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With less than three  days to go for the humongous release of well known film director S.S.Rajamouli’s magnum opus ‘Eega,’ in which our own Kicha Sudeepa is playing the antogoonist's role, the hype about the film has now reached its peak.  Not only in Andhra Pradesh, but in all the four Southern states as Eega's Tamil original version Naan Ee and its Malayalam dubbed version "Eacha' is also releasing on July 6 in their respective states and also in neighbouring state of Karnataka.  

Almost all the film fans audience and  trade analysts in South India are quite animated and have been counting on the extent of collections it may raise in the ticket counters in all the four southern state.  . This might be the first time,that  a movie without any big star cast is releasing on a scale higher than that of  Top Star Heroes films and that too in three major languages of South viz. Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. This is a unique feat possible only for our  a director like S.S.Rajamouli  who is all set to make our Telugu Cinema proud. He had eight straight hits so far starting from Student No 1 to Maryada Raamanna.  Trade analysts around the south are noticing  a new trend where a  Kannada film star is making such a big impact  through the trailers of  his first Telugu and Tamil original film.  

All over the State of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the , advance bookings are opened in full swing and few of the reports say that by Tuesday evening first week might be totally full in major cities, though the film fans do not know anything about the film. . This goes on to show, that Kicha  Sudeepa has becoem a special brand now in the entire Sotu India.  Director S.S. Rajamouli is himself a ‘Special Brand’ above our regular Star Heroes. Of course, this also demonstrates the changing view of audience who are getting educated about cinema. Now Rajamouli and the film's prdoucer Suresh Babu are now promoting Sudeepa  like never before in all the posters of the film in three languages

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A new Kannada film titled as "Nam Areiali Innondhina' directed by Arvind Kaushik and produced by  Anaji Nagaraj has created history by being shot in just 120 minutes in Bengaluru. The shooting was held in Shamanna Gardens and near by places.

Anaji Nagaraj had created an earlier record  by making a film like Sugreeva with Kannada film industry's top star Shivaraj Kumar which was shot in just eighteen hours. By working out a project which could finish its shoot in just one hundred twenty  minutes.

The entire film was shoot in a single shot by using two Red cameras and five Canon 5 D cameras. The music of the film is rendered by Kannada film industry's top music director Arjun Janya while Prasad who had worked as an assistant cameraman to many top cinemetographers made a debut through this film.  Incidentally the shooting of two songs were also completed in one stretch along with the talkie portions of the film in the one hundred twenty minutes.

Talking about this project, the director of the film Arvind Kaushik who had already directed films like Nam Areali Ondhina and Tuglaq said though he had thought of making a film in a single shot, many of his friends had advised him that is is not a practical idea.

'But some how I thought it could be a practical venture if we do proper home work on the table and each shot, framing could be worked out   However things moved properly only after I discussed the project with  Anaji Nagaraj. Infact I went to Anaji Nagaraj to discuss about another project which was almost finalised.  We discussed about the project and since it was raining that day, I just briefed the one line story of this film which was to be shot in just 120 minutes.   Anaji Nagaraj had already done  a film which was shot in eighteen hours which had an actor like Shivaraj Kumar and many top artists.  The film also had some eight directors each shooting different sequences of the script.  But my attempt was to be directed individually under my supervision.  Somehow Anaji liked my idea and said he is prepared to back my project.  And the rest is history.  I worked on the script and chose a perfect location to shoot the film' said Arvind Kaushik.

Arvind Kaushik said that the whole script was designed  and locations were selected  to feciliate the entire shooting process to be completed within 120 minutes.

The film has  many Kannada artists who have acted in lead roles like Sathya,  Patre Ajith, Ravi Shankar,and Chethan Chandra.  Roopika is the lone heroine of this film.  While artists like Kailash, Rishab, Ravi Teja and Chethan are doing other important roles in the film.

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Well known film director R.Chandru who has directed many successful films like Taj Mahal and Mylari is now directing a new film titled as Charminar.  Though the film was to be produced by Chandru's friend Manjunath when the project was started, there has been some changes on account of  some problems.  Now, Chandru has accepted the mantle of being one of the producers for ths film.

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"If there is a conflict between my role as a film director and producer, it has always been a win situation for  the director.  I have not compromised in the making of the film even if it involves some extra cost.  I want that all the  sequences of the film should be narrated in the way  I have conceived.  I think I am getting positive vibes during the making of the film.   We are sure to win this battle as our efforts are sincere and honest' said  R.Chandru.

