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Having worked in the film industry for more than eighteen years in different capacities like assistant cameraman, associate director, co-director, writer and also in other departments, Gopi Peenya who is the best known co-director in the Kannada film industry is now becoming an independent director.

An experienced worker like Gopi Peenya is taking up the responsibility of direction quite late considering the fact that even assistants working for one or two films are now venturing into film direction immediately. Gopi has achieved so many things including assisting in a Hollywood production like "Off Shore' and has independently directed many tele serials but still could not take up direction early.

"That is because I am always independent minded and did not want to approach people on my own. I was content in doing the work allotted to me rather than scouting for producers. I thought my talents should fetch me work. Thankfully my three friends have helped me and they are now producing this film under the banner `Nenadha Creations’. They have left everything to me and said they would back me fully in this project. I am taking up a serious issue for the story, but believe me it is a hundred percent commercial film. I have space for lot of commercial ingredients in the script' says Gopi.

The story revolves around the teen aged students who make unintential mistakes to realise it later and reform. Duniya fame loose Mada original name Yogesh who is the hero in Nanda loves Nanditha film is the hero of the film. Joe Martin will be cinematographer for this film.

Kumari Hima will be doing the coreography assisted by Madan Harini. Hima had coreographed a song at the age of ten for the film Lovelavike. Though Peenya does not want to give full details about this film, he promises an entertaining fare for the audience in this film. The film go on floors from 27th March 2008.

'I am enjoying the challenges. In the hunt for freshness I am looking out for peace. From a wanderer boy status I have grown up in Peenya with a BA degree certificate. Today I have procured work satisfaction. I am quite comfortable in life. And this new film is a big challenge to me. I hope to achieve a greater degree appreciation and success through this film' adds Gopi.

'Reaching the target is my first and foremost importance. With not much of seriousness I involve everyone without pressurizing. I give a feeling that in the work everyone needs my presence. I look after the variety of importance so accurately. I always like to work in the morning where the freshness is very good. I think team work is the most important factor that ensures a good product and success' feels Gopi.

Gopi had worked with Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar in many films starting from . Undu Hodha Kondu Hodha to Nanna Preethiya Hudugi and most of serials which came in the name of Nagathi. He continued to work with Nagathi till around six hundred episodes of 'Vataara'.  Gopi was a hard working professional and had involved himself totally in his projects. 'I have worked day and night gained work experience and systematic approach' says Gopi.

'Cauvery and Punya are my best serials.. I have got good memories from it even today. How it got immersed in the minds of the viewers is something remarkable' says Gopi.


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All eyes are were waiting for the release of 'Manasugala Maathu Madhura'. Though nobody had any high expectations over the film, but all eyes are fixed on Haripriya the heroine of the film.

Because Haripriya is one heroine in the recent days who has been in the news irrespective of right or wrong reasons. Not many artistes get offers before their debut film is released. But Haripriya is one heroine who has two more films in her kitty and lot more offers even her debut film is released.

Among the three films, where Haripriya has acted as a heroine, 'Manasugala Maathu Madhura' which was released last week, 'Vasantha Kaala' is gearing up for release and the third one opposite Vijay 'Mukhyamantri I Love You' is under production. Haripriya says all the three films are completely different from each other. She has high hopes particularly on 'Mukhyamantri I Love you'. 'For the first time I play a bureacratic role in the film. I have accepted the film just because of Ravi sir' says Haripriya.

She doesn't know the answer for what next? question. It seems Haripriya has been hearing stories one after the other. But says she is not contented with the way they have turned up. 'I have rejected at least 15-20 offers just because of poor scripts. I want to act in performance oriented roles. I just don't want to do touch and go type of roles. That's why I have been very choosy in selecting. I am giving more prominence to story, screenplay, director and the banner.

I want to earn a good name in the industry. I just don't want to do each and every role that come in my way' says Haripriya.

Apart from the popularity she is gaining, Haripriya has also carved a niche for herself among the gossip-mongers. Though her second and third film were smooth sailing, her debut film 'Manasugala Maathu Madhura' was not all easy for her. There were rumours that Haripriya is having an affair with her co-star Anand. Just before she came back from the shock, director Manju Maskalmatti accused her for not being punctual on sets and not behaving properly.

Haripriya rubbishes all these allegations.

