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Doodh Peda Diganth has almost finished work his new Kannada film Jolly Boy produced by K.Manju and directed by Tamil film director Sabhapathy . Rekha is his heroine in this film.

From August 14, Digi will be focused more on the promotional programmes of his forthcoming film Pancharangi directed by his mentor Yogaraj Bhat. Digi lights up when he talks about Pancharangi which is expected to hit the screens on September 3. A few days ago he had finished the dubbing work of the film in Akash Recording Studio. The ever smiling actor plays the role of a fun loving lazy brat. Diganth seems to enjoy playing such roles with ease.

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Despite the talk about resolution of the dispute regarding the film Kool, the issue remains unsolved because the film's director Mussanje Mahesh is yet to give NOC to Ms. Shilpa. The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had earlier claimed a solution to the dispute has been arrived and wrote letters to Ms. Shilpa Ganesh and director Mussanje Mahesh indicating its decision. The Chamber had indicated that Mussanje Mahesh will be given a compensation of Rs. One lac from Shilpa Ganesh and then the producer can continue shooting the film with Ganesh as the director. The decision of the film chamber had shocked the Kannada film directors association members who had termed the decision as one sided and unjust. A letter was then written to Basanth Kumar Patil, President of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce by the KFDA which expressed its displeasure about the decision and wanted a review of the decision.

A meeting on Tuesday at the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce where many executive members of the association sat with members of Kannada film producers association, Kannada film cine workers association and Kannada film directors association was able to bring down the level of differences between the estranged parties to the dispute. Finally after the marathon meeting, a solution was thrashed out and even Mahesh and the film directors association President Ramesh came out to tell a Television channel that they are with the chamber's decision.

The Kannada film directors association had wanted the film's production Manager Ravi Shankar to be punished for demanding Mussanje Mahesh to give the NOC. It also wanted severe punishment to a makeup man who held the clap for new director Ganesh when he started directing the film after Mussanje Mahesh had walked out of the film. The directors had also demanded full payment of remuneration to Mussanje Mahesh. The KFCC has agreed to look at the majority of these demands getting solved.

Meanwhile, sources close to Ms. Shilpa Ganesh said that the film will be starting its shooting from August 18. It has to be seen when Mussanje Mahesh will give a NOC to Ms. Shilpa Ganesh to proceed with the shooting of the film.

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The controversy surrounding Ms. Shilpa Ganesh's second home production Kool does not show any signs of salvation even as the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce's decision to uphold Ganesh's direction has further escalated the controversy. The Karnataka Film chamber of commerce had written letters to Ms. Shilpa Ganesh and Mussanje Mahesh indicating their verdict over the controversy. The contents of the letter indicated that the film chamber had resolved the Kool isse in favour of the film's producer Shilpa Ganesh. It had acted upon complaints from both Ms. Shilpa and Mussanje Mahesh. Mahesh had claimed humiliation from both Ms. Shilpa and cameraman Rathnavelu.

It looks as if KFCC has upheld the contention of Ms. Shilp said that film's director Mussanje Mahesh for walking out of the film half way. The verdict has come as a shock to the the Kannada film director's association and now there has been widespread discussion among the committee members of the association about the future course of action.

Ms. Shilpa is quite happy about the decision of the KFCC and has been making preparations to start the shooting of the film in Bangalore. The Karnataka Film Chamber's verdict has allowed Ganesh to continue with his direction of the film, and has also suggested producer Shilpa Ganesh to give Rs. 1lac to Mussanje Mahesh. It is

believed that Mahesh had already taken an advance of Rs.1 lac and the amount of Rs.1lac to be paid separately is for the work undertaken by him before the launch of the film.

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Actor and Producer Raghavendra Raj Kumar who is now busy making preparations of the audio release of his home production Jackie starring his younger brother and Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar is heartened by the fact that thousands of Kannada film fans have expressed their support to his request for not downloading the pirated version of the film's song Yekka Raja written by film director Yogaraj Bhat and composed by music director Hari Krishna.

Writing in his face book page, Raghavendra Raj Kumar says that he is thankful for Kannada film fans for instantly supporting his request for not downloading the song. He has also assured that the audio of Jackie will be releasing on August 20. Raghavendra Raj Kumar wrote 'Hi I had just told reg the piracy of Jackie song many of them responded instantly n supported the truth thaaaaanx a lot. There r 5 songs in the movie and it will b released on 20th of August for Varamahalakshmi Habba v hav done our best God will do the rest. Thaaaanx everybody am ever grateful to all of u'.

Some of the fans have suggested some solutions to these type of illegal audio piracy. One of the fans responding to Raghavendra Raj Kumar's plea wrote like this- We have to think how to stop piracy.there should be separate software it should block the uploads in the net. Software engineers should develop a new software for this.

Earlier Raghavendra had written that the pirated song is only a rough track and not a

completed one which will be available in the audio album after the completion of mastering and instrumentation. He had also said that the voice and music would be completely different in the original track that is to be released on Varamahalakshmi festival day.

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In a late night development on Saturday the officials of the Big FM Radio station in Bangalore met the representatives of the KFCC to arrive at a solution to the controversy surrounding the insulting programme which was aired on the channel on July 16. Big Fm Radio station will cease to function on August 2 and tender an apology which will be published in all the newspapers. It will also announce the apology and regret in the Radio Channel once in a hour for the next fifteen days.

In a press conference held at the office of the KFCC on Sunday afternoon, the officials of Big FM said that the organisation has regretted for what had happened after it had aired the controversial Chatri programme on July 16. It also announced that it had agreed to all the conditions set in by the chamber and will be closing down its activities on Monday. Basanth Kumar Patil announced that their Dharna programme stands cancelled in the light of apology tendered by Big FM Radio channel.

Consequent on this development, the Big FM Radio, a Radio Channel from the ADAG group of Reliance companies is all set to stop all its activities on Monday, the August 2. This has resulted in Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce withdrawing its non co-operation gag order to all its members. Earlier the KFCC had decided to boycott the music channel and organise a Dharna in front of the music channel's office in Koramangala. The KFCC was agitated over the insulting remarks made against the film personalities in a programme aired by the music channel on July 16.

Sunil Kumaran, Cluster head of Big FM from Karnataka and Kerala said that the music channel will continue to promote Kannada films in future and work closely with the fraternity as was demonstrated earlier many a times.


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