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The vivacious Vishnuvardhana in an exclusive telephonic chat with mega portal Chitraloka.com reacting to the honorary doctorate bestowed on him by Bangalore University disclosed that he wish to dedicate this honor to all his mentors in his life. 'I remembered my school days mentor Dr.H.Narasimhaiah' after the news came to me. This honor has increased by responsibility and my awareness has to increase. I did not aspire for any award. But my well wishers wished for this type of honor to me said Vishnuvardhana.

I was saying that `the film awards are enough for me, give it to youngsters. But when this type of non-film awards come my responsibility and my outlook to the society automatically increases opines Vishnuvardhana. I have obtained the award only because of my mentors and now the prestigious Bangalore University has given this honor to me. Dhanyosmi!

The superstar of Kannada cinema Vishnuvardhana absolutely fits into many such honors is what we at Chitraloka editorial office feel.

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'It is celebration time round the corner from one of the prestigious house of Dr.Rajkumar. The silver jubilee of their empire 'Vajreshwari Combines' and the silver jubilee run of 'Akash' starring Puneeth Rajkumar and Ramya celebration will be held soon says spokesperson of the Vajreshwari empire Raghavendra Rajkumar.

It was sometime after 150 films of my father Dr.Rajkumar my mother started the distribution office. Whe my mother asked that remuneration of you (Dr.Rajkumar) should be hiked because the family is also expanding my father objected to it. Then my mother took the decision of starting own production and distribution remembers the intelligent Raghavendra Rajkumar addressing the media at Green House restaurant on Saturday afternoon.

On the most eagerly expected Vajreshwari combines silver jubilee Raghavendra Rajkumar made it clear that the function would be held soon and all those who worked for banner in the last 25 years would be felicitated on this occasion. We have plans to invite other stars to work for our banner. Besides this there is a plan to expand the market abroad from our banner told Raghavendra Rajkumar.

Raghavendra Rajkumar also explained the birth and growth of Vajreshwari combines. In all 69 films have been made from this banner. Five of 698 have run for one year. 16 of 69 were silver jubilee hits, 29 films have completed 100 days and 18 crossed the 50 days mark.

Shivrajkumar the first son of Dr.Rajkumar said his mother is the responsible woman in his life who gave everything for him. The three state awards I have won is because of my mother's careful selection of subjects. When were were 30 cousins living under one roof my mother did not show any disparity. She is the strength for all of us. The title of our banner 'Vajreshwari Combines' aptly suits my mother he remembered. She is my lovely mother Shivanna patted his mother.

Puneeth Rajkumar also present on the occasion recalled his experience in Australia. We have plans to expand the market in Adelaide and Newzealand. Puneeth felt the need that artistes should take special initiative to promote their market abroad.


