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Guess who is taking time to promote Ganesh's new film Dil Rangeela? It is his wife Shilpa, who is not just taking care of his personal life but also making sure that his films are getting the proper promotion. The trailer of the Preetam Gubbi directed film was released nearly three months ago.

The first poster designed for the film was not 'officially released,' but sent out to friends and contacts by Shilpa. Gubbi has gone back to naming his films in Hindi after Johny Mera Naam Preeti Mera Kaam and Jaanu. This is his second film with Ganesh after Maleyali Jotheyali.

Gubbi and Ganesh first worked together even before that in Mungaaru Male which Gubbi co-wrote with Yograj Bhat. He had turned producer with his last film Nam Duniya Nam Style. K Manju is producing Dil Rangeela.

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After a long time, Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh met up with his old friend Ravichandran a few days ago. It was an unexpected meeting that took place during the launch of Jaggesh's new film, Software Ganda. Ravichandran was shooting with Sudeep for the film Manikya near the same place.

The three stars chatted over coffee about old times. Jageesh has acted with Ravichandran in several films over the years. The last time they worked together was Nee Tata Naa Birla five years ago. The unscheduled meeting lasted for about 30 minutes with Jaggesh and Ravichandran recounting their old films and time together. Sudeep, who is directing Manikya, was all ears to the 'savi savi nenapu' talk between the two senior actors.

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Ganesh-Amoolya starrer 'Shravani Subramanya' which has completed a 15 day successful run at the box-office is all set to be remade in Telugu. Another highlight of this remake is, Manju Swaraj who directed the Kannada version will be directing the Telugu film and will be making his debut in Telugu.

The remake rights of 'Shravani Subramanya' has been taken over by Sridhar Lagadapathi who produced films like 'Style', 'Potugadu' (remake of 'Govindaya Namaha') and others. Sridhar has asked Manju Swaraj to direct the film. As of now, the remake rights have just been sold and Manju is yet to decide about the Telugu version of the film.

More details about the Telugu remake of 'Shravani Subramanya' is still awaited.

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Kannada film Shravani Subramanya has been taken out of Maruthi theatre in Rajgopal Nagar and replaced with the Telugu film Yavudu. Shravani Subramanya was doing well and had good collections in its third weeks but has been removed to make way for a non-Kannada film, says producer of the film Suresh.

Upset with the development, the film maker has complained to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and will sit in protest in front of the theatre today. At a time when the dubbing lobby is raising its head, original Kannada films are being thrown out of theaters, says Suresh. 

Big-budget Tamil and Telugu films have released in the last few days and have squeezed Kannada films out of theaters in Bangalore and rest of Karnataka. Shravani Subramanya is the only Kannada film doing well at the box office in the last three weeks and removing it has shocked Kannada film fans.
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Veteran pro Kannada activist and former MLA Vatal Nagaraj has come strong against the dubbing culture and has called for a film industry bundh on the 27th of January. Now the question is whether, the film industry support the bundh called bu Vatal Nagaraj or not?
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The reason for this is, though Vatal Nagaraj has come forward and called for a bundh, usually it is the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce which has to take the decision in matters regarding this. Normally before calling a bundh, the KFCC calls for a meeting with other associations of the Kannada film industry mainly the workers union, Artistes Association and decides about the bundh. But this time, the bundh is called by Vatal Nagaraj and not KFCC.

As the matter is with the CCI, the KFCC is yet to take a decision for participating in the bundh or nor? In case, the KFCC doesn't call for a bundh on 27th due to technicial reasons, will the Kannada film industry participate in the bundh is yet to be seen. Even if the KFCC doesn't call for a bundh, yet the artistes and technicians can participate in the bundh, not as a part of any association, but as an individual who has concern over the language and the film industry. So, even if the KFCC doesn't call for a strike, then also everybody can participate in the bundh.

But how many associations and how many artistes and technicians will be a part of the protest is yet to be seen?

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