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Ganesh starter Sakkare directed by Abhay Simha is all set to release on the 18th of October. Earlier there were confusions regarding which of two films of Ganesh including Sakkare and Shravani Subramanya would release first.

Sakkare was launched and finished first and it had the priority of releasing first. As the film got delayed during the post production stage, it qqs being said that SS would be releasing first. Now Sakkare producer Shailaja Nag has confirmed that Sakkare would be releasing first on Oct 18th.

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Producer N Kumar did not know of Sudeep's injury until Chitraloka called him. Sudeep had not bothered the producer about the injury though it was severe. Kumar said, "I did not know about it till you informed me. Sudeep has always been like this. This is my fourth film with him after Ranga SSLC, Maharaja and Nalla. During the shooting of Nalla SSLC, he was affected by flu and had a high fever running. Despite that, he continued acting despite suggestions that he take rest. I know about his commitment and that is the reason I like to make films with him."

Later, speaking to Chitraloka, Sudeep, said, "there was no reason to inform the producer. If I had told him, it would have looked like I wanted a break from shooting. That would not look professional. The finger will become better eventually. Please do not make a news out of this even. I wonder how you managed to get the photo of the X-ray. Don't hype this."

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Dhruva Sarja and Radhika Pandith starrer 'Bahaddur' which was almost shelved has been revived again. This time producer K P Srikanth and Bharath have taken over the film and the shooting for the film will resume from October 3rd.

'Bahaddur' was launched under the Legends International Pvt Ltd and the film was being produced by Rajanish, Prasad Rao, Ambarish, Bhaskar and Avinash who earlier produced Shivarajkumar starrer 'Andar Bahar'. Even before the release of 'Andar Bahar', 'Bahaddur' was launched in a grand style. Sources say, the producers lost nearly five crores from 'Andar Bahar' which put them in a financial mess. By that time  the shooting for 'Bahaddur' had started. Due to financial problems, the film could not be continued.

Now K P Srikanth and Bharath Jain of Mars Films has taken over the project and will be producing the film jointly. Apart from the producers the rest of the starcast and technicians will continue.

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Isha Koppikar who made a comeback to Kannada cinema after a decade through 'Looty' is playing a cop in the film. The film was launched recently at the Indiranagar Club with Upendra sounding the clap for the first shot.
The film is said to revolved under a robbery in Hyderabad. The robbers come back to Karnataka and Isha Koppikar who plays a cop in the film, comes in search of them. Dhruva Sharma, Shwetha Pandith, Deepika Das and others play robbers in the film.
Isha Koppikar is said to have accepted the film not only because of a plump role, but also because of Girish Kamplapur who had worked as an associate director in 'Suryavamsha' and 'O Nanna Nalle' which had Isha Koppikar playing female lead.

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In a surprising move Malavika, actress and anchor of the popularity reality show 'Baduku Jataka Bandi' has quit JDS to join Bharatiya Janatha Party on Friday. Malavika joined JDS in March 2012 and was an aspirant to contest the Assembly elections in Rajajinagar constituency.

However, the actress did not get a ticket to contest the elections. After that the actress was lying low and now Malavika has joined BJP.

Malavika says that it was Narendra Modi who inspired her to join the party. 'I was very much impressed with him after reading his autobiography. That is the reason why I joined the party' said Malavika

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