Details Of Film Produced And Distributd By Vajreshwari

No.     Film - Year  - Days


1      Mooruvare Vajragalu, 1973  - 50 Days

2      Sri Srinivasa Kalyana 1974  - 100 Days

3      Trimurthy 1975 - 100 Days

4       Sanadi Appanna 1977 - 100 Days

5       Shanka Guru  1978 - 365 Days

6        Tayige Takka Maga - 1978   - 25 weeks

7        Ravi Chandra  - 1980 - 100 days

8        Vasantha Geetha - 1980 -100

9        Havina Hede - 1981  - 100

10      Nee Nanna Gellalare  - 1981                     50

11      Baghyvantha   - 1981                    100

12      Keralida Simha   - 1981                    100

13      Hosa Belaku  - 1982                    25 weeks

14      Halu Jenu   -  1982                     27

15      Chalisuva Modagalu  - 1982                    25 weeks

16      Kavirathana Kalidasa  - 1983                    25 weeks

17      Bhaktha Prahalada   -  1983                   100

18      Yeradu Nakshatragalu  - 1983                   100

19      Samayada Gombe - 1983                   19 weeks

20      Yarivanu  - 1984                    100

21      Apoorva Sangama  -  1984                     100

22      Bettada Hoovu  - 1985                      50

23      Ade Kannu  - 1985                     50

24     Jwala Mukhi  -  1985                      100

25     Druva Tare -  1985                      100

26    Bhaghyada Lakshmi Ba - 1986                     25 weeks

27    Anuraga Aralithy  - 1986                      50 weeks

28    Anand   -  1986                     25 weeks

29    Guri   - 1986                        50

30  Ratha Saptami  -  1986                      25 weeks

31  Shruthi Seridaga  - 1987                        100

32 Vijyothsava  -  1987                          50

33 Mana Mechhida Hudugi  - 1987  -  25 weeks

34 Shiva Mechida Kannappa - 1988 -   50

35  Samyuktha - 1988   - 100

36 Devatha Manusha  - 1988  - 100

37  Chiranjivi Sudhakar  -  1988 -  50

38  Rana Ranga  - 1988  - 100

39  Nanjundi Kalyana                           1989                          365

40  Ade Raga Ade Hadu                        1989                        100

41  Parashuram                                       1989                       100

42  Inspector Vikram                               1989                       50

43  Gajaopathi Garvabhanga                   1989                     32 weeks

44    Assegobba Meesegobba                    1990                    19 weeks

45  Mruthyunjaya                                     1990                     100

46   Anukulakobba Ganda                         1990                     100

47  Aralidha Hoovugalu                             1991                     50

48  Modada Mareyalli                                1991                     50

49 Kalyana Mantapa                                  1991                   100

50  Midada Shruthi                                    1992                    100

51 Mavanige Takka Aliya                           1992                   50

52  Navibbaru Namagibbaru                      1992                   50

53Jeevana Chaitra                                       1992                    365 days

54  Barajari Gandu                                     1992                   50

55  Anurgada Alegalu                                1993                     50

56   Akasmika                                             1993                      25 weeks

57  Oda Huttidavaru                                    1994                      25 weeks

58  Om                                                         1995                    25 weeks

59  Geluvina Saradara                                1996                        50

60   Sutradara                                              1996                        50

61   Janumada Jodi                                    1996                             365

62    Swasthik                                               1998                           50

63   Tuvvi Tuvvi Tuvvi                               1998                          50

64  Hryudaya Hryudaya                               1999                        50

65   Shabhavedi                                             2000                        25 weeks

66   Appu                                                      2002                          25 weeks

67    Abhi                                                       2003                          100

68  Chigurida Kanasu                                    2003                           50

69  Akash                                                      2005                            25 weeks

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I have sung so far in my life with pure dedication and affection. The level has reached so high today that my wife comes and takes autographs from me. So far the career is so good. I am really sweating it out with a few programs says Ashwath in an exclusive chat.

The first one is 'Rangamachake Nanna Namaskara' that consist of 32 bits from various stage play songs. Second one is that of 'Baa Chakori' the films songs by SPB would be sung by me and a new perspective is given from my point of view. This album will be having 13 well appreciated songs. Next I have 'Ananda Kandha' the fourth one from my 'Bhavayana' troupe.

Another prestigious project C.Ashwath is having in mind is on the 12th century reformer in society Allamaprabhu. The vachanas of Allamaprabhu will be mixed in the western style. The composing of 21 vachanas will be costing Rs.2.50 lakhs. The album will be titled as 'Guheshwara'. This project I am planning with lot of interest says Ashwath.

I would like to make this 'Kannadave Sathya' as 'Suvarna Karnataka' on November 1st next year. It would be a concluding function. On that day 50 musicians would be felicitated. By that time there will be 56 songs in ETV channel. There has been tremendous market improvement.

On the new concept of 'Mane Manegu C.Ashwath' he says it will be taking off in December. I am charging Rs.15000 for that program and most of the amount goes to musicians who come for the function says Ashwath. My remuneration is very minimum. I have to take that amount because my wife would ask me what is the use of your profession says Ashwath.

ASHWATH JOKE - For all those who want to conduct musical evenings anywhere can contact C.Ashwath in case they are worried about rain factor. From the last few programs of C.Ashwath the rain god is also pleased. Hiding in the clouds it is also hearing Ashwath singing. What A.R.Rehman's Rs.3 crore musical evening should have done to avoid rain is that they should have invited Ashwath for one song. Rain Rain go away is the magic of Ashwath. Atleast Rehman musical evening should have had the banner of 'Kannadave Sathya' jokes Ashwath.

At Bangalore Palace and Manasa Gangotri the rain was very cooperative for Ashwath.

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"Without Vishnuvardhana I will not celebrate the one year celebration" of 'Aptha Mithra' says reputed producer, director and actor Dwarakish. In case he refuse to come there will be no function at all said Dwarakish wiping his tears at Rejoyz Auditorium on the occasion of release of the book 'Making of Aptha Mithra' on Sunday morning. He is the 'soul' of 'Aptha Mithra'. My mind does not even permit me to think of the function without Vishnuvardhana said Dwarakish.

A group of film journalists caught up with Dwarakish after the book release. He was upset. He became very emotional when the issue of one year celebration by Vishnu-Vasu was brought to his notice.

