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The sitting member of Parliament and noted actor Ambarish admitted that his formula to give amicable solution to the ongoing 7 weeks moratorium for non Kannada films has failed. ‘I knew like others that the SC order would be like this’ Ambarish disclosed at meet the Press at Bangalore Press Club on Saturday afternoon.

Now we have to watch what happens on 18th and respect the SC order. Now that the Karnataka CM has taken initiative I am hopeful of a confident result he said. Asked on the formula he has worked he said there is no use in my strategy. I have told the industry friends that the formula would satisfy everyone. But as we know there are many speakers on behalf of the industry. All tom dick and harry went on his own and starting issuing statements. I would request the media not to give attention to everyone. Ambarish made a humble request to study the person who is saying something and put it in the new columns.

In my career of 32 years I have not seen my cut out in Bangalore Cantonment area. I went to Solapur sometime back. The people asked me to speak in Kannada there. There was so much of respect for the language that we may not see on Kempegowda road Ambarish quipped.  I don’t blame anyone. That is the system and we have to live within it. For the non- Kannada films the 4 prints formula earlier announced should have been well maintained. When the liberty was shown to them they started coming with too many prints. Who is responsible for this grave lapse? Ambarish questioned.

See what happened to the issue related to the service charge. When the government has passed an order adhering to the producers sectors the exhibitors raised their theatre rent from Rs.1.85 lakhs to 2.30 lakhs. Those who voiced for the order received pains Ambarish opined.

Ambarish also went down memory lane. Had my mentor given me a chance in Nagarahavu I would not come to this situation. In Shumangala film also my mentor Puttannaji said I would become a popular person. That was his great vision.

Ashok Kumar vice President of Press Club of Bangalore, secretary Sadashiva Shenoy, general secretary K.M.Veeresh and past secretary Ponnappa were on the dais at the Ambarish meet the press.

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Dr.Rajkumar is all set to act in a social film. This was announced by Smt.Parvathamma Rajkumar sitting next to the matinee idol at the lush green lawns of Kanteerava studio on the occasion of the icon's 76th birthday. Dr.Raj flagged off the film 'Rakshasa' starring his son for Ramu enterprises. Dr.Raj met his fans at his residence in the morning, accepted the gift given by his grandchildren and then left with his wife to Kanteerava studio to take part in the muhurut. He cut a huge cake waved at his fans and spoke to media waiting eagerly.

When the announcement from his wife that Dr.Rajkumar would act in a social film before 'Bhakta Ambarisha' Dr.Raj who just finished his breakfast that included Masala Dosai, immediately reacted to his wife statement - "getting a good story is the requirement now. It is not like bisi bisi MTR Masala Dosai".

We bring you the 15 minutes chat with the Ranadheera Kanteerava Dr.Rajkumar at Kanteerava studio in Bangalore on April 24 at 12.30 pm.

What is your reaction to the title 'Rakshasa' in which your son Shivrajkumar is acting?
On screen there are many rakshas today. One who struggles hard for good cause requires the Rakshas effort.

This time you could not cast your vote?
We sent our secretary twice at the polling booth to check. But my name was not found in the list. Then what can I do. Kept quiet. This is the first time it happened like this.

On May 7th 1954 your first film 'Bedara Kannappa' was released. 50 years have rolled now. Do you recall those moments?
That was the beginning days. I had seen that film in New Opera theatre. I had not seen number of films on silver screen.

You watch television to see your old films?
I have seen a dozen or so films. I recall those days and count the mistakes I have done.

You are fit now to act?
If I act now it will be like a physically handicapped acting. For that acting that has given everything to me in life the requirement is the physical fitness. I am not so at present. Ye annvru yako weeekagiddare antha abhimanigalu helabaardu. Manushyanige ayavayaglu channagi idre pathre poshane bagge chinte madabahadu.

Shivraj intends to a direct a film with you and all the sons in it..
They are looking for the story. It is not like a spicy hot dosai we get. Just because we are all there in the film the film should not be seen by anyone. There should be something extremely good in the content wise.

You read a lot of novels and get stories..........
That is of course. But nothing is touching my heart. Lot of people send across the stories we get a hearing to it but somewhere something is lacking

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As we all know the superstar of Kannada cinema Vishnuvardhana is a great fan of cricket a left hand player too. On the sets of his latest film ‘Hrudayavantha’ at Mysore the heat of cricket was very high. An ardent fan Vishnuvardhana remembered his days of play with the unforgettable Karnataka cricket stars B.S.Chandrasekhar, G.R.Vishwanath, E.A.S.Prasanna, Brijesh Patel, Sudhakar Rao and a few others. The National College grounds cricket match in which B.S. Chandrasekhar googly broke the bone of Vishnuvardhana then again in Central College grounds Vishnu learning lot of tips from Chandrasekhar were really unforgettable for the superstar. There are a lot of similarities between Cricket rules and the Mahabharatha ‘Kurukshetra’ war Vishnu checked out from his memory.

