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‘I am on the way to get a break in my career’, what I have achieved is so far is only fifty percent and one among it is the filing of income tax returns without fail. 18 films still boxing to get a main heroine role in the career is not a matter of concern for actress Archana. After three years of indefinite inconsequential stay in the tinsel town she is still hoping to make it big here despite of onslaught of imported heroines.
‘Give me the proper footage’ – I will return equally from my side says a promising looking Archana.
Here are the excerpts of an interview with her on the sets of ‘Yaarge Beda Duddu’.
The short stint in Bollywood has given you any bad experience?
The three films I did in a series with Bollywood star Mithun Chakravarthy has been a wonderful experience for me. I have earned a good name and money. As soon as the tax authorities came to know I have come back from bollywood they have sent me a forms to file the income tax returns. I have obliged. The offers and also the pay packets are meaty in Bollywood.
Did you find any difference in style of work?
They invest more and want everything to look lavish. They consume more time. There are quality conscious people. They also spend left and right on their film. When I was idle at my home again I got offers but I felt somehow I should gain my ground here in Sandalwood.
Besides increasing your bank balance, did you gained anything?
Quite a lot of fame I have achieved in just three films. When I went to Kashmir borders for three songs shooting for the Kannada film ‘Khiladi’ I was surrounded by fans. Actor Jaggesh looking from a distance told that ‘Ninna Jeevana Sarthaka Aaythu’. I felt so happy. The audience expressing happiness is something that you don’t get by paying money. I am also happy about the respectable scenario in Bollywood.
Back here you expected something good from Kannada film industry?
That expectation is there since a log time. Three years is not a small time. Eighteen films is also a pretty experience. What I wanted I believe the film ‘Sarovara’ is likely to get me. The role is totally different from all my earlier films. The making of that film is also very nice.
At this young age in this fast world don’t you do any hard work inside the four walls to gain a strong a career?
I have been very alert from the beginning on my costumes, hair- style, emotions and romance. I have even told the producers and directors what I felt. They have not been taken into consideration. Later I felt that ‘time will predict everything’ and there is no use in giving suggestions. I became little choosy now and sit at home.
Tell me why fresh, cute looking girls are not found from our State?
This is the question our producers and directors can answer.
There is a complaint our girls are not bold and suits only sisters and secretaries post?
There are bold girls here too. As for as the costumes are concerned, give me any costume I will wear and appear. In bollywood they give such costly costumes and take care of heroines. For my five and half feet I was once offered five and half inches of costume and a chappal. The producer Chidambara Shetty for the film ‘Nirnaya’ was such magnanimous. The dress given for Karishma, Kajol, Juhi,Urmila are not coming to me. I don’t mind in such costumes. I have no objection from my parents.
Do you have any time restriction for fulfilling remaining 50 percent of goals?
I don’t keep any time limit. Sitting idle is not a danger for me. I am fixed at my decisions. Once again in my life one more coincidence took place. I was selected for this ‘Yaarge Beda Duddu’ and a Malayalam and Tamil offer came to me. The discussion was also held and the payment was also fixed for Rs.3 lakhs. Actress Saritha’s husband is the producer of that film. I was committed here. I did not ditched Kannada producer. Other wise I would have been in a film starring Mammooty and Suman. When offers start pouring in there are clashes from more than one language for me.
Why are you not trying your hands at the small screen?
I have set an image here. This image is totally different when compared to mega serials heroines. There is a fear of our roles getting typecast.
The offers coming now are satisfactory?
Yes. In this ‘Yaarge Beda Duddu’ I play a cantankerous girl. I am naughty and haughty. I say money is everything. I can’t resist the poor and hapless around me. In one of my portions in this film, I even burn the saree. The hero tames me. I have signed another film ‘Suswagatha’ that is shortly going to mount. I am getting an inkling that I need have to sit idle for a long time.

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