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The beginning of the year looked rosy for Challenging Star Darshan whose block buster film "Sarathee' completed 100 days run in many theatres.  The actor finished off shooting of one song sequence for his forthcoming film "Chingaari' directed by Harsha and was busy in  shooting for "Kranthi Veera Sangolli Raayanna'.  Chingaari opened to huge initials confirming the status of Darshan as a Sultan of huge openings, but it could not hold on for long.   Darshan's best was yet to come with "Kranti Veera Sangolli Raayanna' which had a belated release on November 1.  Both Anand Appugol and Darshan braved all the conspiracies of some trouble makers to get many hurdles cleared for release.  And the film came, people saw and Darshan was able to conquer the hearts of Kannada film fans who were eager to see an actor who can perform the characters in both the social and periodical films with considerable ease.  The doubting thomases had to kept their mouth shut as  a large section of people including the media heralded Raayanna's performance as the best in recent times.

Darshan proved beyond any trace of doubt that he can take the responsibility of doing the most challenging roles through his dashing performance in Kranti Veera Sangolli Raayanna.

And to cap it all came the news that Darshan's film "Bul Bul' has been sold to Rs. 4.15 crores for a channel which is nearly 160 % percent more than what was offered to Chingaari.

Darshan is undoubtedly the most popular mass hero now. His films fill fast in Narthaki in Bengaluru and also in "Alankar' in Udupi  the same way.  People cheer and whistle for every sequence that has his punching dialogues and come out of the theatre in a happy mood only to pick up an alternative to see the film again.  

Darshan is certainly the Brave heart of 2012.

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She had six releases this year with two of them -Adhdhoori and Drama- becoming block busters, and  out of the other  four Sagar and Alemari bringing the investment back to the producers. Nagathihalli's "Breaking News' became a disaster, but her first film '18th Cross'  released only in 2012  earned some share which even surprised the makers and distributors. The decent collections for '18th Cross' is attributed to her presence in the film and popularity she had attained over the past four years.   Her score card tells a fantastic success story of an actress who can perform top class in any given role and can also add some glamour quotient to  her roles.

Radhika Pandit's determination and grit to to prove that she can also take on glamorous roles  was clearly in evidence in films like Adhdhoori, Sagar and Drama. She did have different type of roles in all the six films.  In 'Adhdhuri' she was a suspec ting girl who did not believe the boy who had done everything to please him.  But In Drama, she was more a dashing girl who was at ease in her praky behavior.   Finally she wins her battle in reforming  an ever doubting teacher to join his estranged wife.  "Alemaari' offered her a totally different type of role and she was able to carry on with the role which had different shades. Sagar was a full blooded commercial film in which she also contributed with her performance and dances.  

Radhika is an amazing dancer too.  Her eyes would reveal her inner emotions clearly.   She is really the Princess of Performance in 2012.

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It would have ended as another routine audio release function, with each speaker expressing their happiness about working in the project with many top line talents being associated with the film.   But for Harshika Poonachcha's open expression of revolt for the unjust manner in which she has been dealt with.   It was a good experience to work in the film, but I found that the director and producer of the film have taken me for granted. "When I signed the film I specifically told the director that I was not interested to work in two heroine projects. The director assured me that it is one heroine film.  But what I found now is that the film has two heroines and  the other heroine's portions have been shot without informing me.
ale audio released

"They have violated the agreement.  I am really pained because of this attitude. But I am happy that the audio of the film is released now.  Best wishes for the entire team' said Harshika Poonachcha. The film's second heroine is Aviva Biddappa, daughter of fashion guru Prasad Biddappa. Her friend Soundarya Jayamala was also present in the function to cheer Aviva.

Producer Kiran Kumar Reddy or director Adath did not answer the issue raised by Harshitha.  But Reddy said that film making is a torturous job and he found satisfaction only in the company of  a genius like Mano Murthy who has done fantastic music composition for the film.

Mano Murthy said Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar, Chinmayee and Shaan have rendered play back for the film.  

Dharma was one of the chief guests in the function.  Lyricist and Dialogue writer Vijaya Bharamasaagara said that the film is about dreams of young people.  Gopi Kiran has written the story, screenplay for the film.

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Writer cum director Preetham Gubbi has started shooting for his own film titled as "Nam Duniya Nam Style' with new comers. A song written by Kaviraj was picturised on the three new heroes and heroine in this film.  

H.C.Venu is the cameraman while Shaan Rehman whose music compositions have become popular in Malayalam films. Preetham has do look for an alternative to his permanent cinematographer S.Krishna as Kittappa will be busy with his own directorial debut featuring Duniya Vijay in a lead role.

Vinayak Joshi, Likith Shetty who have worked in a few Kannada films play lead roles, while Krishna who is a new comer to films, but has been a known actor in Television serials is also featured in the lead role. Kavya Shetty has been chosen as a heroine of the film. Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila and others are also in the cast.  

Harsha is the dance choreographer while Ravi Varma is a stunt choreographer. 

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Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar and Bhavana starrer Yaare Koogadali produced by Poornima Enterprises and directed by Samuththirakani will be premiered in Dubai on Thursay, 3rd January in Galleria Dubai Cinema. On 4th there will be one show in Galleria at 1.30 P.M. and AlQuoz Mall Bollywood Cinema at 7.30 P.M.

In Sharjah the film will be premiered on 3rd January at Night show 10.30 P.M. at the Star Complex. Two more shows of the film has been slated on January 4th at the same theatre at 5.00 P.M. and 8.00 P.M.  

At Abu Dhabi, the premier is on 3rd January at the Eldorado Cinema at 7.30 P.M.  Eldarado Cinema is screening the film on 5th January at 7.30 P.M.  On Friday, the 4th January, the film is being screened at Grand Safeez at 5.00 P.M.

Lot of publicity has been made by the organisers to promote the film in the middle east.

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