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Finding a parallel career to bureaucracy in tinsel town is the long felt aspiration of the first Kannada IAS officer K.Shivaramu. Although  K.Shivaramu is very well aware that reel is bundle and real is truth he wants to shine on the screen and wants to pick up acting as his hobby.
The bureaucratic bash and half a dozen of films in the last five years with just only the debut film completing 100 days K.Shivaramu is no doubt an upset man. ‘The past five years made me uncomfortable in my two professions’ he admits. That has not stopped my ambition to forge ahead he says with strong conviction.
K.Shivaramu, a simple, sensitive and a man with strong convictions on the sets of ‘Yaarge Beda Duddu’ - his come back film spoke to Chitraloka.com sitting on the lush green lawns of Kanteerava studio.
Why is this long gap of five years?
I felt something strange in this period. Nothing moved in my direction. The films I had acted bombed and the professional career was also not on upward trend.
Has the frequent transfer upset you?
No. I am not afraid of transfers. I know how to work wherever I am transferred even if it is once in six months. The films I did like “Vasantha Kaavya” with well known director S.Narayan, another socially relevant film ‘Pratibhatane’ given me a crashing disappointment even after a hard work put in. Three more films completed shooting but still finding days for release. Obviously the mind gets disturbed with such developments.
Your acceptance of ‘Yaarge Beda Duddu’ Kannada film is a symptom of good days?
In a way it is true. The last six or seven months has been according to my taste. I am satisfied with a lot of work done for the people of Davanagere as Deputy Commissioner. Now I am busy there as DC. The offers have started pouring in. I am doing another film titled as ‘Subash’ shortly after YBD. The talk is going on for one more film. I feel the bad patch has come to an end. The luck is like that. The bad and good days has not left anyone in this world. The ups and downs are unexpected.
On what grounds you have accepted this film?
I liked the subject of ‘Yaarge Beda Duddu’. It is a common people problem. Partly what I do in real life – caring poor people, patting them with encouragement, providing help when they are in distress is found here. In YBD, I believe in certain principles. Money is not everything. I say it is the love and affection that is greater than money. I tame the haughty heroine.
Where is the need to feel upset when the situation is common for many others?
I know in the last five years the going has not been good for the other artistes. Why I am feeling pathetic is that I have not come here like any other artists. I am not for money. I am only anxious to get good roles and keep up this as hobby.
Back to bureaucracy what do the people feel in your regime as DC?
I am proud to say that I have taken up splendid work at a fast phase in the last six months. I have made the people to feel the change. They are happy and informed what a lovely DC we have around us. Beginning my days in Davanagere I told the people of poor class – I have come from slum and work for slum. The downtrodden people are now extremely happy for the series of developmental work undertaken. This is nonstop as long as I am DC there. Already other places are following the footsteps.
Can you give examples of fresh work you have begun in Davanagere?
A programme called ‘Namma Nadu’ has been a tremendous success.  It is like ‘moving the mountain to the man’. The concept is that the Government goes to the doorsteps of people especially poor class. Three days in a month sixty villages will be traveled with the government officials and the elected representatives. Already we have covered about 180 villages. There are totally 960 villages in 24 hoblis that come under my control.
What is that you do going to the doorsteps?
All problems are met. You name anyone we are there to find a solution. The government gives abundant amount to various programmes. The pension, Roads, houses, education, squabbles – in case of encroachments, help for widows, Anganawadis, getting face lifts to schools, raids on liquor dens, meeting the bonded labor problems, finding the Slaves etc. The concerned Ministers and the legislators are also encouraging our work. I tell the elected persons that for the people who elected you, the work is undertaken. I don’t want vote bank for me, I explain. The work undertaken is not just one or two. 80 percent of child labor has been eradicated.
Any touching encounters for you?
I just go at their horrible time in life. I tell them that I am here for your difficulty. They become very emotional. It is such a support and help for them to recover in dire straits more than giving any financial help. One lady in distress from Hadadi village wrote about condition to me. I sent my officers immediately and noted the conditions. One day while traveling I reached the actual spot of the lady in poor condition and found out she is really in bad shape. Immediately granted financial help for that B.Ed. graduate. Also helped in getting her a job. In my regime I used to go to the spots with cheque books and sanction the amount on the spot.
With so much of good work done and satisfaction derived what for you are into films?
I told you earlier. It is only for hobby. In a filmy style I have entered the places where nefarious activities are taking place. I have recently attacked Rs.1 crore worth illicit liquor hideout.
Liquor lobby being very strong are you not worried about transfers?
That lobby is working now. I have heard that I have to pack my luggage shortly from Davanagere. I don’t worry about it. I am not the loser. The government that bows to such pressures should look out what is right and what is wrong. For me if it is not Davanagere it will be somewhere else. Wherever I go I will continue to work for the downtrodden.
Are you adding a new dimension to bureaucracy in Democracy?
I am not telling for my personal footage. The work has really taken place. There is a control room in the DC office. There is token system prevailing for the first time in the history of India to meet the DC. The control room has been spread in nook and corner of the district. Anybody at any point of time can seek the help

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