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radhika pandit, dhruva sarja in adhuri movie

Young director Arjun who made a sensatinal debut in direction with a super hit film like Ambari which ran for 100 days says that  his forthcoming film Adhdhoori has not been stalled as has been written in a section of the press.

"I was pained to see some article written on a few films which have been lond delayed and stalled.  The list included my film  Adhdhoori which  is not a fact.   I started the film after the regular Pooja and Muhurath on August 27 last year. Since my debutant hero Dhruva had to undergo a  training course for a few film disciplines, I had to start the film during November.  Since the film's heroine Radhika Pandit became busy later shooting for  her film Hudugru and Saagar, I had to reschedule my shooting dates.  Later I sat with Hari Krishna for the song composition which took a fairly longer time.  All this work took a lot of time, but despite causing delay in the process of  shooting I am happy that the film has come out very well.  The editing department has been giving me excellent feed back about the film.  I have also shot some songs which includes montage shots.  I have to complete the dubbing work and undertake the post production work. Meanwhile  I am planning two songs of the film in abroad.  I will be shooting these two  songs in USA in New York and Washington where the film's producer Shankar has been assured of support from his friends and relatives staying in America.  When I am busy doing work for this film round the clock, I am seeing some detractors spreading a wrong message about the film  I would appeal to all my friends to look at the completed work and write about the film' says Arjun.

Arjun also says that the dates for the shooting of songs in abroad will be finalised shortly in consultation with the film's two leading artists.  "I know Radhika Pandit is busy doing work for Ramu sir's film Saagar and Alemaari.  I will get her dates for the song shoot of Adhdhuri' says Arjun.

Arjun also says that his mistake was that he did not  interact with the print media or the television channels during the making of the film which might have triggered off some negative thoughts about the film's progress.   "I am sure to meet the press shortly to give details about the film.

Arjun is starting the dubbing work for the film shortly.