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Mollywood Diva Bhavana who has combined the elements of glamour and performance will be the heroine for Puneet Raj Kumar in the film Yaare Koogadali directed by Samuththirakani.  This was confirmed by Kumar who is  a personal secretary of  Puneet Raj Kumar and also  Bhavana's father.

 The combination of Puneet and Bhavana worked well in Soori directed Jackie which became a block buster.

It looks as if  Bhavana was also director Samuththirakani's choice as he had liked her bonding well with Puneet  in the film Jackie.

Bhavana will be joining the shoot as soon as it is to start in the second week of July.   By that time the entire song portions of the Topiwala would have been finished, says a source.

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P.C. Sekhar directed Romeo a romantic comedy featuring Ganesh and Bhavana will be releasing on July 6, just four days after the  Golden Star will be celebrating his birthday.   Ganesh's fans are eagerly looking forward to the release of the film  which has some fantastic song picturisations  and song compositions by Music director Arjun Janya.

 The trailers and the music videos of the film has already created a big hype on the film and Ganesh's fans are vouching that the film would definitely be a trendsetter of sorts in the industry.  The song picturisations are trendy and modern.   Ganesh, Rangayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila's comedy is sure to titillate fans along with Bhavana's glamour quotient. 

Meanwhile, Ganesh's fans are making big preparations for the celebration of  Ganesh's birthday on Monday, the July 2.

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The audio album of Patre Ajith and Harshika Poonachcha starrer Beat was released on in the presence of a large number of well wishers of the production unit and film's artists technicians.  Anoop Bajaj and former Police officer Shankaranarayan were the chief guests of the audio release function.

Beat which is being described as a love story between a local  boy from the  Srirampura  and a high fly girl from  Malleswaram is produced by Y.K.Raju and directed by Ghanashyam.  Ganashyam described Harshika Poonachcha's performance as the best. 

Ajit said that I sat with the team for six months to prepare the script in a good shape.  Harshika Poonachcha as bubbly as ever almost spoke the same words she has been telling these days in film's promotional events.

There were lot of film industry personalities found in the function which included Producers  Shoba Rajanna and Jack Manju.  Young actors Dharma Keerthiraj, Srikanth of Olave Mandhara, Naveen of Swarna audio was present at the audio release.

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Contrary to the perceptions and predictions in the revenue and commercially focused trade analysts,  the film Bhageerathi directed by Baragooru Ramachandrappa and produced by B.K.Sreenivas is inching towards  a fifty day run.  The producer Benkoshri is quite happy at the turn of events and says that he is getting share from all the film theatres where the film is running.  The collections in the theatres which have opened in the third week of the film's release in Bengaluru is also satisfactory, claims Benkoshri. 

Benkoshri says that the film is doing good more than his expectations and he will continue in Kailash theatre to the extent the film is getting share.  "I am not a person to run the film in deficit.  I have learnt hard lessons.   I gave a full week's rent for my first film "Mandakini', but the film did not run well.    My second film "Alemaari' ran very well, but I did not chose to continue in theatres when there was some threat of deficit.   I made a break even through this film.  Many people in the film industry threatened me that I was taking a big risk by releasing in more number of theatres, but the results have been positive.   I will  also release the film in interiors also and I am sure that the film will be much appreciated  Releasing the film in a relatively smaller occupancy theatre like Kailash has really helped me' says Benkoshri. 

Benkoshri is also upset that some people were doing anti publicity on the film without knowing the collections.  "I will challenge them to prove that  Kailash theatre had collections below Rs. 2000 in any show out of 84 shows screened even when it had rained' says an angry Benkoshri. .

 Even trade analysts admit that the film is doing well in comparison with other films directed by Baragooru Ramachandrappa mainly because of the high voltage publicity done by Benkoshri. ' The film's content is also well known and the audience have liked the performances of the artists and good production values' says Benkoshri.

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South India's most complex animation and technically superior graphics film Eega directed by  well known S.S.Rajamouli  will be dubbed in Hindi with a 3 D version, says Suresh Babu, the producer of the film.

Addressing a press meet in Bengaluru on Sunday, Suresh Babu along with the director S.S.Rajamouli said that they are using the conversion technology to make 3 D prints of the film and the initial experiments of  getting 3 D prints have yielded positve results from the laboratories.  The press meet also had Kannada Super Stars Ravichandran and  Darshan wishing this big South Indian film which is releasing with over 1200 prints.

Suresh Babu and S.S.Rajamouli were present in the press meet along with Kannada actor Sudeep who is playing an antogonists role in the film.  Suresh Babu did not elaborate on the budget of the film but however agreed that the budget will be in the range of  Rs. 28 to 30 crores.

Suresh Babu and Rajamouli gave some details about the Eega in which a House Fly plays the protogonist's role while Kannada actor Sudeep plays the role of an antogonist who kills a  young man because he does not want him to be in love with a girl who had attracted by him.

Later the dead man takes the life of a House Fly to torment  the antagonist.   Lot of VFX graphics work and animation technology has been used for this film.  Already the trailers and promos of the film has caught the imaginination of  Bollywood film makers like Ram Gopal Varma and Anurag Kashyap who have tweeted high about the high standards of the  making.of Eega.

"We are sure to release the film in the 3 D version of Eega  in the compatible theatres around North and Maharashtra.  However, we are also releasing the Telugu version Eega and Tamil version Naan Ee in Mumbai and other important centres in North.  But we are sure of  the greater response to the 3 D version of the film when it is released after three to four months when we are undertaking this technical up gradation' said S.S.Rajamouli.

'Eega is the much awaited film in the state of Andhra Pradesh as well as in the  neighbouring states of  Karnataka and Orissa.  Totally the film will be released with over 500 prints in the two states.  The Tamil version Naan Ee will be released with over 250 prints in Tamil Nadu alone and some more additional prints in neighbouring states. The Malayalam dubbed version from the Tamil film will be released in the state of Kerala with over 100 prints.   The film is releasing on 6th July in India and abroad' said Suresh Babu.

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