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It took every one in the Kannada film industry by surprise. Even thousnads of fans of Golden Star Ganesh were unprepared about this surprise move of their favourite star. Except for a few people from the media which included K.M. Veeresh, Chief Editor of `Chitraloka' Mega Portal even the media personalities were totally unaware was what was happening during 9.00 P.M. to 11.00 P.M. at a house in the J.P.Nagar. Well, it was the marriage ceremony Kannada film industry's mascot, Super Star Golden Star Ganesh, married his friend Shilpa

The ceremony was held in the presence of a few friends like director Yogaraj Bhat, Subramanyam, director-actor Nagashekhar, Producer K.Manju and close relatives at the bride and Golden Star Ganesh.

Shilpa belongs to Barkur near Brahmavar town in the temple district of Udupi. Her father is a business man settled in Dubai and Shilpa was educated in Dubai. She has also completed interior designing course in Dubai.


Ganesh has been seeing Shilpa for almost a year, the couple were introduced by common friend Ravindra Joshi. The wedding was officially fixed for February 18 at a temple in Brahmavar, but fan pressure made the two families advance the date, family sources said. Ganesh told chitraloka that because of the mega portal flashing the news he was rushed to marry Shilpa immediately.

Ganesh's teen-aged fans started telephoning him and his parents, threatening to end their lives, saying he should marry only a fan. Some fans even went to his parents' house in Adakamaranahalli village, 30 km from the Bangalore city, and told them he should not marry an "outsider"

I was compelled to take a decision faster in the wake of such developents. Even my house in Adakamaranahalli in Nelamangala Taluk where my parents are residing, there were scores of female fans storming and questions as to why I have to marry now. My parents were also under pressure. I had switched off my mobile ever since the news of my marriage was leaked in media. Some how my parents contacted me and said that they can not withstand such pressures and wanted me to marry at the earliest. This necessitated a sudden marriage' said Ganesh.

The good muhuratham (auspicious time) happened Monday night.

"Now, I am married to Shilpa. I want my friends and well wishers to forgive me for this sudden decision", Ganesh said. A happy Shilpa had this to say to her husband's fans, "Ganesh is like any other ordinary person. Ganesh should be encouraged and appreciated for his acting talents. He is an exceptional entertainer and I promise that he will continue to entertain all of youin the coming days also" she added.

Nagashekhar is the director of Ganesh's next release 'Aramane' which is produced by K.Manju. The film is all set to release on March 29.

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Only a few days ago Producer and Director Vishnukanth had to face humiliation of being thrown out from the film Manasugala Maathu Madhura he had conceived and launched. Now, he is facing another big problem in the form of non co-operation from his heroine Pooja Gandhi. When he had decided to launch a new film titled as `Ganga Cauvery' he had tought that he had bounced back from lower depths. But Alas, there is another big problem that he is facing now as his heroine Pooja Gandhi has refused to allot the crucial dates which is necessary for him to shoot the film in the Himalayas.

Vishnukanth has written the story and screen play of this film which will be shot in Himalayas. It is a triangular love story made in the backdrop of Himalayas. A new hero is being introduced in this film. Vishnukanth has already obtained the permission from all the state governments to shoot his film in many spectacular outdoor spots in Himalayas. He may well have to lose heavily if he does not shoot in those places on the specified dates. And he has to again obtain permission all over again which will be much more difficult. An angry and disgusted Vishnukanth has decided to approach Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and complain against the attitude of Pooja Gandhi.

Two prominent film journalists Ganesh Kasargod and B Ganapathi are acting in this film for the first time

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'I have seen the craze for Kannada films abroad' says Puneeth Rajkumar who is back from Australia. In Sydney and Melbourne my Kannada film 'Akash' was screened for very anxious audience. The Kannadigas living there thronged me and they were impressed when I played the VCD of Dr.Rajkumar clippings – Puneeth remembered in a quick chat with Chitraloka editor KM Veeresh.

At the initial stages we have to just think about promoting the Kannada film market. The monetary gains should not be the motto. When concerned stars themselves go to such places and promote the importance it gains is very high. In a place like Australia with my friends Mr Jayaprakash and Balaji in Sydney and Mr Rupesh, Sharan and Prakash in Melbourne it was possible to create awareness about the Kannada films. For an audience of nearly 200 to 250 the film 'Akash' was screened. The children know about latest Kannada songs as they see the television channels also recalled Puneeth.

