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Just two days ago actress Shubha Poonja was all in smiles in the Paraari audio release function which was one of the well organised functions held recently.  On Thursday she was busy participating in the shooting of "Meenakshi' in which  she has a pivotal role.  Shubha feels that the role carries such a level of strength to allow her to show variety of skills.  On Thursday, Shubha was participating in a fight sequence choreographed by  Danny.  But then she did not realise that another shocking development held else where would  get her immediate focus.

 Shubha was in spotlight even as actor Duniya Vijay had filed his divorce papers with his wife Nagarathna in the Addtional Magistrate's family court. And Nagarathna was also claiming that Vijay's extra marital affairs did affect her marital life, but she was prepared to  compromise for saving her marriage.  She openly said Vijay had married Shubha Poonja in 2007 and had provided documentary photographic evidence  to substantiate her charges.  The photographs related to the Gruha Pravesha function of Viji in which she and Ms. Shubha Poonja were alongside the Vijay.

When Shubha Pooja was quizzed about it, she said that she had lost contact with Vijay since the past two years and denied all the allegations made by Nagarathna.  "I am being made a scapegoat in the entire controversy though I did not commit any fault' says Shubha Poonja.  She also felt that she has become an easy target for the media though her innocence is all there to see.

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Veteran actor D. Rajendra Babu who is now focussing on a new film with Shivaraj Kumar confirmed that the heroine has not been selected for the film yet.

Reacting to the noting made by some well known actress in her networking page, Rajendra Babu said that he is not aware of any actress claiming that she has been paired with Shivaraj Kumar in the film.

"My selection of the heroine will be based on the athleticism, physique and the performance  levels of the particular artist. Frankly I want this character to be equally focussed as that of the hero who plays the role of a sports coach in the film.  The major portions of the film will be shot in USA.  It is a different type of the story and presentation and we can not go wrong on the selection of cast' said Babu.

D. Rajendra Babu also maintained that the title of the film which has been registered as "Aryan' is a choice of Shivaraj Kumar.

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Dr. Kiran who has filed a complaint against actress Pooja Gandhi and her father has been described by the actress as mentally unsound and Psychopath.

 "Such people should not be allowed carry on with making false allegations and behave like an uncivilised person. I am sure that he has filed a false complaint against me as I have done nothing like what he has alleged in the complaint.  My conscience is clear and  I dont care a damn to  the false allegations made against him.   A few months ago he went to press to allege that my father had stolen his car.  We addressed a press meet later to dismiss his claims and produced documentary evidence to prove that Dr. Kiran is spreading lies' says Pooja Gandhi.

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Ms.Tara Anuradha, Actress and director of the BIFFEE says that she had not spoken anything that would have provoked an eminent film personality like Shivamani.

Talking about the Shivamani episode, Tara said that she tried to explain the rules to be followed at the International film festival. I told that specifically all these rules were made known to film personalities.  Even the special passes had clearly indicated that the entry to screens were only on first come first basis. Infact, I had come all the way from Lido screens to Garuda Mall to see a film and even stood in queue for nearly ten minutes.  But the screen was houseful before I could not make it.  I was disappointed, but I had to follow the rules meticulously.  When I came to Festival directorate office, I found an angry Shivamani seeking explanations.  He said that two rows should be reserved for film personalties.  But there is no provision in the rules to reserve seats for even VVIP"s.   On the day of inauguration itself, I had made these things clear to all the people who attended.  Even while I was explaining to Shivamani sir, he woke up and left.  Then later I came to know that he was pushed by a group of  people from the queue.  It is natural for him to be disappointed when as a genuine film lover he was not able to watch the films he had aspired for.  But we had said that people should come two to three hours earlier to watch the films.  I am not sure whether Shivamani sir was convinced of my explanation,  but I would like to reiterate here that I will regret what has happened if he is really hurt' said  Tara in a talk with Chitraloka Mega Portal.

Tara said that she was eager to see more representation of film personalities in the festival.  "I used to inquire my staff whether, film industry personnel had come to various places screening these films, but I was given a feed back that representation was less from the film industry.  When my staff told Shivamani sir, P.H. Vishwanath and Vasu had come to the festival, I was naturally happy.  But unfortunately there was some unavoidable incidents before I could meet them.  Vishwanath and Vasu were convinced, but Shivamani left in an angry mood. I am uncertainly unhappy over this development.  I request Shivamani to take active participation in the festival and watch all the films' said Tara.

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Sandalwood actress Pooja Gandhi today put the entire blame on her fiancee Anand Gowda of  breaking of her relationship with him.  Pooja was engaged to Anand Gowda on November 15, but the end to this relationship came when Anand Gowda announced that he is not interested in continuing the relationship with Pooja Gandhi. He had also blamed Pooja Gandhi's mother's greed which was mainly responsible for putting up lot of tensions in him. 

But Pooja Gandhi spoke to a chitraloka denying all the allegations of Anand Gowda.  "I would like to state here that our relationship post engagement period was not stable, but the differences were reconcilable. But it was Anand who jumped the gun and crticised my mother in interviews of Television Channels today.  Now, I am not interested in marriage and I have sent my engagement ring presented by Anand on the day of ceremony' said Pooja. She however agreed that her mother had not liked her being engaged to Anand Gowda in the first place, but later adjusted to the reality and started promoting the marriage. 

Whatever help she had received from Anand during the past few days was the type of help any fiancee will do for the girl who has been engaged to him said Pooja gandhi.

Pooja Gandhi has said she is going to take rest and will come out with a new life and new projects.


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