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The regular shoot of  Uday Mehta's  Bachchan starring Kicha Sudeepa and directed by  Shashank has been postponed by a few days to fecilitate the completion of the Sudeep's work in Shankare Gowda produced "Varadanaayaka' directed by Iyappa and also to allow the actor to go on a promotional work for his most anticipated multilingual film Eega and its Tamil and Malayalam versions which is hitting screens on July 6.
Varadanayaka will have Sudeep with a clean shaven face and a handle bar mustache which has to be changed when he starts the shooting for Bachchan.  He needs to grow some beard and director Shashank wants him to look naturally with grown beard and not with any make up. The character played by Sudeep needs an intensive look and a power horse performance for which the director needs that he has to look natural every bit to carry conviction to his performance.
The shooting of Varadanaayaka will continue till 27th June or two days later.  Then Sudeep could have joined the shoot of Bachchan but only for a week since he has to be part of a promotional drive of  Eega in several parts of the country including in Bengaluru.  Shashank had decided to shoot the sequences featuring Jagapathi Babu during the time when Sudeep was promoting his film, but  he could not adjust dates of other artists.  Now, it has been decided to start shooting from July 10.
The shooting that starts from July 10 will be shot on Sudeep, Parul Yadav, Bhavana and others.   Now, Parul is lucky enough that she has got the role of  Deepa Sannidhi and an alternative actress is being scouted for the role for which the Pyaar Ge Aagbittaithe  actress was selected earlier.
Meanwhile  Shashank is now busy discussing with Music director Hari Krishna about the song tunes of the film.  Jagapathi Babu will be joining the shoot some time later from July 24.

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Writer and director Kavitha Lankesh deserves big kudos for supporting her technical team and standing by them in the times of a crisis. Kavitha Lankesh had directed Ravichandran starrer "Crazy Loka' produced by Confident Group.  Confident Group had assigned the responsibility of  the production to King Ravi who had not settled the payments to the many technicians and artists of the  film. King Ravi is already a producer of many films, but he had never proved to be a righteous person.   He would promise that payments will be given on time, but many technicians who had worked for the film were cheated on payment.  Ravi did not respond to the technician's queries despite many phone calls and personal contacts. He did not respond to the director Kavitha Lankesh's request for organsing the promised payments to technicians who had worked so hard for the film.    Ravi is notorious for cheating on many artists and technicians working for the film In case of  Harhsika Poonachcha who had played an important role in the  film, he had promised to make the pending payment after the actress finished her dubbing work.  But later he was not to be seen in the dubbing theatre and he did not take any calls from the actress there after.

Finally an exasperated Kavitha .Lankesh approached the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and a meeting was immediately arranged on this issue.  Ravi who had already received the payment from Confident Group was called in for giving his version.  But Ravi immediately apologised and organised all the payments for the technicians.  All the technicians including lyric writer Kaviraj were happy to receive pending payments.

Confident Group should be careful about people like King Ravi who has tarred the reputation of a  big corporate group. Hats off to Kavitha Lankesh for exposing people like Ravi and also stand by her technicians and to see that they are amply compensated.

This is in sharp contrast with the way many top film directors and cinematographers behave.  Many Directors and Cinematographers are happy that their payment is settled and are prepared to sign 100 percent letter even though their assistants have been cheated of their just payments.  Kavitha Lankesh has shown the way now.

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Kannada super stars Upendra and Kicha Sudeepa have welcomed the arrival of  another young star for the Kannada film industry. Upendra says that Dhruv had come to him with the audio album of Adhdhuri a few days ago to his residence but he had predicted the film's success with him. "I told him that I have already heard the songs of the film and was impressed with their tuning.  I had also shown the video of the Ammate song and was very much impressed with Dhruva.  I told him that he would be a star with his first film itself.  I think the response to the film is not unexpected.  I have not seen the film yet, but I plan to see after I come from Hyderabad where I am shooting for a song   I think Dhruva is a talented actor and will be here to stay' says Upendra.

Kicha Sudeepa who is ever encouraging many younger artists who always flock towards him for guidance.  Kicha has been quite a favourite for Dhruv also as much as for his elder brother Chiranjeevi Sarja.  Kicha and his friend were present in the audio release of Adhdhuri which kick started the publicity campaign of the film.

In a twitter message Kicha has wished the entire team of Adhdhuri and welcomed Dhruv.

Kicha Sudeep tweets::

Congratsss to one of th most promising new comer n my brthr DhruvSarja...vry vry vry happy fr u n the entire team...hrd wrk pays...GodBless.

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Emerging with flying colours through its fantastic first week collections, the Adhdhuri team has decided to consolidate the early gains. The first thing is to escalate the promotional activities. The entire team is touring various places to promote the film from Friday and then meet people to share their happiness.

Briefing media persons on Thursday night,  Arjun, the  director of Adhdhuri said  that the humongous opening for the film has come as a big surprise to the entire team as the  film industry veterans.  "All the film goers are overwhelmingly supporting the film.   The Gayathri theatre in Mysore has recorded 28 houses fulls of all the show in the first week which has been a record in the Box office.  The Bangalore, Mysore, Davanagere-Chitradurga  area collections have been extremely good.  We want to consolidate these gains and tour many districts' said Arjun.

Arjun reiterated that the  film is a team work and was made with several struggles and challenges.  But despite the film taking such a long time to get released, the entire team is now relieved and happy to see an overwhelming reaction from the fans.

Arjun said that the fans have received Dhruv Sarja in a grand manner and he has been hearing lot of appreciation from all the fans. Dhruv Sarja, Radhika Pandit,  Tabala Nani, Sathish, the film's producer Shankara Reddy and Ben Chikkaswamy were also present.

Dhruv Sarja thanked Arjun and Radhika Pandit for guiding him during the shooting and give his best for the film.   HE said that he would credit the success of the film to the entire team. Radhika Pandit said that all her anxieties have ended now with the film turning out to be a big hit.   "From the day one of its release,

I am hearing so much of appreciation about the film that I feel all our efforts have been rewarded.  I will thank all the Kannada film fans for encouraging the film' says Radhika Pandit

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The Dhandupalya team was a picture of confidence on Monday evening after winning two big battles in the court and the censor board.  The case filed by a Mysore based Journalist Srinath has been dismissed. The Chitraloka portal has already reported that the film has been censored with a U certificate with 13 cuts. The team headed by director Sreenivasa Raju were all in smiles to express their happiness over reaching out the people.

Dhandupalya's artists Markand Deshpande and Ravi Kale were also present in the press conference.  Doddanna who has played an important role in the film was also present.

Sreenivasa Raju described his film as an entertainment film with all commercial ingredients.

Markand Deshpande, one of the finest actors in Marati stage and Bollywood said that he did not know the exact reason as to why he was chosen for an extremely negative character.  Markand said that

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