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The controversy over the release of Manirathnam's Hindi film Raavan and its Tamil version Raavanan has now been cleared. This was possible because the Reliance Big Pictures which had gone to Delhi court petitioning against the decision of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce to allow the screening the film in only a few theatres in the state lost the case. The Delhi court dismissed the case as it was not falling under their preview. Reliance Big Pictures had no option but to follow in line and agree to release the film in limited number of theatres.

But now comes to question? How can the decision taken by a majority of the members of the KFCC are challenged in the court. Did Big Pictures which had been at the receiving end over the release of Hruthik Roshan

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Director MS Ramesh has been elected as the new president of the Kannada Film Directors and Writers Association (KANFIDA). The elections were held at the Gururaja Kalyana Mantapa in Bangalore on Sunday. There are over 450 members of the KANFIDA, but only about 200 of them were eligible for voting. The results were announced at 7 pm. S Mahendar and Prem (Jogi) were elected as the vice presidents. Nagendra Prasad and Kesari Harivu are the new secretary and Yogesh Hunsur the new treasurer of the organisation.

The long overdue elections puts and end to the long innings of veteran director Rajendra Singh Babu as the president. He did not contest this time. This is a completely new team and none of the earlier committee members were re-elected.


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Well known production house EK Entertainers is now ready with their third film Maththe Mungaru which is directed by Dwarki Raghava. Sreenagara Kitty and Archana Malhotra are the lead artists of this film which has several well known artists in important roles. The highlight of the film is that Asha Bhonsle is singing a song for the first time.

A press conference was held recently for this film which had not met the media any time during the film. The film's hero Sreenagara Kitty was not present in the press conference, but all the other artists made a presence. Promos of the film were shown and clippings of the making of the film were also screened which looked impressive.

Director Dwarki explained that the busy and pressure filled schedules of the film in different locations of the country did not allow them to meet the press at any time. "We thought it was best for us to meet the press after finishing all the work for the film. We will be launching a big publicity drive for this film from now onwards' said Dwarki. A new music director Paul Raj is being introduced for this film for which shooting has taken place in Mysore, Gokarna, Mumbai and other places of North India.

E. Krishnappa who made two successful films like Mungaru Male and Moggina Manasu said that he had a dedicated team to work for this film which will be a totally different experience for the viewers of the film. 'Dwarki is a dedicated director who puts heart and soul into the film. We are shooting for one song of the film in Kashmir' said E.K. The film's heroine Archana Malhotra said that Dwarki is one of the best persons she had met in her career and was happy to be part of this film. "The unit is the best I have seen in my film career. EK sir is the most trusted producer while Dwarki and others have worked very hard for this film. Every other person had lost weight working for this film except me' said Rachana.

Actors Ravi Shankar, Neenasam Aswath, Sushma Bharadwaj also spoke in the function detailing the passion shown by Dwarki.

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The bottlenecks faced by the team of Agni Sridhar directed Thamassu starring Shivaraj Kumar for a smooth release all over the state is far from over . Now, the theatre owners of Northern Karnataka have been threatening that they will not release Thamassu on June 11, but will screen the film only after a gap of two weeks. This decision comes in the wake of the KFCC policy to allow release of some big budget Telugu and Tamil films after a gap of two weeks in some theatres in Northern Karnataka and Old Mysore area. Even some of the theatres in Mysore distribution area have been indicating that the film's release will take place only on June 25.

An agitated team of Thamassu immediately petitioned the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and urged them to sort out the issue. A meeting was organised in the evening of Wednesday to sort out the issue which was attended by the members of film chamber. However there has been some bright signals now that the issue will be sorted out and Thamassu will be released all over Karnataka on June 11 without any hindrance. Mr. Odu Gowdar, who is heading the Northern Karnataka Exhibitors association has now said that he will initiate talks with Veteran producer Rockline Venkatesh and then decide the issue in consultations with his members.

The demand of Odu Gowdar and many theatre owners in North Karnataka is that the film chamber should not intervene on the issue of simultaneous release of non Kannada films. The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has now been strictly implementing the policy of simultaneous release of non Kannada films and is not allowing any violations of this policy. The policy stipulates the distributors of non Kannada films have to adhere to the policy of releasing their films in fourteen theatres and three multiplexes in the entire state. The implementation of the policy has resulted in the delay of release of some star studded non Kannada films in Davanagere and other centres of Northern Karnataka which has been protested by the theatre owners in that area.

But now the theatre owners are pressurizing the KFCC to review this policy which is not acceptable to Mr. Basanth Kumar Patil, president of the KFCC. Mr. Odu Gowdar is using pressure tactics to get this policy changed.

But agitated Kannada film fans are now questioning whether the theatre owners are really supporting the Kannada films or bargaining in the interest of non Kannada films?

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Ganesh and Priyamani starrer Eno Onthara produced under the banner of Udaychandra productions and directed by Mussanje Mahesh is all set to be released in the month of August.

Chandrashekhar, producer of the film said that he had plans to release the film in the month of July, but the music director Hari Krishna is insisting that he may need 30 to 35 days to complete the film's re-recording work. "We saw the double positive of the film a few days ago and both the editor Deepu and Music director Hari Krishna were thrilled to see the quality of the film.

Both of them are telling that the film needs a good re-recording and effects work. We are buoyed by the reactions of these two top technicians. We are spending a little more money to strengthen the re-recording work. Though the budget of the film has crossed our expectations, we are not compromising on the quality of the film' says Chandrashekhar.

He said that the audio release of the film has been planned on July 2, the birthday of the film's hero Golden Star Ganesh.


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