Ashwini Ram Prasad and Ashwini Krishna Prasad; Ashwini group is the biggest corporate group of the Kannada film industry involved in diversified activities of film making. The group is headed by brothers Ashwini Ram Prasad and Ashwini Krishna Prasad who have owned the Ashwini Recording Studios which is providing most of the post production services involved in the making of the film. And they have the Ashwini Audio which is involved marketing of Kannada film audio and other musical albums. Though the studio and marketing of audio forms the core activities of the group, Ashwini Ram Prasad and Krishna are also involved in the production of films. And Ashwini Ram Prasad launched his distribution business by marketing his own film Jogi. Then he activated his distribution business in Hubli which distributed films in the Northern Karnataka Area.

Ram Prasad is the brain behind the production of films and he started his film production venture by making Jogi directed by Prem starring Shivaraj Kumar which became a block buster film. Jogi was also one of the biggest audio hits in the Kannada film industry., Later Ram Prasad decided to make Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe which launched director Prem as the hero of the film. The film made with a huge cost however did not win the acceptance of audience.

After the debacle of Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe, Ashwini Ram Prasad and his brother Krishna Prasad of the Ashwini Group decided to concentrate on their core business of audio marketing and obtained the rights for films like Gaja and Gaalipata which were huge hits.

After a long gap, the Ashwini Group returned to film production with Jothegaara, featuring Nenapirali Prem and Ramya, the hit pair of Jothe Jothayalli. Incidentally, the audio CD of Jothe Jotheyalli produced by actor Darshan was marketed by the Ashwini Audio group. Now, the film is almost complete and the audio album of the film will be released in the first week of December.
Ashwini Ram Prasad has used new channels for publicity of his film. And he created revolution in the outdoor publicity by taking lease of many commercial space outlets. He reached out majority of Kannada film fans through this publicity methods.

Jothegaara was launched on August 21. Jothegaara is being directed by debutant director Shikamani, who has worked as assistant director for more than 15 Tamil films. Music director Sudeep Shetty is being introduced through the film and Raghav is the man behind the camera.

Ashwini Ram Prasad says that he had liked the subject narrated by Shikamani. He also underlines that past experience has made him understand that the real hero of any film is its script. “Since I have learnt lot of lessons from the past, I started the film only after getting a fully bound script’ says Ashwini Ram Prasad.

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