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Dr.Chandini who shot into fame from the Kannada film 'A' acting opposite Upendra and later acting in 'AK 47' opposite Shivrajkumar. She reaped in much popularity from 'A' and the quantum of role in 'AK 47' was a minute one.  Yet the two films she acted received much popularity besides making good money
to the producers at the box office. After AK 47 Chandini became very busy and concentrated on obtaining the doctorate in Agricultural marketing.
This Ethiopian born, educated in New Delhi, Malayali came to complete her doctorate to Mysore, in her third film (with a doctorate degree on her hand for Agricultural marketing from Mysore University) 'Deepavali' actress Dr. Chandini is again in an inconsequential role.  This has upset her considerably.  The director Dinesh Baboo (also a Malayali like Chandini) did not given me a chance to laugh in the film and he his not like other Malayali's she has told. I am a senior actress compared to Bhavana (Chandini you are mistaken Bhavana is a much senior actress says Gandhinagar the heart of film activity) but still I did not get the proper footage.  I am fed up with the director Baboo she lamented.
So what next?  I have worked hard on a script like how I put my effort for Doctorate and mount a film shortly. The fear is that again these type (like the one in AK 47 and Deepavali) of role follow me in my career. I don't want to get branded. What I need is a variety, meaty role.
Have you been approached for similar roles?  Yes. One producer asked me to do a physically handicapped role. He told me that I have to be in the wheel chair throughout the film. The hero out of sympathy marries me in that film. This would definitely get me a National award he said. I said no to his offer.
To end such calls you are opting for a film production?  Yes. Other wise you know what happens, the producers may ask me to do a 'dead body' role. I am not astonished with this.