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The pirated DVD of the recent Yograj Bhat film Pancharangi is now available in Bangalore. Bhat who takes great precaution in regards to this movie seems to have missed a trick here. Not only are the pirated DVDs of excellent quality but they even include English subtitles!

Hardly any Kannada film comes out with English subtitles except for art films which are screened in film festivals and sent for awards selection. Usage of English subtitles for commercial films is hardly prevalent here. But pirates, who could be well known to movie team, can do this. This type of quality dvd print was leaked to market was Aaptha Mitra, but that was not subtitled one.

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The shooting for Maayadanta Male, in which Shruti was paired with Sharat Babu will resume on November 2. The shooting was stopped in April this year after problems arose. The film is directed by Veeresh Doddaballpur and produced by Badri.

However all the problems have now been sorted out. "She is a great actress and we respect her a lot. There were some minor differences that are common during shooting of any film.

These things come and go but finally it is the film that is important to the actors as well as the technicians and the producer," the film's producer Badri said. 40 per cent of the shooting had already been completed and there was problem getting together all the actors as there was problem with matching their dates. But now, all is well with the film team and they are gearing up to complete the shooting of the film as soon as possible to make up for the time lost.

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Without making a value judgement about the quality of the film which is to start only by the end of November, Chitraloka Mega Portal strong disapprove the ways adopted by the unit of new film Shankra in a press meet which was only designed to give some information to the media persons about the film. It was the film unit's first press meet and the director intended to give some background of the story of this film. But it turned out to be a big joke with a drama being played in front of media a large number of well wishers of the production unit surprised over the way the whole press meet was designed.

The film's director Malatesh refused to give any details about the film and was literally confused to brief anything about the film.

Later the film's hero Naveen Krishna came to the press meet Shankra in an unusual manner wearing dress soaked with blood in the background of many musical instruments making a deafening and irritating sound. Naveen Krishna is supposed to raise from the dusty and unhygienic sewerage water in Kengeri sewerage water tank.

"This is a peculiar character and I have written the script after watching a few individuals who behave in such a fashion' sounded Malatesh, the young director of the film who seemed to be bereft of any positive ideas in his mind. "Naveen Krishna will not hesitate to drink the sewerage water from the tank' said Malatesh excitingly in the press conference hinting about some of the contents of the film.

This was really a nauseating explanation from the young director which really disturbed the conscience of many media persons. He also said that he will be shooting in the Kengeri sewage water tank for 20 days.

Lokesh who was once an aspiring actor is behind this project as a producer. K.P. Marketing, a new marketing corporate is financing the project.

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S Narayan produced and directed movie Viraparampare will be releasing in Lavanya Theatre which is situated in Shivajinagar. Lavanya is known for screening only other language movies.

Only S Narayan has made an attempt to release the movie there. His earlier movies Chanda and Cheluvina Chithara was released in Lavanya. Narayan Says `Even if we don't get collections here we are happy that we are trying to make the other language movie theater to Kannada theater.

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Finally the wait has been over for Arvind Kaushik's debut directorial venture Nam Areali Ondhina which has already created lot of curiosity among the Kannada film fans for its promos and television programmes. Now, the happy news is that after many postponements of its release, the film is finally getting ready for release. The film will be released on July 23 all around the state.

The film's producer Nagendra, Arvind Kaushik, music director Arjun and film's lead artists Anish, Mandya Ramesh and Meghana shared their happiness over the film's release.

"Finally our worries are over. Now, we will be in front of the people who will decide about the quality of the film' said Arvind Kaushik. All the others spoke highly about the film.


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