Twice patched up duo Dwarakish and Vishnuvardhana are once again in the thick of controversy. Whenever they patched up they gave super hit film. It was 'Rayaru Bandaru Mavana Manage' (that was also a remake) then and now it is 'Aptha Mithra'. Is it a trick they are planning? Kalavannu Thadeyoru Yaaru Illa Nanninda Ninna Ninninda Nanna Dooramadal Yaargu Agolla……., they have sung in 'Aptha Mithra'. Has this song lost its relevance? Are they going to come together once again? What will be chaos in the small Kannada film industry? Who is right? Who is wrong?

Excerpts of a chat that gives a mixture of affection and anger Dwarakish has towards Vishnuvardhana.

What is that I have done wrong? Let Vishnuvardhana explain. Is it wrong giving one year screening film 'Aptha Mithra'?

Is it wrong on my part to make 18 films of Vishnuvardhana? After watching Vishnu in 'Nagarahavu' it is I who said Puttannaji what a high class actor he is.

Vishnu's not even one single mythological film was made. I took him for 'Guru Shishyaru' he got a break in that also. In this film I saved Vishnu from bomb explosion.

Everyone should think for the good of industry and not indulge in petty quarrels.

What to do Shanker Nag and Sunil died in the accidents. I am not seeing much of artistes. Vishnu is apt for so many roles.

I want to do at least four films with him. Sometime I feel enough of film making.

When I went to invite Vishnu for my son's wedding I was sent out in the gate itself. Why did he do like that.

You know what happened when I went to Dr.Rajkumar residence he sat with me for three hours and discussed lot of things in my life.

Have I not paid the remuneration Vishnu asked for 'Aptha Mithra'? At this time Dwarakish son Yogish shouted that remuneration is paid in excess to Vishnuvardhana. We have cleared everyone payment later.

Vishnu told me that I should not act and I should not be anywhere near the shooting. In the yesteryears over a telephone from Chennai I booked even Vishnuvardhana for 'Indina Ramayana'. It was made in only 18 days. That was a hit.

You know what happened when Vishnu said I should not act. There was argument that I should be there. Finally I was picked from a lucky dip in front of an almighty photograph. God has never put me down.

I am in the 15th reel of my life. I cannot fight like how a villain fights in the 8th reel of the film.

When I went to discuss with him for the celebration of Aptha Mithra he said – affection, good heart, love, god etc are our children. Do not waste the money for the celebration he said. I told him cinema is my breath. He got angry.

When we asked him to come to Davanagere for promotion of the film he said what I benefit from it. He asked Rs.1 lakh payment for that visit.

Dwarakish is not interested in raking up the issues. We are very small in this industry. The industry is also very small.

By calling 200 persons Vishnuvardhana did not call me for 'Aptha Mithra' celebration at Capital Hotel. That itself explain I am strongly in his mind.

From two assistants an invitation was sent to me for Capitol Hotel function. Is it the way? What pains I have taken to make this film does he know? I have run from pillar to post – road raodgu aledhu collected money to make this film.

At 2 am I was sitting on the foot path of Prasad lab. I was like a 'bikari'. I fought with my son on shaping of this film. We have not eaten for days.

I know hunger. I was totally hungry one day – I ate two 'bondas' of Rs.5 each and drank water. That's all life. Why this ego clash? How long it should continue?

I should not take pains. One my friends who also had open heart surgery while talking he breathed last.

They have taken my child 'Aptha Mithra' for two hours and celebrated. After two or three hours the child makes ruckus it has come back to me. When the child get nature calls it is only the parents who can sustain not anyone else.

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Moustache mania has been there not in Bollywood but also in Sandalwood. Amir Khan has grown big moustache for ‘Mangal Pande’. Here in Kannada rebel star turned Member of Parliament Ambarish has grown big moustache for ‘Thandege Thakka Maga’. Director S.Narayan has built up this craze from ‘Suryavamsha’ for Vishnuvardhan and in ‘Diggajaru’ Ambarish had an artificial big moustache in the recent times. All Vishnu and S.Narayan combine films (exception to Varsha) the moustache was compulsory.

Growing a moustache is not an easy joke says Ambarish. It has to be well maintained. From last few months Ambarish has an additional job of protecting his moustache. My wife lived with my nature for 15 years and this is not a difficult matter for her says Ambarish laughingly. Meanwhile when Ambarish went to Parliament to attend the session he has got some tips and other said clear it off. Even Ambarish is also saying it is enough for moustache. .

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