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Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar-Parvathi starrer Prithwi directed by Jacob Varghese and produced by Soorappa Babu and N.S. Raj Kumar will be censored by Monday. The film is slated for release on April 23.

Prithwi has already created a big buzz among the fans after the release of the audio. Manikanth Kadri's song compositions have been receiving uniform appreciation and much excited Puneet fans are already hinting that Hejjegondu Hejje and Ningagendhe Visheshavaadha songs to become chart busters. The audio sales have been brisk, says Mohan of the Anand Audio who are marketing the big album.

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The summer is really hotting up with the elections to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce picking up speed. The election is scheduled for May 8 and the nominations starts from April 21.

This year the post of president is allotted to the distributors. The three wings of the KFCC; producers, distributors and exhibitors get the top post on rotation. Producer-distributor-actor Basant Kumar Patil is the front runner for the post of president. His name is so well publicised that many are openly Canvassing for him even before the nomination papers are filed.

The other names being heard for the president's post include Janakiram and Gangadhar. But as things stand now, everyone seems to think that the top post is for Patil's for the taking. Patil made a name for himself as a strict administrator when he was the president of the Producers' Association. He started the 'watch dog committee' (Kaavalu Samiti) to curb various illegal activities that drained revenue for the producers. Even piracy was curbed to a large extent during his tenure as raids on pirates became common. Along with producers like Muniratna, Rockline Venkatesh and K Manju he brought a semblance of order to the organisation. It is this background that is holding him good stead for the post of president for KFCC.

What could go against him is his outspokenness. His blunt and direct talk has even his friends running for cover sometimes. Having experience in all departments including production and distribution makes him the clear front runner for now.

Producer K Manju, Joe Simon, RS Gowda, NM Suresh, Madhusudhan Reddy, Kari Subbu, Saffire Venkatesh, Chinnegowdaru are in the keen race for the top office bearers post. Others who are trying for a post include Umesh Banakar is gunning for the post of vice president. But he may just contest for the committee rather than for the post of office bearer. There are eight posts of office bearers including president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

With just five more days to go for the nominations, many other names are likely to crop up. There could be many surprises in store as well. With the new bylaw preventing office bearers from contesting two elections in a row, the eight incumbent office bearers; Jayamala, Rockline Venkatesh, Suresh, Anand, N Kumar, Thomas Dsouza, Vijay Kumar and Sa Ra Govindu, will not contest this time.

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Indrajith Lankesh is certainly one of the most well informed director who makes films for a target young audience and has some stylish presentation in films. After directing Upendra and Deepika starrer Aishwarya, the bald director took a long time to direct a film. Meanwhile, he had directed a Hindi film Shaadi Ke After Effects for producer Kheny which has run into controversie and even legal tangle. But when some of his fans in the Kannada film industry are happy that the director has now returned to films by taking up a film like Thunta Thunti. the director is hesitant to share information with the media.

The whole Kannada film industry knows that the handsome director has just now started shooting of his film Thunta Thunti in Goa and already shooting of three days has been complted. Earlier the rumours in the industry were that the Indrajit would start the film with Ganesh as the hero, but now suddenly Dhyan has been selected. Sada has been chosen as the heroine of the film. The shooting has been going on in Goa.

Surprisingly though Chitraloka Mega Portal did carry the news about Thunta Thunti first and later some news papers had also published about the new film with Dhyan and Sada, the director himself is not interested to share any information. Being a journalist himself, Indrajith should be aware of the fact that Journalists have various sources to collect information. Though he has not revealed anything about the film, Chitraloka portal and some enterprising reporters from newspapers have been able to obtain news about the shooting of the film. But when he is contacted with this information, Indrajith is wary of sharing any information of his new film.

Indrajith's peculiar behavior has really baffled some of his own friends in the media. May be it might be another type of silent publicity.

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The derogatory and vulgar comments made by one Priya Shetty on the social networking site Facebook about Kannada films and top actor Shiva Rajkumar is highlighted by none other than self proclaimed director Sundeep Malani. No one knows if Priya Shetty is an actual person or a fake identity created by someone.

But, going by the importance given to the comments made from that person it looks like Sundeep Malani has more than a passing interest in it. He tagged the comments by Priya Shetty and forwarded it to dozens of contacts. Malani it seems is happy to highlight a dirty, vicious and clearly cheap remarks made by an unknown. If he knows Priya Shetty or if that identity is a proxy for his own comments is not known. Malani has conveniently erased his own unsavory comments on Facebook and is trying to keep a clean slate now. At least Malani should realise that Kannada movie industry has given him a break and because of that he is there in Bollywood. Just because he is in Bollywood he should not make / support cheap comment about Kannada movie industry.

It may be recalled how Malani had claimed to be the director of Miss California even though he was a novice in front of Koodlu Ramakrishna from whom he tried to wrest the credit. Malani claims to be more than just a film maker. He rants to be the best reviewer of films. SMS 6260 should qualify as the highest rated film by this king of critics.

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Shanshank directed Krishnan Love story starring Ajay Kumar and Radhika Pandit had its audio album released through a Private Channel programme . The song clips and the promotional trailers shown during the television launch was much appreciated. Now, the audio album which has been released through Anand Audio is getting a good response, according to Market Analysts.

Uday Mehta and Mohan Naik have produced this film which has the music of Sridhar. Shekhar Chandru is the cameraman of this film, while Harsha has choreographed all the songs of the film. Prakash is the editor.

The final phase of post production work is now going on and the first print is expected to come with in a few days. Two songs written by Jayanth Kaikini (Santheyalli Nintharoonu and Neenaadadha Maathu) sung by Sonu Nigam and Lakshmi and the other one by Rajesh have been much liked by the film fans. Shashank's previous films Sixer and Mogginal Manasu have been much liked by many Kannada fans for their presentation. Now, Krishnan Love Story is creating a lot of buzz.

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