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This charming lady of small screen and big screen is Very Important Person besides being Vinayaprasad. The daughter of three states – a rare distinction our affectionate Vinayaprasad is shortly going to get to her record books when her ‘Aval’ in Tamil hits the small screen. From Indu role in ‘Stree’ in Malayalam and many powerful roles in Kannada film and small screen Vinayaprasad a richly talented actress shortly get a hattrick.
Vinayaprasad a busy schedule lady was traced at Nandigrama at the shooting of her latest film for producer Ramu – ‘Bava Bamaidha’. A quiet, sensible and vivacious Vinayaprasad feels that she has very less time to act in big screen. She had already distributed eight days to Kannada, Tamil and Telugu small screen and hardly a week she will be found in her Mahalakshmi Layout residence in Bangalore.
The occasion was special because this amazing actress had won her second Karnataka State Award for the film ‘Bannada Hejje’. She was surprised on hearing that she got an award for supporting role in that film. She was focused in a prominent role of a heroine but however she is not disturbed with this graduation in awards. She has expressed that she will take this award with pride. A few years ago Vinayaprasad won the best actress award for her performance in ‘Athanka’ Kannada film starring Ananthnag.
Ask any question she takes coolly and without any perturbed mind she answers with equal respect to each questions.
Vinaya explains her recent jaunt to United States of America. It was at the Golden Gate the tourists were thronging with cameras. When Vinaya entered she was questioned as whether she is a VIP. Her quiet answer was she is VP – meaning Vinayaprasad.
When she entered the gorgeous place lots of people started shaking their hands and all they wanted was to take a photograph with ‘Indhu’ – the role played by Vinayaprasad in the Malayalam ‘Stree’ mega television serial. Back home in Kerala this actress has been responsible for putting the order of life of Keralites.
The business establishments, the woman, the youngsters, the temples and even the bars used to get closed at 7.30 pm. All they wanted was to regularly watch what VIP and VP - Vinayaprasad does in the half an hour television serial ‘Stree’.
Vinayaparasad has also been doing social services. She has a lengthy list of beneficiaries. Look at what a way she gets the required funds for the needy organizations. She does not receive a ‘petal’ or a ‘paisa’ from the organizers. What she advises is to fill a cheque for the amount they are expected to spend on her and send it to so and so organization. Definitely a noble thought.  Are you hearing people in public life! Congrats Madam on this useful and distinct thought. 

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