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Leading producers of the Kannada film industry have decided to bury their ego's and hatchet which had affected the cash flow for their films for so long.   Now, the Veteran producers  have come to the conclusion that the competition with each other will not benefit any one of them. Therefore they have started informal disucussions amongst themselves a  few days ago and decided not to clash with each other as for as release dates are concerned.  The process was started by leading producers  Soorappa Babu and K.C.N.Kumar which has now extended to other top producers who have decided to have a solo release of big films.  

Forgetting their seniority in the profession and keeping aside their ego trips, producers like Soorappa Babu and K.C.N.Kumar have been keeping in touch with other producers of  some well hyped films to release their films without competition. Sources said that they also had informal discussions with producers like K.Manju and Anaji Nagaraj who are also coming with their two big releases in the next two months.  Since Puneet Raj Kumar's  "Anna Bond' is getting released either on April 19 or 26th, efforts are being made to release some hyped films one or two weeks earlier or later  to the  release of "Anna Bond'.  .

Accordingly it is learnt that Ravichandran starrer "Narasimha' produced by K.C.N.Kumar and "Dashamukha' produced by Soorappa Babu will have a two weeks gap.  Now, Babu has decided to opt out of  March 9 race to allow  Benkoshri's "Alemaari' to release as a solo big film. Soorappa Babu's "Dashamukha's is getting released on April 6.   Anaji Nagaraj's  "Bheema Theeradhalli will be probably a solo release on March 16, while K.Manju has postponed the release of  Mammootty starrer "Shikari' directed by Abhay Simha to March 30.

Another much expected film  "Shiva' starring Century Star Shivaraj Kumar will be released in the month of  May.  

With such sort of  informal discussions some much hyped films like Preetham Gubbi's Janoo produced by Jayanna,  "Parama Shiva' produced by Anaji Nagaraj, "Sagar' produced by Ramu,  Appayya produced and directed by S.Narayan, , Adhdhoori produced by Shankara Reddy and directed by Arjun,  Breaking News produced and directed by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar  are also being planned as solo releases,  sources said. 

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Cricket is almost like a religion in the Asian subcontinent. That is the reason why the International Cricket Council hosts The Asia Cup every two years. It proves the dominance of a team in the Eastern region of the cricketing world. The Asia Cup 2012 also ensures to be a top class international competition, featuring the likes of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and , Bangladesh.

The Asia Cup this year will be held in Bangladesh, but the four nation cricket tournament is sure to pose problems for the  film industry in general and Kannada film industry in particular.   Asia Cup 2012 will consist of 6 ODI and 1 Final match. to be hosted by Bangladesh in March 2012.

The Asia Cup 2012 tournament is a part of Future Cricket Tour Programs (FTP) prepared by International Cricket Council (ICC). Bangladesh will host this tournament, beginning on March 12, 2012. In Asia Cup 2012 bilateral series, first ODI match would be between Bangladesh - Pakistan on Mar 12, 2012 at 14:30 local time to be played at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur. The final match will be played on Thursday, March 22 between the two teams securing the first two places. The matches will start at 1.30 P.M., but the live telecast of matches may start an hour earlier and may conclude late in the evening.  

The most dreaded match will be played on March 18 when India and Pakistan will be fighting for the top two slots. Though Indian Cricket team has not performed well recently, the match between India and Pakistan to be held on Sunday is sure to rob the revenue opportunities for Kannda films.  The other date which may pose problems for the collections is on March 13 when India will be playing against the Sri Lanka.  Thankfully on March 16, Friday when two or three Kannada films are planned for release, Indian team will be playing the Bangladesh team .which may be a crucial match depending upon the respective positions of  the two contesting teams.  

Another big problem for films to be released in March is the examination period.  The second P.U.C. exams are starting from Mid March which may penetrate deeply into the collections of  Kannada films.  

One silver lining however is that  Kicha Sudeepa's  film "Kempe Gowda' released on March 10 last year  was a big hit despite facing the competition from live telecast of cricket matches and the examination period.  Which means that if the film is good, it is sure to attract good number of audience despite the international cricket matches and examinations.

IPL 2012 matches which will be played from April 5 may not pose serious problems as most of the matches are commencing from 8.00 P.M. The matches will go on till May 27 when the finals will be played.  

