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Well known film producer Munirathna is all set to launch his new film Director with his favourite star Upendra and Prem in the lead. This film will be launched on September 18, the birth day of Upendra . This film is a remake of Malayalam Hit Udayanu Tharam directed by Rosshan Andrrews which had Mohan Lal, Meena and Sreenivasan in the lead. Munirathna had planned to start this film even before the launch of K Manju's God Father , but he was not able to start his production activities mainly because Prem was busy in his work with Shivaraj Kumar's 100th film Jogayya made under his Home Production banner.

Now, since Jogayya is getting released on 12th August, it will enable Prem to give his call sheet for this film which is to start on 18th September. Incidentally, the major shooting part of Upendra's two films God Father and Aarakshaka would have been finished.

Speaking to Chitraloka.com, Munirathna confirmed the launch of the film and said that he has not selected the heroine and director for the film so far. He also said there were plan to do the movie Dalavai Muddanna and due to some reasons he will not do that now and will be doing Director in September. Even though it is a remake of Udayanu Tarum we are not doing it as it is. We are changing the story line according to our nativity said Munirathna.

Udayanu Tarum which became the biggest block buster during its release is a genre film, a `black comedy,' rather than omnibus masala concoction serving all the nine rasas. `Udayananu Tharam' reinforced this faith, as the rapier-sharp synergy between the lead actors Mohanlal and Sreenivasan along with top-line performance of the supporting cast which brought the narrative to life. However, it was actor Sreenivasan's script which was the ultimate scene-grabber.

Udayanum Tharam was a light-hearted comedy that takes a satirical look at tinsel town. It depicted the struggles of Udayabhanu, brilliantly portrayed by Mohanlal, who is an assistant director and script writer who aspires to make it big. But he is thwarted in his attempts by a scheming friend and junior artiste, Rajappan Thengamoodu (Sreenivasan), who steals his script to become superstar Saroj Kumar.

`Udayananu Tharam' is nothing more than a look at the seamy side of filmmaking and the machinations behind the reel world.

The film works because director Rosshan Andrrews who changed the spelling of his name on astrological advice chooses to talk about a world he knows personally. The characters look real and the conversation sounds real. The film sails through because of its sense of humour and a riveting climax. Each shot and concept of Rosshan Andrrews worked wonders and the audience were totally hooked on the way the story unfolds and reaches its logical climax with a twist.

Sreenivasan and Rosshan started the shoot only after completing the script. Says Sreenivasan: ``We took nearly two years to complete the script but all that time, energy and hard work shows on screen.'' Mohanlal asserts that `Udayananu Tharam' is a triumph of honest writing.

But Sreenivasan confessed that it (the achievement) is a result of team work and not his script alone.

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The success story will always have many fathers, but inevitably the success and appreciation will also lead to confrontation and mistrust in the on stage actors of any project. Now, the case of Rajadhani producer SS Sathyan coming down heavily on the film's hero Yash's non co-operative attitude and blackmailing tactics has become public. It will be interesting to hear Yash's version on this spat by Sathyan who has given a big break to Yash's oscillating career.

S Sathyan was reacting to the article in Chitraloka portal in which he had said that he is prepared to do promotion for both his films Kirathaka and Rajadhani. Yash had also spoken to Chitraloka indicating that he was fully co-operating with the producer of Rajadhani. However Sathyan in a chat with Chitraloka reacted strongly to Yash's claims and gave evidences about several instances where the actor has abstained himself from many programmes.

S Sathyan is particularly angry that the actor absented himself from attending a specially designed promotional programme organised by the Samaya Channel despite being many times requested by the film's production manager and his assistants.

"I was locked up in many activities after the release of the film and was unable to talk to Yash.

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Basanth Kumar Patil, the president of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce saw yesterday's CCL match between Karnataka Bulldozers and Mumbai Heroes by buying ticket at Rs 750. The main reason for that is the tickets or passes were issued only to the artistes, but the producers as well as technicians and committee members of KFCC and other organisations of the Kannada film industry were sidelined prominently.

In KFCC Rs 250 worth tickets were given to Producer, Distributors and Exhibitors to sit and watch the match in G (Gallery) Stand. For the KFCC Executive Committee Members Rs 750 tickets were given to sit in Gate No. 4 P3 Stand. Some personalities were given Rs 1,000, Rs 2,000, Rs 3,000 tickets and VVIP passes. Some of the Executive Committee members protested in KSCA and had a heated argument with Basanth Kumar Patil. Shockingly Basanth answered he has also been given Rs 750 ticket and that too he has paid money for it!

Top line producer Rockline Venkatesh, one of the organiser saw all these and immediately made arrangements for the producers to watch the match asking them to sit in Pavilion. Yes, producers and technicians were sidelined in the yesterday's match. But still many thronged Chinnaswamy stadium just because to uphold the pride, prestige and honour of the film industry. It was KFCC who decided to give a one day holiday on Saturday, so that it would be convenient for everybody from the film industry to watch Karnataka Bulldozers play against Mumbai Heroes. But Ashok Kheny's AKK entertainment which is the promoter of Karnataka Bulldozers didn't take the issue seriously. Of course, artistes were provided passes worth thousands. But the rest of the industry was ignored prominently. Though the artistes were provided VVIP passes, many artistes were absent for the highly anticipated match except for Shivarajkumar, Ravichandran, Jaggesh and a couple of others.

A producer disclosed that he got the passes from a well known Telugu hero. This producer is a well known producer in Kannada and an executive Committee member of KFCC. When that Telugu movie actor had called this producer to his hotel, he saw Rs 750 ticket with him. Immediately he asked his assistant to give him some Special Tickets.

This is not only one case but many producers as well as technicians found it very difficult to get into the stadium. Even the film press were completely ignored in this aspect and finally Sudeep bought some tickets and distributed among the film press.

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Finally S Narayan has got a title for his new movie with golden star Ganesh. Film is titled as Shailoo

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Dr.Kiran has turned out to be a big lier as for as his claims to the ownership of the car is concerned. The documents available in Chitraloka obtained from registration authorities have revealed the owner of  the car is Pawan Kumar B Gandhi who is none other than the father of  actress Pooja Gandhi.

Kiran had claimed that he was the owner of the car and had even promised to get the  copy of the registration of the car.  He had also said that the  accident to the car that was owned by him had triggered off misunderstandings between him and Pooja Gandhi who was infact very closer to him earlier.  But now Chitraloka has obtained the documents which have falsified his claims.

Dr. Kiran had also claimed that he had jointly owned the travels company with Pooja Gandhi which was named as P K travels.  But  it has now come to light that the ownership may be  that of Pawan Kumar, father of  Pooja Gandhi.

Incidentally as Chitraloka portal had earlier reported there has been police complaints filed by both Pooja Gandhi and Kiran against each other.  It is now reported that  Police are questioning Kiran about the ownership of the car and also about some of the documents submitted by Pooja Gandhi to substantiate  her complaints. 

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