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Pakistani actress Veena Mallik's first South Indian film titled as "Dirty Picture' made in Kannada was launched on Wednesday afternoon at  Kanteerava Studios in Bengaluru in presence of several Kannada film personalities and media persons. The actress wearing a white saree and a matching blouse looked just in contrast with the sexy poses of the photo shoot that were displayed in the number of vinyl banners in the studio complex.

After participating in the muhurath shot with the film's hero Akshay for which Sa.Ra. Govindoo held the clap board Veena Mallik spoke to the Television channels and a few media persons that she would dub for the film in her own voice and make serious attempts to sing a song for the film if her voice matches the mood of the song.  "I am eager to dub for the film as I want that my role which looks quite exciting for me should also be convincing for the audience' said Veena Mallik in a chat with Chitraloka Mega Portal.

Veena Mallik who was very happy to have seen a number of film personalities and well wishers attending the launch said that she has already seen many articles written about her first press meet addressed a few days ago after her photo shoot.  "I think people here have welcomed me with open arms and that is really the most happy development in my career. As for as my role is concerned I have to say that it is the best script I have heard so far in my career in films' said the actress who looked cheerful in a traditional Indian dress.

Veena Mallik also said that she had heard a lot about actress Silk Smitha and many details about her film career.  "I have also read many things about her in the internet.  I dont think the film that I am doing now does not have any connection with Silk Smitha's life, though there may be some sequences which may be connected to her film career. I think the story of this film is different and I am sure that I will carry off my role with lot of conviction' said Veena Mallik.

Earlier a press conference was organised in which Veena Mallik was not present.  The film's director Thrishooli said that the film will be shot for around 40 days after which ten days is being reserved for the shooting of song sequences.   He said Veena Mallik was the first choice for the leading role in the film and they had not approached any other actresses except the Pakisthani actress for the role.  "Mumbai based actress Nikitha and Kannada film industry's leading heroine Pooja Gandhi were interested to do the role and had approached us on their own.  But their request fell through because of their excessive demands.  We finally settled for Veena Mallik though she demanded a huge remuneration' said Thrishool who however did not disclose the amount.

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Ambari Arjun's second film Addhrui is getting released on June 15 after getting a clean U certificate from the censor board. No cuts were advised to the film and immediately thereafter the Addhuri team is on a promotional drive to promote the film.

A press meet was also organised on Tuesday night to brief the media about the censor board's clearance and to reiterate that the tremendous response to the songs and trailer of the film was hugely encouraging for the whole team.

"We have taken time to shoot the film which depended on various factors. There is no point on harping over the reasons for the delay. The important thing is that we are in the process of releasing this film in a few days.   The promotional trailers and songs have received a huge response all over the state.  We will be releasing the film in the state and later we will be thinking of releasing the film  all over the country.  Since one of the producers of the film hail from USA, we may well release the film in USA and later in many parts of abroad' said Arjun.

He said the entire credit of making the good film should go to the entire team.

"We are stunned with the positive response from the songs and trailers shown in various channels and appreciation in print media.  The film may have a belated release, but I am sure it would look like a trendy, latest film.  I am really hoping for the best through the film' said Radhika Pandit who had for the whole day busy in promoting the film in various channels live shows and interviws.

Dhruva Sarja described the film as a technicians film who have put forward their energies to make the film with a huge canvass. "Everything in the film looks good' said Dhruv.  He thanked the entire team for co-operating with him during the making of the film.

Producer Shankara Reddy, the film's distributor Basha were all in smiles while talking about the deep interest the industry personnel and fans are showing for the film.  Shankara Reddy said that he has a sure hit on his hand.

"The film will have a biggest release for a new entrant as a hero.  We are planning for releasing the film in 125 theatres around the state. It is the exhibitors who are showing maximum interest in screning of the film, though we were thinking of releasing the film in around 60 theatres' said Basha.

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Rebel Star Ambareesh who had received the thunderous felicitation from the entire Kannada film industry on his completion of 60 years on May 29,  had organised a thanks giving dinner party function for the Kannada film personalities and the media persons and his friends on Sunday afternoon. The guests were fed with both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food items in separate enclosures.

Top film stars Ravichandran, Shivarajkumar, Darshan, Sudeep, Raghavendra Raj Kumar, Kitty, Yash, Sanjjana, Ms. Jayamala, Shruthi, Tara Anuradha, Surabhi, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Dwarakish, S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu and many other top personalities of the Kannada film industries attended the dinner meet along with many technicians and media friends.   Some of  long time friends of Ambareesh were also present.

Producer Rockline Venkatesh and director S.Narayan who had organised the Ambi felicitation programme on May 29 after completion of  60 years were receiving the guests of the function.

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The shooting of Ale starring Thanush and Harshika Poonachcha and directed by Adath was done at Dharmasthala when some sequences leading to climax and the actual climax sequences were shot. It has been over three decades ever since a Kannada film has been shot in Dharmasthala, the last one being Annavru acted "Shravana Banthu' Thanush, Harshika and Suresh Chandra along with  a few other artists.

The film's  artists and technicians also met Dharmasthala Temple's Dharmadhikari Dr. Padmabhushana Veerendra Hegade. Hegade advised the Kannada film makers to focus on quality and helping out the society by making good films.  "You have all commercial elements which are needed for the Box office success of films. But at the same time, you have to ensure some good message s given to the people and youngsters' said Dr. Heggade after blessing the team of Ale. Kiran who is the producer of the film said that he has made an entry to the film industry only because of his long time passion to make good films. "We have tried our level best to make a good film. Veteran music director Mano Murthy has helped us in realising our dreams by giving some awesome songs for the film' said Kiran.

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The audio album of Telugu dubbed film Krishna Loves Geetha has been released on Saturday night at  Hyderabad.  The film is a remake version of hugely succesful Kannada film Krishnan Love Story directed by Shashank and produced by Uday Mehta.   The film's lead stars Ajay Rao, Radhika Pandit, director Shashank and music director Sridhar Sambhram were the chief guests at the audio release funciton.

The film's producer R.K.Akna Goud's wife is a Kannadiga who was hugely impressed with the Kannada film and she had prompted her husband to take the dubbing rights of the film or remaking it in Telugu.  Now, the Telugu film's dubbed version is ready with the song recording of the same tunes done with different  singers.

The film may be released in July or August. Incidentally Radhika Pandit has mentioned about the dubbed Telugu film in her facebook note recently.

Radhika's face book note: For all of you who loved my film krishnan love story there is something nice n something to be proud of.. KLS is being dubbed and released in andhra pradesh :) now KLS can be watched in telegu!! hope it does well there too..we, the team will be in hydrabad tom i.e 9th june for the audio launch! so proud that our kannada cinema is liked n dubbed in another state!.

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