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Telugu film industry's top star Venkatesh will be playing the lead in the Telugu remake of Kannada block buster film Aaptha Rakshaka which is now moving in the direction as becoming one of the biggest hits in the industry. As Dr. Vishnuvardhan, even Venkatesh will be teamed up with five top heroines.

The Telugu remake of Aaptha Rakshaka which will bear the title of Aaptha Rakshakudu is to be directed by P Vasu.

Now the news from Tollywood is that five heroines have already been finalized for the film. Bengaluru girl and Yoga teacher Anushka is the main heroine of the film and will be playing the all-important role of Nagavalli in the film. Savari heroine Kamalinee Mukherjee gets another pivotal role in this film. In other female characters Shraddha Das, Richa Gangopdhyay and Pooonam Kaur have been chosen. Another actress is yet to be finalized. The regular shooting of this film will be commencing from May.

Sources also say that some portions of the film will be shot in Bengaluru also, like Chandramukhi earlier.

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The two press conferences were designed as pre release press conferences, but in reality they ended with the announcements that the film's release has now been postponed . Rajashekhar, the director and producer partner of the hugely discussed film Parole said that they have decided to postpone the release of the film, as they understood that Ganesh's film Ullasa Uthsaaha is getting released in the same theatre that they had planned. Later Shankaralinga Sugnalli, the director of Holi said that they are postponing the release of the film as they feared the competition of IPL cricket.

Rajashekhar, the cameraman Gundlupete Suresh and the film's to artists Vishwas and

Pradeep however used the opportunity to tell the media that the first print of the film was out and who ever have seen the film have liked the product.

Rajashekhar said that he has included real life incidents that he had read in newspapers in the story. Rajashekhar also added that everything connected to the film including the fights is realistic.

The main attraction of the Holi press conference was its heroine Raagini who was the

cynosure of all eyes. She said that Holi was her first film and it was really closer to her heart. Sugnalli and the film's hero Venkatesh also spoke in the function.

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Actor Komal is starting his new venture Nandeesha which will be launched on April 9. Prabhakar who has worked as associate director to well known director P. Vasu will be introduced as a director through this film. Prabhakar has written the story and dialogues of the film.

The film's heroine has not yet been finalised yet. Bangalore girl Poorna who has been busy working in Tamil films after working in Kannada film Josh was considered earlier, but now Komal is on a look out for another girl. Probably his heroine will be finalised in a day or two.

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Former Karnataka Minister and legislator Shobha Karandajle released the audio album of Priya Hassan's action-comedy entertainer Bindaas Hudugi in a colourful function held on Wednesday evening. The funciton was also attended by another woman achiever Ms. Jeeja Harisingh, the most celebrated cop from the state's police department.

Shobha Karandajle said that she was really happy that Priya Hassan had achieved so much in the film industry in such a younger age and hoped that she will make a bigger mark in the film industry. Jeeja Hari Singh said she was impressed with the passion of Priya towards the cinema and said that she had also given permission for the actress to film one of the real life incidents that had happened in her career.

K.C.N. Chandrashekhar, President of the Kannada film producers association who was another chief guest wished Priya Hassan and said that her courage to produce and direct a film in these difficult times is commendable.

Priya Hassan said that she had approached real life achievers among woman to release her audio album, mainly because her journey in the film industry had faced lot of challenges.

The trailer and songs of the film were shown to the guests and media. The film's music director Yarram Ramesh was also present.

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Promising film director Rathnaja's film Premism is all set to hit screens on April 2 in around thirty odd theatres all over the state. Producer Ajay Gowda, Director Rathnaja , Editor Kemparaj, Cameraman Jnanamurthy and the major artists of the film that includes Amoolya attended the press meet. Music director Hamsalekha was conspicuous by his absence. Later it was explained that Hamsalekha had vowed to talk about the film only after the film gets released.

Rathnaja said that they had taken a big publicity drive for the film in inviting the college students of various districts to see the film and providing them with the details of the film. Amoolya, Chethan Chandra and Varun along with Rathnaja have toured various places to meet college students in colleges and campusses and promote their film. He said that vinyl hoardings and outdoor publicity has also been done for the film. The promos and songs of the film shown in various channels have already attracted the attention of the viewers, said Rathnaja.

The film's editor Kemparaj said that the film has a big canvauss and is full of entertainment values. "I was very happy to see that the film has come out very well and will appeal the young people. I could not control my laughter in five situations of the movie. The songs have been shot aesthetically' said Kemparaj.

Amoolya said that now she has an opportunity to move away from her image of Cheluvina Chiththaara and Chaithradha Chandrama. "After looking at some of stills of the film and trailers, many of my friends and well wishers are telephoning to me to advise me that I look very beautiful on screen. I am very thankful for Rathnaja sir for giving me a very strong role' said Amoolya. The other artists who spoke about the film said that they are looking forward for a bright product. Jnanamurthy and Anantha Urs are the cameraman of the film, while Jnanamurthy was involved in the post production of this film which has used Viper Camera.

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