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The American Kannada Koota Association (AKKA) is no way responsible for the success of Vishwa Kannada Sammelana held at Houston. It’s all two years of  great planning of Jayaram  Nadig and his group which made the conference a grand success.
World Millennium Kannada Conference (WMKC) is an example of perfection. All credits goes to Jayaram Nadig and his troop. I was really happy that I was able to attend this wonderful conference. AKKA is only responsible for inviting me to US to train singers for a programme at WMKC.
AKKA had promised me to pay my expenses of the US tour and in its published souveniour also it had committed. As per that they gave me a cheque for 4500 dollars covering mine and my wife traveling expenses.
Discounting this cheque I took money from my bank and paid all my loans. Now after a month cheque has returned back with remark payment stopped by drawee. This is a great shock to me. Bank has asked me to repay Rs. 2.1 lacs immediately for which I took loan again from different sources, which has given me lot of pain. In the recent press meet in Bangalore, I had told very well about AKKA. But now they have betrayed me. It is so sad that my purpose of visit became futile. I will never visit US again and this was my last visit
I thank you all for looking with great affection and love  which I cherish for years to come. Sorry, there is no other way except to take legal action against AKKA.
Good bye to US ever.