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Shruthi’s marriage episode has taken another dimension. She will be marrying journalist Chakravarthy, who is also the director of the film Januma which is produced by Anekal Balaraj. Speaking to chitraloka from Tirupathi Chakravarthy said `I was in love with Shruthi from past one year. But for the break up of Shruthi – Mahender I am not the reason’ .
Chakravarthy was earlier known as Chandrachud. He has been married and is having a six year old daughter. Chakravarthy said `Mine and my wife problem will be solved very soon since we are not having good understanding. But in Shruthi divorce case it may take one year. After that we will get married. Yesterday we came to Tirupathi to get the blessing of the god. Shruthi had come with her mother and I have come here with my relatives. Intially we had to plan to exchange the garland in the temple but the rush here we could not do anything. Since I was a journalist earlier I don’t want to hide anything. Rockline Venkatesh and Munirathna have come here for Kalyanotsava pooja for their newly wed couple. Malur MLA, S.N. Krishnaiah Shetty has also come here for the pooja. With his help we could manage to get lord darshan easily.
Probably from this the news has been come out there. Otherwise it would not have reached. During the last Shruthi election campaign I was with her. I know how the people will be there when a celebrity like Shruthi goes for campaigning. I was there to protect her. Incidentally Shruthi and Chakravarthy mobile number ends with 7373. When pointed this to him he said smiling `I got this number to her. From past two months Shruthi is using this number.

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Where is Manomurthy? That's one question that every music lover has naturally. Because after giving some memorable songs and being at the peak of the career, Manomurthy is nowhere to be seen nor none of the films he has composed music for has been released in the last few months. Chitraloka.com exclusive chats with the music director about his disappearance. Inspite of giving so many hits, Manomurthy is nowhere to be seen in Kannada film industry these days. Why? Actually speaking, it's nothing like that. Four of my films are awaiting for release. Among that 'Januma Janumadallu' and 'Olave Jeevana Lekkachaara' was completed long back. I think the producers are scared of the recent box-office fate and is waiting for the right time to release. 'Male Barali Manju Irali' faced some financial crunch and now they have come out of it and getting the film ready for release. As for as 'Mansaare' is concerned I am half through with it. I haven't seen a release after 'Haage Summane'. But I have been doing the same thing all these time. These year all these four films will get released after which I will start accepting new projects. I have not gone anywhere and I will be here for sometime.

You had to struggle for more than 10 years to make a mark in the industry. Now that you are the most sought after music director, don't you think your absence will hamper your future prospects?

I don't think the listener have forgotten me. There is a big slowdown in the industry. The people have not only fortgotten me but a lot more others also. I have heard that the celebrity craze among the viewers have gone down to some extent. Even the producers are scared of releasing their movies or start new movies. They have the money, but I think they are waiting for the right opportunity.

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Bangalore girl Priyamani who has just signed her first Kannada film Raam in which she is paired with top star Puneet Raj Kumar has been busy ever since she won National award for her performance in Tamil film Paruthi Veeran. Her busy schedules did not allow her to sign any Kannada film so far, but now she has been able to sign a huge expected project.

And she is bound to make waves in Bollywood also as she has signed Manirathnam directed Bilingual film Raavana.

After Asin and Genelia, it’s Priyamani’s turn to make waves in Bollywood. The National award winning actress has been roped in by Mani Ratnam for his much-talked about bilingual venture Ravana. The actress describes working with the ace director as a dream come true. “I met him on my way to Goa for the International film festival two years ago. He had congratulated me for my performance in Paruthi Veeran at that point. Then one fine day, when I was working in Bengaluru, I got a call from Madras Talkies informing me that Mani sir wanted to meet me. I rushed to meet him and on hearing the script of Ravana, I said yes,” Priyamani gushes.

In the movie, she shares screen space with the Bachchan couple, Abhishek and Aishwarya, apart from Vikram. “Abhishek brings the sets to life with his pranks. He is great fun and a powerhouse of energy. But the moment he is summoned for his shot, he transforms into a no-nonsense professional. Working with him has been a great learning experience,” she quips,adding that she hasn’t yet worked with. Ask her about the role, and Priyamani cleverly evades the question. “I am not allowed to talk about it now,” she says, but not before giving us a couple of hints. “It is a performance-oriented role and a pivotal character. The entire story takes place because of this one character. I like to play negative roles, and I had blast,” she says. The recent spate of success stories of girls from south in Hindi film industry she says, “After Sridevi, Jaya Prada and Hema Malini for a long time nobody from south it big in Bollywood. This is because the north does not accept people from south. This may be because they don’t identify with them. But our girls have changed all that. They have proved that they are on par with north Indians. They are talented and beautiful.”

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Tamil film director Murugadoss who made a big foray into Bollywood with his debut film Aamir Khan starrer Ghajini in Hindi is now finding a suitable subject to direct a film with Shah Rukh Khan.

