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Glamorous actress Arati Chabria has now signed a new film with Darshan. The film is a remake of Telugu Hit Shouryam which is being produced by Gangadhar, Venkatesh and Basavaraju who had earlier made Geleya. The film is being directed by Sadhu Kokila.

Though Arati's films have done well in Kannada, she has not been much in demand in Kannada film industry in proportion to the success he holds. Her first film Aham Premasmi directed by Ravichandran might not have equaled the expectations it had created, but the collections in the opening week was awesome. The same thing could be said of Arati’s second film Santha. Now, Arati has returned to act in Rajani in which she acts with Super Star Upendra. Rajani is all set to release on September 18, the birth day of Super Star Upendra.

Arati is quite excited about her work in the film Rajani directed by Thriller Manju. “I had a terrific experience working in a film like Rajani which is an out and out entertainer with lot of glamour and action. Frankly I think it is my best role so far in Kannada films. I have always performed better in Kannada films. Even though I am proficient in Hindi, I have always found my dialogue delivery to be not so perfect for the roles I play. But in Kannada I have to mug my dialogues, but still I would be able to understand the meaning of dialogues and express it much better. I always try to adapt to the character that I play and select the attires that suit my character. Ravichandran sir helped me by projecting me ravishingly on screen in my first Kannada film’ says Arati.

Talking about the different type of roles that she has acted in films, Arati says she is much comfortable in doing non prototype roles. ‘As an actor I want to play different kind of films.

The roles that I have performed so far have different shades. The character that I play in my first film Aham Premasmi was that of a college girl and while in my second film Santha, I had  to portray a grey character. But I am happy that my character in both the films was accepted by the audience and the films became a big hit. I am now looking for working with bigger stars like Upendra and Darshan. Though my first two films were message oriented films, I have been working in Hatke type of entertaining films now. This change will also help me to do diversified roles’ says Arati.


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Glamorous actress Nidhi Subbaiah was present during the audio release function of her next release Krishna Nee Late Aagi Baro directed by Mohan. Though she had scored with her glamour quotient in her previous film Chamkaayisi Chindi Udaayisi, she was not at all seen

in the promotional press meets and the recently held success meet of the film. Nidhi is placing high hopes on her next venture Krishna Nee Late Aagi Baro directed by

Mohan in which she is paired with actor Ramesh Arvind. She plays a deglamourised role in the film though she has to show add some glamour quotient of the film for the songs. “I am confident about this film. It is a hundred percent fun film for the entire family and I am sure that this film would be lapped up by the family audience’ says Nidhi.

Though Nidhi is little unhappy about not being invited to press meets of Chamakaayisi, she seems to be happy that she was well appreciated for her dare bare songs in the film. "I have decided to forget about the whole unsavory incidents and think ahead of brighter things in my career' says Nidhi. Nidhi has not signed any film yet, but she is getting some offers now.

She has decided to wait till the release of her next film Krishna Nee Late Aagi Baro “I don’t want to loose sleep just because I was not invited to this function. I really can not understand why the producer and director of the film are unhappy with me. I think that they were little unhappy with my interview in the media that I was not comfortable doing the beach song sequence in Bangkok. I had clarified the matter with the film’s producer Sreeenivas as soon as this interview appeared and told that I had not given such statements to the press.

I was happy that Sreenivas also understood my point of view and said such things always happen in the industry. But I find that I have not been part of the press conferences organised by the team later. I think Komal has a problem and he was hurt by those statements that I have purported to have made in the interview. I can not help it if my clarifications are not accepted. I am happy that I have been part of a film which was well appreciated. I also got some good reviews from the media which has really excited me’ says Nidhi Subbaiah.

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Kannada actress Umashri who has won the Best Actress National award for her performance in the film Gulabi Talkies says that the entire credit for her winning the National award has to go to Girish Kasaravalli, the director of the film. Umashri has won her first Best Actress National Award. Umashri has already won the Best Actress State Award for the same film from the Karnataka Government.