Chandru said that the film's talkie portions is almost completed except for a week's shooting. "Then we may have to picturise the songs of the film' said R.Chandru.

Prem said that director R.Chandru's script work was a major inspiration for him to put in lot of hard efforts for the role.   I have four looks for the film.  In the shooting to be held in the next schedule, I may have to look like a student studying in P.U.C.  I have to lose weight.  I will take ten days break to prepare for the role' said Prem.

Meghana Gaonkar said that she has been receving huge co-operation from the whole Charminar team.  Another heroine Mrudula was also present.

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Duniya Vijay starrer Chakravarthy which is being produced by Prasad of Samartha Ventures  will be launched on Friday, the July 27 which falls on the Vara Mahalakshmi Day. The film is an action thriller which is being directed by Chinthan. Near forty percent of the shooting will be held in Dubai and remaining portions will be held in Karnataka and other places.

The heroine of the film has not been finalised yet.  Though Deepa Sannidhi was considered earlier, the shooting  schedules of the film got postponed and now search is now going on for a new heroine.

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Yogaraj Bhat has done that he will be moving away from his regular pattern of directing films in his new venture Drama.   Even publicising the film has got a new mode in this film as pressmen who went to cover the shoot realised when each of them were handed over with a kit containing a note and the stills of the film.  The Surprise was that Bhat sir had given the complete details about the story of the film which also described the characterisation of the lead artists.  This was certainly in sharp contrast with the way he used to keep the content of the film in wraps to make it known after the film's release.  The film's heroes Yash, Sathish, Radhika Pandit and producer Jayanna along with cameraman S.Krishna was also present in the press meet of the film.

Bhat was in full appreciation of his artists and technicians whom he described as the pillars of this new film.  He said Drama is not only about Love and Friendship but it also has an inherent message for the youngsters.   "The idea is to make the youngsters realise the importance of being active and productive. It will definitely connect well with today's youngsters.  The film is made with stylish trends and I have not given up my style of writing lyrics and special way of picturisation of songs'' said Bhat.

After completing two major schedules of shoot in Mysore city and villages in Mandya districts, the unit of  Yash and Radhika Pandit starrer Drama directed by Yogaraj Bhat and produced by Jayanna and Bhogeendra has now moved to coastal Karnataka to shoot many important sequences in the final schedule of the shoot.  After the completion of this shooting schedule in the Coastal areas, , only two song picturisations would remain to be completed.

The present schedule which started its shooting from June 26 started off with a song shooting in Malpe and Maravanthe beach which was shot in Yash and Radhika Pandit and many dancers. And many sequences were shot in Koteshwara Beach resort.

The film's villain Sampath (multilingual actor who had acted in Kannada film Jackie and Jarasandha), Kadal Dhandapaani   have joined the climax action sequence shooting from Monday.   The present shooting schedule will go on till July 12.

Yogaraj Bhat said that he had worked for nearly four months to write the script along with his new assistant Ravi Kiran who is also assisting him in direction  also. Ravi Kiran has worked in many tele serials as an actor and has written many episodes for T.V.Serials, he added.

Bhatru said that the style and content of the dialogues will be quite different from what he had written in all his previous films.  This time he had made the artists of the film to speak in Mandya dialect which had a strong folk element in it.

He said he had shot the film in more than 70 locations. 'The film has a powerful story with many twists and turns, but I have focused on the characterisations as in my previous films'  said Yogaraj Bhat.

Yash said that for him it was like a golden opportunity to get into a film which Yogaraj Bhat is striking a different note in his job as a director.  The film has loads of comedy, sentiment, and little bit of action.  Bhat sir keeps us in high spirits and allows us to try new innovations and give the best' said Yash.

Radhika Pandit says that though she is just ten films old, the character in Drama is one role that has many shades. "The young girl has faced the trauma of separations in her family.   But she is so likeable and keeps her morale very high.   She is fun loving, a flirt but at the same time is like a live wire when someone tries to meddle with her' said Radhika Pandit.

Cameraman S.Krishna said that he had lot of fun working in this film as the director Yogaraj Bhat would join Yash and Sathish in creating lot of funny atmosphere in the sets.   "I found only Radhika Pandit being serious in the whole team.  But I think Bhat's way of narrating this script has been exceptional.  I am working with him after a long gap after working with him a block buster film like Mungaru Male and I should know better' said  Krishna.

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