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Star Director Indrajith is on a roll. He has just been working on the post production activity of his recent film Huduga Hudugi produced by Sandesh Nagaraj. Indrajith has been quite enthusiastic to share the positive feedback he has been receiving from the technicians connected to the film.

Young actor Dhyan has returned to the Kannada film industry after a long gap to work in Indrajith Lankesh directed film Huguda Hudugi.


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A huge assemblage of artists, producers, technicians of the industry was the highpoint in the audio release function of Jaggesh starrer "Body Guard' directed by Veteran Anand.  Jaggesh had called all his young friends in the industry including Golden Star Ganesh,  Duniya Vijay, Ajay Rao,  Actor-Director Mohan to the function which also saw the presence of  his dear friends from long time Rockline Venkatesh and M.N.Kumar.  Along with these dignatories  Munirathna, the newly elected President of the Kannada film producers association,  Director Nagendra Magadi, Sa. Ra.Govindoo were also on dias along with the film's main artists and technicians.

Well known producers  Soorappa Babu, R.S.Gowda, K.V.Nagesh Kumar and cameraman Ashok Ram were also present along with artists Sadhu Kokila, Bank Janardhan and others. . Most of the  young artists who were present  highlighted Jaggesh's frinedly and helping nature in their speeches.   They also added that they have grown watching Jaggesh's films who was described as a top class entertainer. Ganesh said that he should have seen Jaggesh's

"Tharle Nan Maga' more than twenty times. It was a grand function though the absence of  Jaggesh's friends in the Political arean was quite conspicuous. Jaggesh might have deliberately thought it fit not to invite them to this function.

However his father and father-in-law were present in the function. "Tears rolled in my eyes when I watched Body Guard's original Malayalam version.  I am extremely thankful for my friend Rockline Venakatesh for giving me the rights of the remake version'  said Jaggesh.

The film's producer Ms. Parimala Jaggesh said that the first print will be ready within a few days. The film's music director Vijayachandra thanked his parents for encouraging him to take up music and said his first big break was due to  Jaggesh's confidence in him.

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Prajwal Devaraj and Daisy Shah starrer  Bhadra has completed fifty days run in six theatres in the state.  The film's success has boosted the confidence levels of Prajwal and its director Mahesh Rao for whom Bhadra was the third directorial venture. The film's producer M.N.Kumar had organised a  press meet to celebrate the success of  the film  on Monday evening. Bhadra is the remake of Telugu film Ranam which had Gopi Chand in the lead role.

Prajwal said that he had desperately needed a hit in this crucial stage of career which was accomplished with a total entertainer like Bhadra.   He thanked producer Kumar and director Mahesh Rao for this happier tide in  his  career which enabled him to get a little more confidence.

Director Mahesh Rao  said that one thing that is mainly  responsible for the film's big success is the excellent team work of the whole team and the huge level of support he had received from the film's producer Kumar.   "I am happy to say that I am standing here today beaming with a smile mainly because of  Kumar's involvement in the film. Kumar used to sit with us discussing many things like casting and many other things.  Prajwal perfectly matched the requirements of the role and was co-operative throughout the shoot of  the film.  I should thank all my technical team and artists' said  Mahesh Rao. Kumar who is lucky enough to release many successful films through his office including  Bhadra, Lifeu Ishtene and Kalla Malla Sulla (he is the distributor for the Mysore area where the film is reported to be doing well) said he had decided to remake the Telugu film in Kannada after seeing the original for the first time.   He said that he had a great association with Actor  Devaraj, father of Prajwal  with whom he had produced a hit film like "Police Belt'. 'Now I have made a hit film with his son Prajwal Devaraj.   The success of  Bhadra is more sweeter because of my associaiton with Devaraj's family' said Kumar.

Devaraj said that success of any film provides tonic to the people working in the film.  He was happy that Prajwal has delivered a hit after a gap of four years. The film's heroine Daisy Shah also attended the function, but she came a bit late. The film's cameraman Jai Anand,  Music director Sri Guru, Editor Srikanth Thenginathota,  Colour grading technician Rama Murthy, Lyricist Gaus Peer were also present during the function.

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Hrudayadhalli Idhenidhu produced by Darshan Priya, the youngest film producer in Kannada starring Rahul, Monika and Vandana Gupta is all set to released on October 1st The film will be competing with the hugely awaited film Endhiran starring Rajnikanth. Hrudayadhalli Idhenidhu will be released in Sagar tehatre in Bengalur. A press conference was organised on Wednesday night by the team and all the members of the artists and technical unit expressed confidence about the success of the film.
Director Sivan said that Hrudayadhalli Idhenidu is a different type of love story which carries very good visuals and pleasing music. He said that the whole team had worked with lot of enthusiasm.
Thyagarajan who had worked for the recently released film Pancharangi said that Hrudayadhalli Idhenidhu was his first debut film in Kannada though it is being released after the hugely successful Pancharangi. He thanked Darshan Priya and director Sivan to have given him a big break as a cinemetographer through this film.
The film's hero Rahul who also compered the show said that Hrudayadhalli Idhenidhu is indeed a different film and any one who watches this film will certainly see the difference. Monica who is playing an important role said that she had really enjoyed working for this film.

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The shooting of the last song of Ajay and Aindrita starrer Manasina Maathu produced by Praveen (DK Ramakrishna) and directed by Anantha Raju has been in progress in Abbaiah Naidu studios . The three day song sequence shooting which started on Wednesday will be finishing on Friday, September 18. Imran has choreographed this song for which music is composed by Neel. The film has been shot in three special sets created at Abbaiah Naidu studios.

The film's producer Praveen had called a press meet on Thursday to brief about the shooting of the song and also give some information about the film. "We have got the print ready without this song. The film has been seen by some people connected to the film and also distributors who have all appreciated the film. The film is a romantic love story which is very clean in its narration. We have composed romantic melodies for the songs and this is one melody song that we could not shoot earlier. But our film's hero Ajay wanted that this song has to be shot and even our distributor Ajay and the film's heroine Aindrita felt that the song had to be included in the film as it would enhance the quality of the film. We have already shot two songs of the film in Kullu and Manali and one special song has been shot in a special set created at Abhiman studios. The film is very rich in songs and story content. The film's director Anantha Raju has done a very neat job in making this film appealing to family audiences' said Praveen who also thanked all the artists and technicians in the film who had worked hard for the film.

Giving the reasons for delay in shooting the song, Praveen said that he fell sick and even now has not come out of his health problems for the past six to seven months. And he wanted to release the film in a good time. "Now, I am happy that Krishnana Love Story in which our hero Ajay is in the leading role has completed a 100 day run and good family oriented films like Eradaneya Maduve, Naana Nanna Kanasu have run well. Pancharangi has also opened to a huge response. I am sure even our film will be getting a good response' said Praveen, The film's director Anantha Raju said that the film is based on Tamil film `Roja Koottam' has a very good story content and both Ajay and Aindrita have shown terrific on screen chemistry.

Ajay said that the film is a good romantic film. Aindrita who has already seen the film without the song sequence said that it would be another big film in her career.


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