"Yes, I am working on a subject. I had a meeting with Shar Rukh Khan once when I discussed a story line with him. But frankly nothing has been finalised. We are still to meet many a times before a final decision has to be taken' says Murugadoss whose Ghajini became a big block buster hit last year raking in nearly Rs. 250 crores.

Murugadoss was the Chief Guest at the Muhurath of the Kannada film "Suryakanthi' directed by state award winning director Chaithanya. He also directed the first shot of the film. Chaithanya had earlier directed the much appreciated Aa Dinagalu which became a big hit last year. Chethan who was introduced in Aa Dinagalu is paired with Tamil actress Regina in this new film.

Murugadoss who has directed three Tamil films Dheena, Ramana, Ghajini in Tamil and Telugu film Stalin with Mega Star Chiranjeevi said that he had only retained the soul of Ghajini for the Hindi remake and made several changes. All his five films so far have been big hits to take him to the position as country's top film director.

"I watched the film Memento before writing the script of Ghajini. But one thing I have to emphasize here is that the characterisation of the hero was changed after I saw Memento. In my original script I had made the hero as a handicapped person after sustaining injuries. But I had changed it and included the memory loss syndrome after seeing Memento' says Murugadoss.

Talking about the making of his first Hindi film, Murugadoss said that several rounds of discussion with Aamir Khan had helped him create a different type of script. "You can see the change of ambience, change of narration in the Hindi Ghajini. I could not have made a frame to frame remake of the film. I agreed with Aamir Khan that the climax had to be changed. And his suggestions were really helpful in adding up many valuable commercial elements in the film.

Aamir Khan is a brilliant actor and a director' said Murugadoss. 37 year old Murugadoss is a graduate from the Bharathidas University said that he writes his own scripts and his reading and interacting with different personalities help him in writing the story line. "Many a times a climax sequence or the interval block will be a starting point for writing a good script' says Murugadoss.

"Hindi film industry is a big market. The budgets are huge and we will have freedom to narrate the film in a big span. I would like to direct one more Hindi film now and then return to make South Indian films' says Murugadoss who expressed his desire to direct a Kannada film also.

"A director should have a world view. His vision can not be limited when he takes up different type of films. I am interested to know many things and would like to do more research whenever I intend to work with innovative concepts' said Murugadoss.

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Tamil Super Star Rajnikanth says that it is his life time ambitionto play the role of Dalavaayi Muddanna, the cruel and ruthless ruler of Chithradurga who had conspired with his brothers to throw out the ruling Palegar. Dalavaayi Muddanna's character has been fantastically portrayed in Ta.Ra.Su's historical novel Raktha Rathri and Tirugubaana.

"I have read the novel written by Ta.Ra.Su. The characterisation of Muddanna is brilliant in the novel. When I was reading the novel, I was dreaming that one day play the role of Muddanna. But my desire has remain unfulfilled even today. I hope some day I would play this role' said Rajnikanth.

Rajnikanth has also endorsed the view of his colleague and rival Kamal Hassan that art and politics should not be mixed as art is a cool pushkarini and politics is a cesspool of blood.

Rajnikanth was present in a felicitation function organised by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Monday much to the satisfaction of the Kannada film industry personalities who were disappointed over his absence on the inaugural day celebrations.

Rajnikanth was conspicious by his absence on the inaugural day celebration of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations of the Kannada film industry held on Sunday night. He had agreed to take part in the inaugural function and his name was even printed in the Invitation card.

Rajni's absence had come as a huge disappointment to thousands of his fans who had gathered in the Palace ground function in large numbers. However the Super Star made up his absence by participating in the second day's most important programme of felicitating 108 personalities who had contributed to the growth of the Kannada film industry.

Another well known artist Prakash Raj who had his initial moorings in the Kannada film industry, Dancer-Actor Prabhudeva were also present in the felicitation function along with Rajnikanth.

Rajnikanth himself felicitated Kannada film industry's Super Star Dr. Vishnuvardhan with whom he had acted in nearly five Kannada films. Later Dr. Vishnu had also acted with Rajnikanth in the Tamil film "Vidudhalai' produced by actor Balajee. Rajni said that the artists of the Kannada and Tamil film industries are like brothers and their relationship should not be threatened by the political developments that develop between the two states.

Rajnikanth also advised the Kannada film industry to lean more towards Kannada literature. "There were many films based on some fine novels and stories which were made earlier. I have enjoyed many of the films like Chandavalliya Thota, Sandhya Raaga, Karuneye Kutumbadha Kannu, Chakra Theertha which were based on some famous Kannada novels.

But these days I dont see many films based on Novels. I think it would be better if films based on good literary works are made in Kannada' said Rajni.

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