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Jaggesh says that the artists get appreciation and applause from the people for the quality and performance  of  their roles. Reacting to the news that Ramya had opted out of "Neerdose'. Jaggesh said that he was not concerned about who was working in his film or not.  I was impressed with my characterisation and the freshess in the script.  I accepted it immediately after I heard the script.  Perhaps I think before receiving the advance, even Ramya would have liked her role.  But what made her change the decision in not my concern.  I am happily joining the "Neerdose' shoot' said Jaggesh.

Speaking to Chitraloka Mega Portal, Jaggesh who is arguably the most talented actor in the Kannada film industry said that artists like Kalpana were known as "Minuguthaare' only after she performed the challenging role in "Gejjepooje' and  Jayanthi got the title as "Abhinaya Shaarade' after she performed the role of  a prostitute in "Masanadha Hoovu'.   "It is not the background or a role, but the strength of the role which is important' said Jaggesh.