"I did not act in this film hoping for an award. The call from Girish Kasaravalli was enough for me to accept the offer. I did not think of anything else and just said yes. I did not know my role in the film, the background of the role or the number of days I had to work in the film. I just went to the shooting spot without accepting any thing. I was so excited to feel that I was part of a film directed by Girish Kasaravalli'. I am thankful for the producer Basanth Kumar Patil for giving me the chance to act in his film said Umashri.

"Girsh had watched me in some of my films and many plays. He had even appreciated my performance in much acclaimed plays like Odalaala and others. But I never had an opportunity to work with Girish sir so far. Gulabi Talkies was my first film with me. Oh, What an opportunity I thought. But I did not think this would fetch a National and State Award for me' says Umashri.

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'I am really elated. I had got three awards so far, but all the awards were in the category of Best supporting actor. Even in the beginning of my career, I got a National award for my performance in Iruvar directed by Manirathnam. After a few years, my performance in Anthapuram directed by Krishnavamshi fetched me my second National award . The National award jury gave me a special award for my performance in Tamil film Daya and Telugu film Khadgam. I think this award is special for me as I have got my first Best Actor award in the film' says Prakash Rai who is known as Prakash Raj in Tamil and Telugu films.

Prakash Rai has been receiving numerous congratulatory messages for his first Best Actor National award. Getting awards has not been a rare event in his career so far. He has got numerous awards for his brilliant performance in films. He has got three National awards so far, and this Best Actor National award is another prestigious addition to his number of awards. In his illustrious career, Prakash Rai has performed many top class roles, but Kancheevaram was something special, he says.

'I have to first tell you that I did work in a film in Kancheevaram mainly because I wanted to respect myself as an actor. Normally, actors do not get such roles in their career. I have been very lucky in that respect. Priyan handled each sequence of the film with a touch of perfection' Prakash Rai adds.

Prakash Rai credits Kancheevaram director Priyadharshan to the two awards for the film including that for the Best film.

'I will fully credit Priyadharshan not only for this award but for the entire film as such. The film has got the Best Film National award also. For a director of his stature, Priyan showed an exemplary patience in taking up such a great project. Priyan had many successful hits behind him, but the commitment he had.

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Actor-Director Upendra is still to complete the script of his new film he has announced recently. Upendra will be returning to his directorial work in this film-many years since his H2O was released. Though Upendra has chosen a symbol as his title, many of his fans and people in the industry are guessing on their own and branding the film with different titles as Super and Bombat . The symbol is that of the hand where the Index finger and the thumb form a close circle. Keeping Symbols as titles is not new to Upendra who had titled his earlier directorial ventures with Symbols of OM and A.

Upendra says that the script is not yet ready and he is in the final stage of completing the script work. “I know that expectations among the Kannada film fans have been on the rise ever since the advertisement about my new film has been published. That aspect really frightens me. I am taking extra care to see that every thing is perfectly gelled in the script. Now, I think it may take twenty to twenty five days to complete the script work. I am now presently focused on the script work and I will take up selecting the cast and technical crew only after the script is completed’ says Upendra.

How is that many rumors are floating about the film and some reports have even appeared in a section of the press about the film? ‘I don’t know how a couple of journalists got to know of my new film for which I have only given one advertisement. I have not revealed anything about the film and would like to reiterate that the titles of the film as mentioned in a few newspapers are speculative. Many articles that are seen in the media and the blogs have been too speculative’ says Upendra.

Upendra says that he has not yet zeroed on the technical crew including the cinematographer or the music director. “I want to complete my writing work and planning first. Since I would be writing the lyrics and dialogues of the film, I need to get things right Upendra has completed his work for the film Rajani produced by Ramu Enterprises and directed by Thriller Manju. Two songs were recently shot for the film which is slated for released on his birthday this year (September 18) which falls on Friday. Another big film Bhimoos Bang Bang Kids is also ready for release and the film’s producer and director S.V. Rajendra Singh Babu is making elaborate plans for a big publicity drive of the film. Another much awaited film of Upendra is Srimathi in which his wife Priyanka is returning to act in Kannada films after a long time. Celina Jeithley is playing another important role in this film. The shooting of the songs of the film has to be completed.


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