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Actor Vinod Prabhakar has said that his father the late Tiger Prabhakar did not die of gangrene, nor his leg was cut because of it, instead he died because of Jaundice and multiple organ failure. Vinod Prabhkar was talking during the title launch of his new film 'Tyson'.

'There is a misconception that my father died because of gangrene and his leg was cut. My father had heard this and was very upset. When many of his fans used to ask about this, my father used to cry like a child. I was very much beside him and I knew what all happened. He didn't have gangrene, nor his leg was cut. He didn't have kidney problems. He died because of extensive jaundice and multiple organ failure' said Vinod Prabhkar.

When asked about his recent statement in Mandya, Vinod Prabhakar said he did not say anything like that. 'I didn't say I am not getting offers because I was a Christian. I said my father had told me in his last days that his films are facing problems because he was a Christian. I didn't say that my films are facing problems because I am a Christian' said Vinod Prabhakar.


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