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Majestic Express' launched on Vijayadashami'Majestic Express' which has KFCC vice president Umesh Banakar in a main role was launched on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami. The film is being produced by Ba Ma Harish under Ullas Enterprises banner and is being directed by Sushil Mokashi who earlier directed 'Kanasu' and 'Atma'.

The muhurath was a grand affair with many personalities from the film industry coming and wishing Umesh Banakar and the team of 'Majestic Express' a huge success. Producer Rakshitha Prem, H D Gangaraju, G K Kutty, 'Chingaari' Mahadev and others were present at the occasion.Though Umesh Banakar is making his debut as a hero, he had earlier acted in many films like 'Ranjitha', 'Gajina Mane' and others.

Recently Umesh Banakar acted in Srinagara Kitty's 'Bahuparaak' in a small, yet prominent role. Umesh says he is acting as a hero just because the character and attitude is very close to his real life and he doesn't have to act much.'When Ba Ma Harish called me and gave me an offer to act in the film, I was in a meeting and was very busy. I told him not to waste my time. But Harish convinced me that the role is tailor made for me and I have to do this role at any cost. Later I was convinced and accepted to act in the film' says Umesh Banakar.

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If you think this week's release has only one love story of Ganesh and Deepa Sannidhi, then you are certainly gone for a toss because, the film has not one but three love stories woven into one. The first story comprises of Ganesh and Deepa Sannidhi.

The second love story is between Ananthnag and Vinayaprasad. Even before the duo acted as an old pair in Nagatihalli Chandrashekhar's new tele serial 'Nityothsava', the duo had acted as an old pair in 'Sakkare'. The last pair comprises of Nataranga Rajesh and Anu Prabhakar. Both Rajesh and Anu had acted as a pair in Rajendra Singh Babu's 'Mohini'.

With three love stories woven in one film, it has to be seen that which among the three love stories attracts the audience.

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Jaggesh has always been a devoted son to his parents. He was so much in love with his mother, that he got a tattoo of her face on his shoulder. On the other shoulder was the tattoo of Sri Raghavendra Swamy.

Last year, Jaggesh's father Shivalingappa died. For months, Jaggesh spoke about nothing else but the memories of his father. On the first death anniversary of his beloved father, Jaggesh has got a tattoo etched on his chest.

Since his father's name was Shivalingappa, Jaggesh got a tattoo of a Shiva Linga. When he was alive, Shivalingappa would rarely come to any public or film event with Jaggesh. On the rare occassions, he did come, Jaggesh would introduce him as, "the original Navarasanayaka."

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You first read here the Sharan is next acting in the remake of Tamil film Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam. Now, here is the update. The film will be directed by Nanada Kishore, who directed Sharan's latest hit film Victory.

Nanda Kishore said that except for the producer, everyone else in the team will remain the same. After the success of Victory, Nanda Kishore is flooded with offers to direct and he has signed four films including the remake. Valibar Sangam is produced by Gangadhar while Kishore future films will be with producers Uday Mehata, Shruti Naidu and Dutta (of Porki fame).

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Director turned Omprakash Rao who earlier brought well known actor Ompuri to Kannada screen through 'AK 47' is all set to bring versatile actor Anupam Kher to Kannada silver screen for his new film 'Ayya 2'.

The film which is all set to be launched in the third week of October will have Chiranjeevi Sarja playing the lead role. The film has another main role for which Om is trying to rope in Anupam Kher. Om has already in touch with Anupam Kher regarding this but nothing has been confirmed as of now.

Earlier, there was news that Anupam Kher might act in Hemanth Hegde's 'Nimbehuli'. Hemanth himself had said during the muhurath of the film that Anupam Kher might act in the film. Hemanth also waited for Anupam a lot, but somehow Anupam Kher could not accomodate the dates for this film. Will Anupam come to Kannada atleast now is yet to be seen in the coming days.

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