There is definitely good craze and market for Kannada films abroad. All of us in the Kannada filmdom should tap it. Films like Shabdavedi, Kurigalu etc in the past have attracted lot of crowd. The demand for my elder brother starring 'Jogi' is huge. In Melbourne 'Jogi' is releasing on 12th of November.

The people there are so excited when I went there. On the first day there was honor for me from local Mayor. There was discussion. On the week ends instead of going to clinics and doing their personal jobs people have come and watched 'Akash' says Puneth.

I feel it is the right time to expand our market. Let us not think about what we get financially. Let us promote our rich culture, tradition and heritage. This has to be done collectively. This is the responsibility of all us in Kannada film industry. In a different style let us all work urges Puneeth Rajkumar.

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Kannada film industry’s most popular portal is very happy and equally sad to report this news. M.P. Shankar, Kannada film industry's popular actor and producer who was committed to make films on forest and wild life is now energetically fighting a big battle to save his life from the poisonous decease of caner. He is full of energy and hope that he will emerge victorious in this battle of wits.

“I am a firm believer in god. Shivappa will certainly help me in this hour of crisis. I have not lost hope and fighting every inch to save my life. I will be ready to face camera and even produce a film on wild life within a few days’ he confidently asserts sitting on his bed in Room no 116 of Janardhan Hotel.

He is now under treatment for Pancreas Cancer for which he is taking treatment in the Curie Institute of Oncology which comes under St. John's Hospital.


At the same time he is upset with a section of media which described his condition as pitiable and he was in dire need for monetary help. "I dont need pity or sympathy. I have not begged for monetary help also.

What I need is a little bit of encouragement in this critical phase I am facing. I may not be the first person or the last person to have been affected by this decease. But I will not take lying down and fight. My numerous fans and well wishers are there to bless me' says Shankar.

His pride and self respect is still there and he showed lot of courage during a meeting with him on Sunday morning. But we were sorry that this gentle giant who contributed so much for the Kannada film industry had to face this health problem at this age, when every other person needs to take rest and recoupment.

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Subramanyam, Anitha SubramanyamWith the bizarre of awards and honors pouring for Kannada filmdom here is another fabulous effort that is likely to bag honors. Congratulations to Mr Subramani and his wife Anitha Subramani for bringing out a digital format DVD/VCD format film on the life of eunuchs called ‘SLEEP’. It is an 84 minutes film the censor board has given U certificate and said they were looking for something creative. This one is ‘simply beautiful’ they said. Not only this under the new category (admission to digital format cinemas made) the film has entered the Indian Panorama section.

This is the first film made on the life of Female Hijadas. The credit for it goes to couple Subramani and Anitha. Revathi the eunuch from Tamil Nadu plays the lead role with a few others. There is no dialogue and only in the beginning there will background music.

Subramani has written the story, screenplay and also heads the megaphone while his wife Anitha is the producer of this shoestring budget.

Still from Sleep“We have lost the sleep after making the Kannada film ‘Nanage Neenu Ninage Naanu”. That has resulted in Rs.50 lakhs loss to us. Now the reason why we have taken up this film ‘Sleep’ is because the Hijadas in their life do not sleep mentally and physically in their life.

In a nutshell ‘Sleep’ is a film on those who don’t sleep peacefully (Female Hijadas) from those who have lost peaceful sleep in their life.

Revathi who played the lead role rang up and informed Anitha that after seeing the film the next day she slept till 12. It is because the mind has become very light. The first show of the 84 minutes ‘Sleep’ was screened for the association of Hijadas.

Anitha and Subramani have really taken more than two years to make a film on female Hijadas. The fraternity of eunuch does not have confidence in filmdom. Secondly there is a strong doubt that they are focused shabbily. The couple did not give chance for such apprehensions. They have noticed the pain behind the smile of hijadas.  They moved around the hijadas for two years. They convinced them. The Hijadas from Shanthinagar, Kodigehalli and Jayanagar were invited them for their home functions. Earned the confidence explained the urgent need of it. Then only the association of eunuch took the telephone numbers of Subramani and Anitha. Their practice is not to give the telephone numbers but to take the numbers and then call the film maker after necessary meeting. 

Explaining the trials and tribulations of making this cinema Ms Anitha Subramani says there are many female hijadas instances in their stock that is blood curdling. 

The film on the social problem has been shot in 10 days single schedule. 

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