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P2 Poductions "Parijatha' starring Diganth and Aindrita directed by Prabhu Sreenivas has obtained the best opening for a medium budget film in recent times.  The Balcony class audience are lapping up this film with a number of young married  couple and college students watching the film from day one in all the major centres.

Compared to the  decent opening for "Parijatha' which is expected to break even in its second week itself,  the collections for the much hyped and extra ordinarily spent projects like "AK 56'' and  the exmperimental film "Tuglaq'  have fallen way side putting up a big question mark on the recovery of investments on  these  films.  Leave alone the share from the theatres screening these two fims,  even whether they would be able to collect the weekly rents in some of the theatres they are being screened has  become extremely doubtful.

Parijatha collected Rs. 1.05 lacs on day one at Kapali and continued to collect a little more on day two at teh same theatre.  The story remains the same in almost all the theatres in the state where the second day's collections have surpassed the opening day collections.

Even in Mysore's Shanthala theatre, the collections have been very good.  The second saturday factor might have helped the film, but it should be borne in mind that Holidays will only help a film if it obtains a good opinion from the viewers.  In Davanagere also the film has been able to collect Rs. 1.20 lacs showing improvement of collections on the second day.  Sunday collections will be good for this film which may be vergoo on Tuesday, the Vallentine's day.

How the film fares after Wednesday will decide the range of success of this film. One positive development for the film's producer Paramesh and Prem is that now that the film is attracting decent family crowd, the TV satellite rights may go for a good price. Paramesh expects the satellite rates to fetch him Rs. 1.5 crores to Rs. 1.7 crores which is the highest for any Diganth film without Yogaraj Bhat wielding the megaphone.

The decent opening has also gladdened Diganth who was considered successful  in trade only when Bhat was behind the project.   " I am sure that "Parijtha' will do well because it is a family oriented clean film.  People from all groups can enjoy the film.   But I was little apprehensive about the initial response which was cleared on FDFS when I watched the film in Kapali' says Diggy.

Even Aindrita who was found  now cheering for the Karnataka Bulldozers team for which she is the Brand Ambassador in Chennai on Saturday watched the film on FDFS on day one of the film's release. She says that her mobile phone is continously ringing and she has heard many positive comments about the film.  "My appearance in the songs, performance  in many sequences of the  the film is well appreciated' says Andy.

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Well known multilingual film director P.Vasu who has blockbusters like  Aaptha Mithra and Aaptha Rakshaka in Kannada and  Chinna  Thambi, Chandramukhi,and Walter Vetrivel in Tamil is all set to direct  a film with  Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar in the lead. This has been confirmed by direcotr P.Vasu and the one of the film producer K.P.Srikanth in a chat with the Chitraloka Portal.  

During the press meet of  Aaptha Rakshaka, director P.Vasu had mentioned that he had been approached by producer Kanakapura Sreenivas and K.P.Srikanth to brief a story to the Power Star and he had already told the one line story of a subject he was working on.    Later after several rounds of talks, now the news is that the Power star will be working in this film.  Earlier Puneet Raj Kumar should have worked in a film to be produced by Kanakapura Sreenivas for which even the muhurath was organised.  But the sudden demise of the director had changed the plans and the producers had to wait for almost six years to get the call sheet from the industry's numero uno star.  

Incidentally  Puneet Raj Kumar will work for the film after taking up the launch of  the Kannada version of  Tamil film "Poraali' which will be directed by Samuththirakani.   The title for Kannada version of   Poraali has not yet been finalised yet. The work relating to that film to be produced under the Home Production banner of  Puneet Raj Kumar will be taken up after the conclusion of work of  his recent much awaited starrer "Anna Bond' directed by Soori.   Confirming the news of  Puneet Raj Kumar working for his produciton house, K.P.Srikanth one of the producers of the film says that his film may be launched sometime later in June.  P.K.H.Doss will be cameraman of this film while Guru Kiran who is acceptable to both KPS and  director Vasu will be the music director.  

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Noted film director S.Mahendar married his relative Yashoda on 3rd February.  This is his second marrige as he got legally separated from his first wife Shruthi a few months ago.  Mahendar is coming to Bengaluru with his new wife shortly.
S.Mahendar is also busy completing a script for a new film that he is directing for producer Sandesh Nagarj and also for Ramesh Yadav.  The particulars of these films will be known in a few days.

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