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On the Anti Tobacco day, I had written an article in Chitraloka Mega Portal requesting many artists and technicians that included Century Star Shivaraj Kumar, Kiccha Sudeep and directors Yogaraj Bhat and Suri to take a decision to quit smoking.  Yogaraj Bhat has tried it several times and even had gone to Dharmasthala's Ayurvedic Hospital to come out of this habit.  But the article had no immediate takers, though I heard several other artists, producers  and technicians in the industry were impressed with the article's contents and were trying to keep away from this habit.

Now, the happy news is that Kiccha Sudeep has quit smoking.  He took a strong decision about a fortnight to give away the habit of smoking.

Kiccha was a chain smoker like Darshan and Yogaraj Bhat earlier. But now he has quit smoking and now on a right track.

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Though my article was not responsible for this hard decision made by Kiccha, I am happy because he has come out of that habit. Kiccha Sudeep who is presently shooting for his forthcoming film "Bachchan' directed by Shashank says that he has quit smoking because of the persuasive words by his daughter. "My young daughter Sanvi has been asking me to quit smoking, from many days and one day she forcefully asked me whether I would quit smoking or not. I was aghast with her persuasive and forceful voice.

Sanvi had heard of the story of her grandfather (my father-in-law and my wife Priya's father) had suffered on account of his smoking habit.

"I took a decision to quit on that particular day when Sanvi had raised her voice and said that she does not want the problems faced by her grandfather to repeat.  I decided to quit smoking on that day. For the first days I faced lot of hardships and I had to struggle a lot to keep away this habit. Somehow I thought I cannot continue with this decision.  But I was determined to please my daughter and even decided not to smoke even when my wife Priya and my daughter Sanvi were not around.   My decision to quit smoking even surprised many people during my shooting.  But my decision remained stronger. I had faced some problems initially, but now I am feeling better and have adjusted to this new life after I quit smoking' said Sudeep.

Kiccha was there  with his buddy Darshan at the Narthaki theatre on the day of its release. He and Darshan along with a few friends and the artists and technicians of the KVSR were present.  But throughout the five hour time, Kiccha was not seen puffing his favourite cigarette brand.

Hope others also follow Kiccha's example.

(Article by R.G.Vijayasarathy)

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Though the stills which have been  released so far of  the film Yaare Koogadali starring Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar have presented the actor in a softer version, there is one still which has not been publicised  yet.  Industry sources were talking about this still and were shouting from house tops that the different get up of this one still and the expressions on the actor's face is enough to bring in fans to the theatres in large number.  The photograph was saved in Raghavendra Raj Kumar's mobile for several days which was seen by a couple of film industry representatives.  

The yet to be publicised still can now be seen in the Chitraloka Mega Portal.  There is another still which comes in the beginning of the film also which is also reported to be a kick ass photo of the Power Star.

The current news is that the dubbing work of the film has already started and another few days shooting is left for completion.  A song featuring Charmmee has already been picturised at a special set erected near HMT clrcle, the stills of which has already been released to the press.

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Challenging Star Darshan and his family members along with all the members of the Bul Bul unit are landing at  Bengaluru Airport on Monday evening after finishing the shooting portions of  the film in abroad. Darshan will be right in time before the release of his most ambitious project Kranti Veera Sangolli Raayanna directed by Naganna and produced by Anand Appugol.

Bul Bul is being produced by Dinakar Toogudeepa and several technicians who have already worked for Darshan film. It is directed by M.D. Sridhar, Rachitha Ram is the heroine while Ramya Barna plays the second lead in the film.  Ambareesh is playing the role of Darshan's father in the film.

On Tuesday, the entire Darshan family will be in Mysore to celebrate the death anniversary of the legendary villain Toogudeepa Sreenivas and he will be busy in conducting ceremonies.  Later he will be coming to Bengaluru to further promote the film which has already been getting good promotional programmes in the Channels.

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The decision of the Central Board for Film Certification to make the films carrying A certificate from Censor board ineligible for telecast on television may be a serious blow for many Kannada film producers who are making films with diversified subjects like Suspense, Horror, Thrills, Action and some adult based sensible films.

Though the entire  Indian film industry other than the Kannada film industry has been  stunned and outraged over the ertification CBFC decision banning ‘A’ certificate films from being telecast on television, the response from the Kannada film industry has been pathetic. It looks as if the Kannada film producers are totally unaware of the consequences of  such a harsh imposition from the Censor Board. Even the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has not voiced its protest over the decision of  Censor Board which puts a blanket ban of  telecast of  films carrying the A certificate tag.

Henceforth any film which has got an A certificate from CBFC cannot be shown on any channel. Till now those films which were given A certificate could be shown after necessary cuts for late night 11 pm slot.   After many days of  dilly dallying, the censor board  made amendments to existing laws the CBFC has decided to stop re-certifying

A-rated films for TV, thereby making them ineligible for the television screening.  That is how films like Shivaraj Kumar's "Santha' and Jogi, Darshan's 'Kalaasi Palya', Upendra's "Masti' and Sudeep's "Gooli' were  telecasted after re-certification.  Now, it is not possible for the retelecast of a film like Dandupalya which has been certified as a A certificate film. It is not the films with excessive violence and sex that are classified under the A category, but even films made with serious Adult based themes can be certified as under A certificate, though made very well.  Such good films may not be considered for telecast as re-certification has been prohibited now.

The decision  is a major blow to Kannada film industry  as well as for Hindi, Telugu and Tamil film industries as nearly 40% of the production cost of films have been coming from  sale of satellite rights.   For Kannada films  and B’wood  films it is in the range of 40 to fifty percent, while in case of  Tamil and Telugu films, it is in the range of  20 to 25 percent of the production cost.

The situation for Bollywood is still worst as  Aamir Khan's home production Delhi Belly and Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wasseypur (part 1& 2) which have got A certificate are waiting for CBFC clearance to show them on television.

Closer home it means Dandupalya,  12 A.M. Midnight, and many other recent films   shown on television channels.  It is reported that Dandupalya has been acquired for a big amount for telecast.

The decision of  CBFC is  going to create havoc in satellite television market, as channels will not touch any film with an A certificate and will think twice about dealing in UA films.

It is sure that this decision will curtail the creativity of the film maker.  This may also change the economy of  film making in the future.


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