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Girish Kasaravalli's film Dweepa, which was released in 2000, went on to win the Swarna Kamala national award, the highest honour for a film in India. This was Kasaravalli's fourth film that had won the Swarna Kamala. The film was produced by Soundarya, who also acted in it. Another film by Kasaravalli, Tayi Saheba, which was produced by Jayamala who also acted in the lead role, got her a national award. The art-house movement got a new boost with films like Deveeri by Kavita Lankesh,  P Sheshadri's Munnudi and others.  Hamsalekha won the national award for his music in the film Ganayogi Panchaksari Gawai. For singing in the same film, SP Balasubramanyam got a national award.

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