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pooja gandhi, radhika gandhi, kiran thotambailu image
pooja gandhi, radhika gandhi, kiran thotambailu

Dr. Kiran who has filed a complaint against actress Pooja Gandhi and her father has been described by the actress as mentally unsound and Psychopath.

 "Such people should not be allowed carry on with making false allegations and behave like an uncivilised person. I am sure that he has filed a false complaint against me as I have done nothing like what he has alleged in the complaint.  My conscience is clear and  I dont care a damn to  the false allegations made against him.   A few months ago he went to press to allege that my father had stolen his car.  We addressed a press meet later to dismiss his claims and produced documentary evidence to prove that Dr. Kiran is spreading lies' says Pooja Gandhi.