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The dawn of New Year 2006 is no doubt starting off with good imprints left by 2005. The progressive year 2005 has been very good with 40 percent success. The fag end releases Rama Shama Bhama, Vishnu Sene and Pandu Ranga Vittala box office reports will be known in the first fifteen days of January 2006.

In all 76 films were released in the year 2005. 25 films did very well at the box office. 'Jogi' starring Shivrajkumar, Akash starring Puneeth Rajkumar topped the list. Obviously brothers share the top honors. Shivrajkumar's Rishi, Raksha were 100 days films while Anna Thangi has completed 50 days and Valmiki was a washout. Puneeth's another film 'Namma Basava' did well at the box office. He is the only actor in the country to give continuous 6 - 100 days films - Appu, Abhi, Veera Kannadiga, Mourya, Akash, Namma Basava. Chitraloka special congratulations to Puneeth Rajkumar on achieving this feat!

It is Ramya the pretty heroine of Kannada cinema who occupies the No 1 slot in 2005. She is also the hat trick heroine with three films - Gowramma, Akash and Amrutha Dhare completing 100 days.

The notable newcomer of the year is Arjun of 'Mental Manja' and Jennifer Kothwal of 'Jogi'.

The top producers of the year are Ashwini Productions of 'Jogi' and Vajreshwari Combines of Akash'. The year is good for producer Ramu, H.C.Byre Gowda, Prakash, Shailendra Babu, Anaji Nagaraj, Chaluvali Narayan, Jack Manjunath, Ganesh of Navabharathi and K.Manju.

The Kannada superstar Vishnuvardhana had two releases. His last year release Aptha Mithra completed one year screening in two theatres in Bangalore and Mysore. One in the first half Varsha and the other at the second half 'Vishnu Sene' are the release of Vishnu. The first half release 'Varsha' is a successful one for Vishnu and in the second half he received the honorary doctorate from Bangalore University and 'Vishnu Sene' was released on December 23.

The result of 'Aham Premasmi' has made Ravichandran to keep quiet. Technically the film was rated high but in box office the film failed. His brother Balaji had another failure in 'Thunta'.

For Upendra (Gowramma, News and Auto Shanker), Ramesh Aravind (Varsha, RSB and Vishnu Sene and debut direction) and Darshan (Ayya, Shastri and Swami) it has been a memorable year. It is not for Sudeep (Maharaja, Kashi from Village, Sai and Nammanna) Balaji (Aham Premasmi and Thunta), Murali (Yeshwanth, Siddu and Shambu), Mayoor (Udees, Gunna and Love Story) and Sunil (Masala and Sakha Sakhi) it has been atrocious year.

For Dhyan one hit (Amrutha Dhaare) and one miss (Jootata) and so is Audhitya with Adhi crashing and Deadly Soma bashing at the box office.

Rakshita's Ayya and Deadly Soma were two super hit films. The other two Yeshwanth and Kashi from Village crashed. For Radhika Rishi, Masala, Auto Shanker and Anna Thangi was OK because she had very little to do. Manya had a success in Shastri and Varsha while Shambu was hopeless.

It is the merry making year for top actress Thara. She bagged the national honor for best acting in Haseena, married to ace cameraman H.C.Venu. Thara had Sanmana and also Avamana this year. The President of India honored with national award while the newcomer Rathnaja perturbed her by not honoring at audio release function of 'Nenapirali'.

It is Gurukiran all the way. He occupies the No.1 spot this year also. He had eleven releases - Rishi, Aadhi, Sai, Valmiki, News, Jogi, Namma Basava, Auto Shanker, Swamy, Nammanna and Rama Shama Bhama. R.P.Patnayak's 'Akash' has been a super hit. Encounter Dayanayak, Jootata and Siddu of RPP failed. Hamsalekha's Nenapirali and Anna Thangi made big news for its quality in lyrics and scorings. S.A.Rajkumar has two hits and two misses - Varsha and Gowramma did well in the audio while Maharaja and Sirichandana failed to click. The others who scored music but did not give a hit are - Sadhu (4), Krupakar (3), Ravichandran (3) Manohar (2), Chakri, Kalyan, Mano Murthy (Amrutha Dhaare is hit) Mani Sharma, Rajesh Ramanathan, Venkat Narayan also scored music in the last year.

In the cinematography department it is Seenu, Krishnakumar and GSV Seetharam who share the top honors.

