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The shooting of Century Star Shivaraj Kumar's 100th film Jogayya directed by Prem has been concluded at Muththeththi. By afternoon the shooting was over and the film producer Ms. Prem Rakshitha had organised a big feast for all the technicians and artists who had worked for the film. Well wishers of Prem were also present during this event celebration. Earlier a song was picturised in Mysore after which a day's patch work was held in Mysore Zilla Panchayat office and Sandesh Hotel.

The audio of the film will be released on April 24. Already huge expectations are built over the audio of the film for which Hari Krishna has composed music. The post production work of the film will start in the first week of May which may take a minimum of three months to complete.

There has been lot of graphics work which has to be incorporated in the film. Gandhinagar trade circles are abuzz with rumours that Prem will take time to complete the post production work to facilitate the release of the film only on the Vara Mahalakshmi festival day on which his earlier film Jogi was released.

Shivaraj Kumar was present on the last day of shooting and on Tuesday morning he left to Hubli in flight to be part of the 100 day celebration event of his 99th film Mylari which completed 100 days run in six centres.

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The five day shooting of Dhruva Sarja-Radhika Pandit starrer Adhdhoori directed by Arjun is now taking place in Bijapur. One important sequence is now being shot in the historical Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur. With this schedule the major portions for Adhdhoori will be over.

Arjun is planning to shoot the songs of the film in Gujarat. Writing about the Adhdhoori shoot in her face book page, Radhika Pandit writes = 9 hours of long journey, at the end its so worth it! Just loved the gol gumbaz. Thats right i am shooting at bijapur for adduri. its a lovely city!.  Even this  note has written many of her fans to react positively.

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Actor-director Harish Raj has complained to the High Grounds police station against Murali, the producer of film Gun. Harish has accused Murali of threatening to kill him. According to Harish Raj, Murali abused and threatened him two days ago in front of his house. He was demanding money that he lost in the film. Harish says his family members were scared because of this and he feared for his life. He says Murali is blaming him for the money lost in the film. The film cost Rs 2.5 crore and Murali says Harish escalated the cost of the film which was in the beginning budgeted at Rs one crore. Harish however blames Murali for the cost increase.

Murali has also complained to the Film Chamber in this issue. He is accusing Harish Raj of selling the satellite rights of the film for Rs 55 lakh without his knowledge. Harish says it was done with Murali's consent and the money was used to complete the film.

Surprisingly actor-director Harish Raj after giving police complaint has informed all the incidents to KFCC President Basanth Kumar Patil who has assured him Justice and not to speak to media!!!

Hope Vishwamitra gives justice to deserved person and save KANNADA MOVIE INDUSTRY before somebody goes and give complaint.

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The audio album of Chakreshwari Combines presentation Hudugaru starring Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar and Radhika Pandit in the lead has been released to the market. The audio has already received huge response from the Puneet fans who were just waiting for the audio. Except for the Shambo Shiva Shambo song, all the other songs have been original compositions by Hari Krishna. There has been very good response to the Hudugaru songs in its facebook page of the film.

There has been confusions too as many fans have been told by retail shops that the audio will be hitting the market only on Wednesday. Neeralli and Shambo Shiva Shambo have been liked by the fans now, but it looks the other three original song tunes may become popular in the coming days.

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Nenapirali Premkumar celebrated his birthday in presence of his fans and well wishers on the day of the launch of his new film Shatru. Prem will be playing the role of a tough cop in the film which has been his long desired ambition. Prem's friends Darshan, Vijay and Ravishankar were present during the launch which also attracted many film and political personalities. Film producer Munirathna who is a Congress party politician and corporator was also present.

In a way Prem is following a well trusted formula where many top stars have achieved varied degrees of success through films which feature them in Police officer's roles. Darshan and Sudeep have achieved big success through films in which they play tough cop roles.

"I have been preparing for this role for nearly six months. I had my trainer who ensured that I did workouts for nearly five to six hours a day. I was also having a planned diet for all these six months. Director J.K.'s script is quite exciting and I am putting all my efforts to do this role' says Prem Kumar.

Dimple Chopade who has already worked in films like Kote and yet to be released Sihi Muththu directed by Ashok Kashyap is the heroine of this film.

J.K. says that Shatru will be a mass oriented film which is designed to provide a new image to Prem. MD Prakash is producing the film.

Sujith Shetty composes music for the film, while Mathew Rajan is the cameraman.

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