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The first time producer Sarovar Sanjeev’s, a classic film ‘Sparsha’ (directed by dexterous Sunil Kumar Desai) is not touching the investment made for the reasons beyond the control of the producer. Sunilkumar Desai according to Sarovar Sanjeev is extremely brilliant when compared to veteran Puttanna Kanagal. The style, conviction, prominence he gives to the every bit of characters is something unseen in the history of Kannada cinema feels Sarovar Sanjeev.
The initial draw was superb, the film got rave reviews, the youths made a beeline for the film to watch but suddenly came the unexpected abduction of Dr.Rajkumar by forest outlaw Veerappan that dashed the strongly build hopes for the film.
A pleasure to watch film ‘Sparsha’ has now resulted in pains for hotelier cum producer Sarovar Sanjeev. What was expected to complete in Rs.60 lakhs reached Rs.2 crore and this has actually caused deep concern. Added to this woe of the producer the bundh call given has hit him hard. Suddenly came another blow for him in the form of closure of his Bar and Restaurant for 18 days shivered him for the first time in long business.
The extraordinary report of the film ‘Sparsha’ is not heard not only in Karnataka but also in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
This is something spectacular for ‘Sparsha’. A Guinness record holder Dr.D.Rama Naidu watching the film told that the film should not be re-done in any of the language. It has to be only dubbed.
The superstar of Telugu films Nagarjuna after watching this film silently vacated his seat but to everyone’s surprise he asked for special screening of the film ‘Sparsha’ on Sunday – the day of his rest for many years in his career and his kiths and kins enjoyed the touch of class given by famous director Sunilkumar Desai.
The media baron and proud Film City owner Mr Ramoji Rao showed keen interest on buying the dubbing rights. He also felt the same opinion of his counterpart in the business. While many big shots evinced keen interest in buying the dubbing rights of the film the humble producer Sarovar Sanjeev gave away the rights of the dubbing to his technician of the film editor Janardhan.
Janardhan has sought the help of Ramoji Rao and the dubbing of ‘Sparsha’ has begun from September 18. Again the quality in dubbing is stressed. For the dubbing of Sudeep voice in the film the dubbing artists has been given Rs.1 lakh for a few days of his work. Likewise the singers from Mumbai and other places will be once again asked for the Telugu version of ‘Sparsha’ songs.
The keen eyes of big shots were curious to know about a particular shot picturised in Darjeeling. It was a 250 ft long rope used for 250 years old bridge underneath a river flowing attracted everyone. The efficient cameraman Venu has kept away the bridge portion in that particular scene and only the rope hanging made everyone more curious. It was in fact tied to the 250 ft bridge not visible in the scene. This was the common anxiety wherever the film was previewed outside the State too.
‘Sparsha’ has really not gone untouched by the audience in Karnataka. After the bundh call given in the industry ‘Sparsha’ picked up its collection as the places like Hubli, Davanagere, Mangalore and other centers carried out the strike for only one or two days. The problem for collection for Sparsha was in the key areas like Bangalore, Mysore, Mandya and Hassan.
The collection has been more than 65 percent in some of the areas despite the bundh call given. The youths and women who thronged the theatres prior to Dr.Rajkumar abduction are not seen. What is needed to bring them back is the question crept the mind of the producer Sarovar Sanjeev.

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