In the direction department it is Prem who occupies the No.1 slot. Mahesh Babu and Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar come next. Saisagar, Rathnaja, Ravi Srivatsa, Narendra Babu produced good results. Veerashanker's maiden direction in Kannada 'Namma Basava' gave him smile. Dwarki who makes debut has failed to click in Gunna and Shambu. Although Rama Shama Bhama is a remake Ramesh Aravind has shown grit and determination in direction. Om Prakash Rao's Ayya made big loot at the box office for Narayan and Prakash it is quite convincing as their Varsha and Rishi did well.

Among the newcomers it is female lead are more this time. Sachin of Encounter Dayanayak, Vivek Beedu of O Gulabiye gave striking performance.

Gowri of Namma Basava takes the second place after Jennifer Kothwal in female lead. Ektha Khosla, Rathi, Spoorthi, Sindhu Tholani, Gazala, Arathi Chabria, Deepa, Reema Sen and Renuka Menon, Anu, Sheetal Jain, Anjala Jhaveri, Tanu Roy, Neha, Varsha, Mallika, Kanniha and Hrishita Bhat are the other newcomers.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE REMAKE FILMS - Jootata, Varsha, Gowramma, Sai, Nammanna, Love Story, Rama Shama Bhama, Sakha Sakhi, Vishnu Sene and Mahasadhwi Mallamma.


•www.chitraloka.com completed 5 years and enterd 6th year.

•Government of Karnataka announced Rs.25 lakh each for two children films made in the year. It has given three years tax free holiday for multiplex theatres, Piracy Act announcement, special honor to national award films, setting up of film Academy; it has withdrawn the 50 percent outdoor shooting order. Service Charge has been re introduced.

•Amitabh Bachchan the big B of Indian film industry made his first presence in South Indian language Kannada film - Amrutha Dhaare'.

•'Sartha Suvarna' the state government honor to Dr.Rajkumar for 50 years of his yeomen service to Kannada filmdom.

•Vajreshwari Combines celebrated silver Jubilee. Chiranjeevi the mega star of Telugu films was the chief guest.

•Aptha Mithra silver jubilee was celebrated at Holiday Inn. Vishnu and Vasu celebrated one year celebration. The Making of Aptha Mithra written by journalist Mahesh Devshetty was released in Bangalore.

•Kamal Hassan has come back to Kannada after Rama Shama Bhama.

•Guinness honor to Shanthi Kannada film. Master Kishen gets entry to Guinness.

•Thara Venu, Shivadwaj, Kalyan, Naveen Krishna, M.D.Palli got married.

•GV Iyer Ashram has been converted as Studio.

•Film Club by B.Suresh and team evolved in Gulbarga.

•Olfaction system was introduced to Kannada film 'Gunna'.

•Kannadave Sathya light music program at Bangalore Palace by Global Consultants.

•Inox theatre was inaugurated.

•Jogi Vijayotsava was celebrated on 18th December at Bangalore palace.

•The first television serial in Kannada to complete 1000 episodes was Papa Pandu.

•Rajyotsava award to TN Seetharam, Rathnakar, Vaishali Kasaravalli and senior film PRO D.V.Sudheendra.

•Thandege Thakka Maga audio release at Gulbarga.

•Innovative film city planned at Hubli


•Award committee chairman M.S.Sathyu kicked up a row by his remarks on Dr.Rajkumar and Upendra.

•Nagthi and Srinivasamurthy unhappy because subsidy was not granted to their films.

•Actor cum bureaucrat Shivaramu house was searched by Lok Ayuktha.

•Thara and Pramila scuffle.

•Indrajith Lankesh lashed at Girish Kasaravalli as he called Kannada films are gory.

•Dharna at International Film Festival at Goa. Kannada film achievement was not in the list of glimpse of Indian cinema.

•Dwarakish opened up his mind on Vishnuvardhana that resulted in a very big controversy.

•The re introduction of service charge was condemned.

•Nagabharana appeared before the court.

•Chanaksha and Belli Betta producers charges on director Umesh and actor Sunil Rao.

•At least half a dozen Kannada films got locked in censor battle this year.


Amrish Puri, Gemini Ganeshan, playback singer P.Leela, senior film publicity officer Venkoba Rao, Isha film producer Mustafa, Veteran Gubbi Veeranna's last son Guruswamy have all left us.

Let us all welcome the new year with utmost affection and love!.

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