopposed)


B Region (Permanent)

D.R. Jairaj (M/s. Channabasaveshwara Talkies, Gubbi)

Elected Unopposed)


B Region (Other than Permanent Theatres)

H. Anathamurthy (M/s Mahadeva Touring Talkies, Sathanur)

Elected Unopposed


C Region (Permanent Cinema)

M.V. Subramanya (M/s. Mahalakshmi Theatre, Mallavalli)

Elected Unopposed


C Region (Other than Permanent Theatres)

H.R. Honnappa (M/s Ranga Chitrasmandira, Mysore)

Elected Unopposed


E Region (Other than Permanent Theatres)

R. Thimmaiah Setty (M/s. Aparna Theatre, Manvi)

Elected Unopposed

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