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Nikki Galrani sister of well known actress Sanjana Galrani  has now been selected as the heroine for Chiranjeevi Sarja for the film "Ajith' which is being launched on 24th January with a Pooja.  Mahesh Babu is the director of this film which is a remake of Tamil film "Paiyya'.

"Paiyya' directed by Linguswamy is the story about a journey from Bangalore to Bombay where in the hero  has to take the heroine to Bombay.  This journey makes an interesting narration and the film became a super hit. Karthi and Thamanna had played lead roles in the film.

nikki galrani

Mahesh Babu who is directing the film says that he had liked the pacy narration of the film and hero's strong characterisation.  "However we have made some changes' says Mahesh Babu.

Meanwhile sources close to the film said that Nikki has been selected in an audition.  Nikki's fluency in speaking Kannadad language also helped her in selection.  "I want a Kannada speaking girl to be part of the film as the heroine's character is also equally important' said Mahesh Babu.

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Dr. Bharathy who is the heroine of Duniya Vijay in his home production film "Jayammana Maga' directed by Ravi Kiran has been in news for all wrong reasons from the past two days. The actress who chose the profession on her own desire did not anticipate that false allegations may stick to her even if she is part of any controversy.  
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About the allegations linking Dr. Bharathi  to actor Vijay,  the young actress who is taking up post graduation in gynecology says that she treated Duniya Vijay as just a co-star and nothing more than that.  "Frankly I had more interaction with the director than Vijay who was also the producer of the film. In some occasions Vijay seemed to be too much worried thinking about the falling health of his mother.  At that time he used to show some reports and I used to advise him about the findings of the report and medicines prescribed for his mother.  This was strictly a professional duty I made as I have already completed medicine.  But other than this I had no occasion to talk to him except while shooting was taking place.   But now I find my name is being floated by some vested interests albeit in lower voices. I always wanted to keep low profile and even did not attend the press meets of my two films.  I was dragged from my house to be present in the audio release function of Krishna son of C.M.  I always wanted to keep low profile. Even my neighbors did not know that I was acting in two Kannada films and my relatives expressed their surprise when some photos of mine appeared in news papers' says Dr. Bharathi in a chat with Chitraloka.
vijay, bharathi

Dr. Bharathi says that such attitude of keeping a low profile had helped her in film shootings where she was able to focus on her role. "These allegations have not been taken seriously by me or my parents.  That is because my parents know about me and are sure that I can never betray their trust' says Dr. Bharathi.

Dr. Bharathi is now focusing on her higher studies and will be looking forward for the release of two films.

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K.C.N.Kumar's four language film which is all set to start shooting in March next year will be directed by Ram Gopal Varma. Kiccha Sudeep speaking to Chitraloka Mega Portal said that Ram Gopal Varma is arriving in Bengaluru on December 27 or 28 to initiate discussions in this regard.  Though RGV is primarily interested to work in this project to be made in originals in Kannada and Telugu and later dubbed in Tamil and Hindi, modalities have to be worked out.

Sudeep has to finish the song shooting work for Bachchan for which Dubbing work is progressing now.  Sudeep is yet to start dubbing for the film.  Then he will be busy in CCL cricket match which starts from 13th December 2013 for over a month.

It has to be seen how the project moves on from now. RGV is sure to bring in some technical expertise and also top talents from Bollywood and Tollywood.

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Kiccha Sudeep and producer K.C.N Kumar who were in Mumbai on Saturday have finished one round of talks with maverick director Ram Gopal Varma about the proposed film to be made in their combination.

Kumar has been waiting for long for the launch of this film which is to be made in four languages.

RGV has now come to Mumbai after completing his daughter's engagement function in Hyderabad held on January 2 this year.

RGV is expected to start developing  the story line  and script  work with a team of writers from Hyderabad and Mumbai.

In a chat with Chitraloka Mega Portal, Kumar confirmed that he had initiated talks with RGV in which Kiccha was also present. He however refused to divulge more details about the project hinting that everything is in preliminary stage.

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A disappointed Anand Gowda who was engaged to actress Pooja Gandhi a few days ago says that he knew his marriage would be on rocks if he had put a foot forward after the engagement.  

"From the day of the engagement,  I was hearing comments being made by her family members about colour.  I was born with the same skin colour, but still Pooja's mother would sarcastically speaking about my colour.  And when my sister who had gone to Pooja's residence was humiliated by her mother, I decided to break out of this relationship' said Anand Gowda in a conversation with Chitraloka Mega Portal. 

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"Coming out of this relationship was my decision,  I dont have any regrets for agreeing to make her my life partner.  Our relationship was growing so for the past two years.  In fact I was responsible for her joining the political  bandwagon.  I have helped her monetarily  many a times which I do not want to mention now.  But I knew that Pooja had shared the same attitude about almost everything in life.  Some times she behaved like an arrogant woman  and her double speak really irritated me' said Anand Gowda.

' Pooja wanted only white skinned actors to romance in the movies as it would appeal the audience. I can tell you a recent incident that had happened' said Anand Gowda.

"The producers of Hanthaka (ki)  had approached Pooja Gandhi and had said that she had to act with Tilak or Santhosh.   But Pooja told me that both of them were black and she had actually wanted to work with a white skinned actor preferably from Mumbai.   I used my contacts to get an actor called Tarun Arora for the film. But even then she did not reveal that she had not liked something from me' said Anand Gowda.

"I am disappointed and also happy that I came out of a big mess that would have really made my life miserable' said Aanand Gowda in a parting note.

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