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Challenging Star Darshan says that the huge success of KVSR was due to the hard work of the entire team and commitment of producer Anand Appugol.

"I can say I had to put in extra efforts to the me and the preparations for the role and my work will equal to the work I normally do for six commercial films.

Darshan said that some people had apprehensions whether the film would be accepted in view of the death of  the hero in Climax.  "They did not see Darshan, but they saw a great patriot like Raayanna cheated by the British and sent to gallows.  I think this was the best part of the film' said Darshan.

Darshan also revealed that  Ambari and Adhdhoori director Arjun will be directing the film to be produced by Sandesh Nagaraj where he will be playing the role of police cop.   In four days time Darshan's birthday celebrations would be conducted in a bigger way by fans. The day will also see the launch of his new film "Brindavana' directed by Maadesh which has Tamil actress Karthika Nair and Muktha in the lead.

Anand Appugol has already announced that he will launch a new film with Darshan on August 15.