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Producer Uday Mehta who is now making  Bachchan directed by Shashank with Kiccha Sudeep in title role has realised one fact that cannot be discounted even in real life.

"You will get what you give for others. I always believed in this message given to me by an elder member of my family.  That made me to be considerate to my workers and give them what is required to be given.  I am enjoying a good patronage from them always.  When I entered the film industry, every one warned me that cine workers who work for films are of exploitative nature and are prepared to squeeze in the producers to get some undeserved  additional benefits.  I was also told that even the craftsman are greedy, and I should be careful when I make payments to them..  But I did not give much prominence to such warnings as I believed in the advise given by my elders.  Now, the sincerity of cineworkers and their sacrificing attitude has become clear with one incident which has really moved me. Two days ago, actor Ravishankar sustained injuries during our shoot and the shooting had to be cancelled.  I had made arrangements to pay one day's bata and salary to cine workers and the craftsman working for the film. Even car rentals and generator van vehicles was to have been paid by me.

But when I had made arrangements to pay each one of the worker said that he will not take a paise from me as the shooting could not be completed.  The same was the case with vehicle owners, drivers and others who supplied materials to us. Even Junior artists supplier said that they would not take payment for that day.  I was surprised, but all of them told me that they would not take money offered by me for that particular day's shooting' says Uday Mehta in a chat with Chitraloka Mega Portal.  .

About me I should say that I have cleared there payments on the same day of the work to all the workers and skilled technicians who had worked for the film.  'And I ensured that they get a very good treatment. I think the saner advise I got from my elders has proved right in my case.  I will always think to give the best to my workers and other artists,  technicians working in the film' said Uday Mehta.

Kiccha Sudeep has also assured Uday Mehta that he would co-operate with him even after exhaustion of dates given by him. "I am grateful for Kiccha for trusting this film and giving his best' says Uday Mehta and director Shashank.

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