'I have nothing to do with Anand. He is just a good friend of mine. 'MMM' was a debut film for both of us. We had been good friends during the time of shoot. And there is nothing beyond that. But I read somewhere that we both are having an affair. It was really shocking. I couldn't do something like that. Just before I came out of the situation, the director accused me for not behaving properly. There was a slight misunderstanding which we have solved it out. I have decided to be very careful in the future. I just don't want to spoil my name in these rumours. I have come to the industry to carve a good name for myself and I am concentrating only on that' says Haripriya.

Haripriya doesn't want to concentrate on who her competitor is. But says that she wants to be the Aishwarya Rai of Kannada film industry.

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Golden Star Ganesh says that he is extremely happy that he has married his friend whom he was seeing for more than two years. "I am enjoying every moment of my post marriage celebrations and feel relieved that the entire world now knows that I have married Shilpa. The nervousness and anxiety part is over and now both me and Shilpa have decided to move over. Shilpa is my girl and I am now her husband. We had lot of respects to each other and now the mutual respect has increased' says Ganesh.

"We have decided to bury the past and look for the future. As much as I knew everything about her, she also knew everything about me. We started off with lot of transparency and understanding' says Ganesh.

Ganesh has not yet decided on his Honeymoon yet. "Let me finish my present commitment first as Rockline sir has obtained call sheets of many top stars. I should not disturb their plans. I plan to take Shilpa to shootings if she likes it. Anyway we have not decided over these things, and the only thing that is in my mind is that I am with Shilpa all the times' says Ganesh.

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The Police are lacking professionalism these days accuses former police officer and politician Abdul Azeem. He was talking with the media persons during the launch of a new film called 'Nishedajne', where he is playing powerful role along with Adi Lokesh and Priyanka.

When asked about whether terrorism exists in Karnataka, Abdul Azeem said, 'It is a vast subject. I am no more a Police officer. I have retired from the service now. I must not know without knowing enough facts. Some in the Police department are doing the exact thing. It's not proper enough to talk before the case is fully investigated. It's not wise to leak facts before the case is concluded. This all happens because the Police are lacking professionalim these days' says Abdul Azeem.

This is the first first time that the ex-Police officer will be seen on screen. Before this, he says he had got quite few offers. 'I had got some offers previously also. But I had rejected them due to unknown reasons. I was supposed to act in Ravi Srivatsa's 'Deadly Soma'. But I had some objections regarding the film, because I killed Soma in an encounter. But Ravi Srivatsa wanted to change the climax and make Soma live in the end. I raised my objections about it. I even warned them that they must not use my name in the film if they change the climax. Finally, they changed the climax but I did not wish to be a part of that film. This film particularly deals with communal harmony. I sincerely wanted to express my concerns about communal harmony.

That's what made me accept this role and film' says Abdul Azeem. Abdul Azeem says he had only desire in life, that is becoming a Home Minister. 'I have only one desire of becoming a Home Minister. I am a most deserving man for that post. I have been the best investigating officer and I have been an honest officer while in service. Now even after entering politics I have remained honest. I am not even taking any remuneration for this film. Nor using this film as a vehicle for politics. Former H D Devegowda promised me that about making me the Home Minister. But before that the Government crashed' says Abdul Azeem.

Azeem says that even though he becomes the Home Minister, he will work efficiently within his limitations. 'I know its very difficult to retain honesty even after becoming a Home Minister. But still I will work effectively with all the limitations. Corruption is hampering the process of development of nation. I know Corruption starts from top to bottom. I will see to it that I work as much as effeciently as before' concluded Abdul Azeem.

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Kannada film industry's well known cinematographer H.M. Ramachandra has finished working in Malayalam film Andiponvettam (golden rays of twilight) which was shot in many places of Kerala. A. Narayanan who is the former alumni of film institute is the director of this film. A. Narayanan and Ramachandra studied together in the film institute. Arun, Saiju kurup are the lead artists of the film. `This is film made in a commercial format’ says Ramachandra who is busy shooting day and night for the film in Kerala. At present Ramachandra is shooting for Kodlu Ramakrishna movie at Thirthalli Ramachandra who has recently worked for T.N. Seetharam directed `Meera Maadhava Raaghava' says that he works according to the needs of a director and the script. `I can only work with the materials and instruments given to me. Even if the script and narration demands a particular type of cinematography, the decision has to be taken by the director of the film. The director's interpretation will be followed by me' says Ramachandra.

In the film Dweepa, Ramachandra chose soft lights only because the film needed cloudy and gloomy ambience. Director Girish Kasaravalli wanted to have such an ambience.

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