Vishnuvardhana decked in white dress and speaking on cricket was something like a real cricketer speaking with authority. It was a pleasure to hear. From his memory he eked out many past records, the fast bowlers of West Indies, England and Gundappa Vishwanath attacking them at KSCA grounds, the magic spell of B.S.Chandrasekhar 6 for 36 and England getting all out for 106 against India at Lords, the contribution of Karnataka State to cricket all came from Vishnuvardhana one after the other. Sitting to his left the actress Nagma, the stalwart director P.Vasu and Giri Dwarakish were all thrilled at the recollection of cricket records of Vishnuvardhana. Director P.Vasu analysis that India’s scoring pattern with other teams, how Australia fared with others gives a positive chance to India. It was worth a working.

India needs an all rounder at No.7 or 8 like South African Lance Kulsner Vishnuvardhan suddenly announced analyzing the batting line up of India. Mohammad Kaif is capable but a bowler too in him would have been something marvelous Vishnuvardhan felt the need. I would like to watch cricket in TV rather than going to stadium Vishnu answered a question.

Like all he is also confident of India’s win against Kenya in semi finals of World Cup cricket 2003 scheduled for March 20. But in the finals it is a tense situation. I keep my fingers crossed informed Vishnuvardhana.

Coming back to paying of tributes for the Karnataka players – Javagal Srinath, Anil Kumble and Rahul Dravid the three in World Cup Cricket Vishnuvardhana is contemplating on a big honor from ‘Snehaloka’ team. We may individually do it or join hands with Karnataka State Cricket Association Vishnu added.


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The literary giant in Kannada Gnanapeeth award winner the chairman of Film and Television Institute of India Dr.U.R.Ananthamurthy has urged the Prasara Bharathi to revert back to the old system of telecast in national network. In a letter written to the chairman of Prasara Bharathi Mr M.V.Kamath, he has strongly vouched for telecast of films selected for Panorama section, National awards and State award films for telecast.

The policy now being contemplated reportedly aims at restricting the National Telecast to only those films, which have won National Awards and also reducing the existing telecast honorarium by 5O%.

Further Dr. U.R.Ananthamurthy says creative filmmakers of this genre particularly those who are making Films in regional languages, are quite perturbed and agitated about this development. I understand that some of them who attended the recent International Film Festival of India (2003) at Delhi submitted a petition to Minister of State (Independent charge) for Information Broadcasting for his intervention to reverse this direction of thinking.

Regional languages films suffer from financial and infrastructural strength. The Only way open for them is reaching through National Telecast on Doordarshan . This also, helps in creating a sense of well being among different language groups, which is very important in a federal structure like ours.

Such films are mostly made on private initiatives using hard-earned money of committed individuals or small groups. Institutional supports are a few.  Making such films calls for a great deal of dedication and a certain amount of sacrifice on the part  of all those involved in such projects. Considering that, such films are the cultural assets of the nation, national institutions like Prasar Bharati should feel it their pride and duty not only to promote them through national telecast, but also prop them up through liberal telecast honorarium to help  them cover  at least a part of their costs. Only through this kind of support, a continuous flow of such films can be ensured and the tempo of this `movement’ can be sustained.

Policy change will not only hurt such films, but also weaken the cultural foundation of the nation in the long run, besides striking at the very roots of parallel cinema movement adds Dr.Ananthamurthy. 

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Sex appeal is 50% what you have got and 50% is what people think you have got. This aptly fits the sex bomb of South Indian cinema Shakeela who is known for rotund build. Her films on silver screen lead to a lot of physical exercises for the youngsters are what a leading national daily has reported. Perhaps what late Silk Smitha did not gain Shakeela has earned from her physical outlook that is tempting for the youths and budiyas. But behind this achievement of Shakeela there is a tragic tale. She has come to Bangalore to take part in her debut Kannada film ‘Mona Lisa’ directed by Indrajit Lankesh. She plays the college madam role. The film stars Dhyan and Sadha in key roles.

In a chat the hot sensation sexy Shakeela spoke at length with the media persons on Tuesday at Badami House. What was expected (the tight outfits) was missing grumbled many who thronged to the sets.

Here are some of the straightforward statements made by Shakeela. The director demands a small exposure of my upper portion and there is nothing wrong. I don’t beyond knee while exposing my legs she promptly admits.

- I am far better while exposing when compared to heroines.

- I don’t repent for having done any role.

- Those who appreciate me for my sexy build talk rubbish behind me.

- I intend to get married. It will be a love marriage. Who can search a boy for me asks Shakeela.

- I have come to this field because of utter poverty in my younger days. Now my father is running a

recreation club. I have two sisters and brothers in the house.

- I made debut in ‘Playgirl’ when I was ten years old with another sexy actress Silk Smitha.

- Being a fatso is not my mistake. It has come as a heredity.

- I have done a Kannada film earlier titled ‘16 to 60’ but it is still in the cans.

- I am not worried nor afraid to do sexy roles.

- My body build does not suit for doing heroine roles.

- I swear I have not participated in blue films. If I do so my sisters marriages are at stake.

- Many have come forward to build a fans association. I get 150 letters a day and 50 e-mails.

- Many have misbehaved with me in my earlier days. They have disturbed me mentally. I do not

want to make it big now.

- I am not interested in posh and aristocratic life like Silk Smitha. She had five bedrooms in her life.

She has not done any social service. I am not that rich now to take up social service. 


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