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Multi talented personality Upendra is hugely excited about his next release Aakarshaka for which major portions of the shoot has been completed and only song picturisation is pending.  He says that Aarakshaka which is being directed by well known director P.Vasu based on his own story and script is one of the most unique and  interesting script he has heard in his career as an actor.

" When I heard the entire script for the first time I was carried away by the film's strong climax which reveals all the mystery elements in the story.  But even while shooting of the film, I frequently used to ask Vasu sir many questions which were answered by him patiently.  I think the uniqueness of the script lies in the fact that it is fresh with lot of novelty elements,  Sometimes I feel that the script is tailor made for me'  says Upendra.

Upendra was speaking at a press meet of the film Aarakshaka organised by the film's producer Krishna Prajwal who had earlier made Dr. Vishnuvardhan's 200th film Aaptha Rakshaka which became the biggest block buster of the Kannada film industry. Upendra along with several dancers was shooting for a song sequence of the film in Kamalammana Gundi in Mahalakshmi Layout.   The press meet was held during the Lunch Break on Monday.    5 Star Ganesh was choreographing this song for which Upendra had written the lyrics.  Guru Kiran is the music director. Upendra also said that it has just become a habit for film makers  to describe their film as different, but in reality it is Aarakshaka's script that can match the description of being different.  Vasu sir has written the script quite intelligently to create lot of curiosity in the proceedings, said Upendra.

P.Vasu said that though he had not written the script keeping Upendra in mind, he has incorporated  some  changes while shooting for the film considering Upendra's  stong USP elements like using his body language perfectly to suit the mood of the sequence and  his unique style of dialogue delivery.

"The script's effectiveness would be seen in its climax sequence where the viewers are sure to clap and go happilly from the theatres.   The film has lot of opportunities for Upendra to give his best performance and indeed  the actor has used the script to his best advantage' said Vasu.

Actress Raagini who is  one of the two heroines in the film was also present during the press conference,  though she was not part of the shooting.  Infact she had come straight to the shooting spot from the shooting venue of  Shivaraj Kumar starrer Shiva directed by Om Prakash Rao which was being shot in Bengaluru Palace.  Using the adjective

"Wonderful' as many as twenty times, she described her experience of working in the film, director P.Vasu,  hero Upendra, producer Krishna Prajwal and many things concerned with the film as Wonderful.

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 "I am really tensed' says Deepa Sannidhi who will have two back to back releases  Sarathy and  Paramathma in the next two weeks. Deepa is lucky enough to be paired with two big stars of the Kannada film industry- Puneet Raj Kumar and Darshan- in Paramathma and Sarathi respectively.

 Though the feed back from both Dinakar Toogudeepa and Yogaraj Bhat about her acting capabilities have been positive and satisfying, Deepa has been quite apprehsive about her two releases. Incidentally in both these films, Deepa is playing the roles which is quite different from her real life persona.  Deepa plays the role of a  quarrel some chatter box, which was perfected by former actress Late Manjula in her heydays.   But Manjula was like that in real life also.

In Paramathma also she plays the role of  a trouble shooter most of the time.

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Multilingual actress says that the decision of the Kannada film producers association to ban her from acting in Kannada films for three years is grossly unjust and unfair.  She said she has been shocked after hearing such one sided decision  of the KFPA which has not given her an opportunity to explain her version.  

"Can any one show a solid proof that I had an affair with Darshan.  How can they say that I played a role in the marital discord in Darshan's family as alleged by KFPA President Munirathna in his press briefing without any substantiative proof.  Darshan is a co=star and nothing more than that.   Darshan ji and Vijay are two of my friends in the industry.  But  being friendly does not mean that I  have been responsible for the storm in Darshan's marital life.  I am also shocked that the KFPA has not given me an opportunity to be heard.  This is against the principal of natural justice' said Niktiha.  

Nikitha says that she would certainly explain her version to the Producers Association and also ask Ms. Vijayalakshmi who was her dear friend till recently as why she chose to name her in a police complaint. 

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Munirathna has said that the launch of his new film starring Super Star  Upendra  was postponed mainly because of  the Pithru Paksha which has already started and will be concluding on September 27. Ramya has been selected as the heroine of this film while Sadhu Kokila is the director.

"I am sure to launch my film on October 6 which will be the day of Vijayadhashami or  a few days earlier depending on my convenience and a  divine muhurath time.  I had announced that the new film will be launched on September 18, the birthday of  Upendra.  I should have made a Pooja before the Pithru Paksha, but some how Upendra was in outdoor shoot in Mysore and could not come to Bengaluru even for a day.  He was busy shooting for two of his films.   The story, screen play is ready and Upendra will be writing the dialogues of the film' said Munirathna.

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Talented actress Radhika Pandit who has pocketed most prestigious awards for her fantastic performance in a few films she has acted including the prestigious state award says that  she is just getting the remuneration that she deserves and she is not demanding more remuneration.

"I dont think I have been unfairly demanding an excess remuneration which I dont deserve.  Infact I have reduced my remuneration package for several of my producers and directors whenever they have told me to do so. Even now I think my remuneration is just and I am not asking for more.  Infact many people in the industry say that I am not demanding remuneration that I deserve and I should be more assertive.

But I am not like that and I have always tried to be as much co-operative as possible.  If some people are spreading rumours that I am demanding high remuneration, they should give specific instances. I have worked for more number of days for many of my fims that I have worked so far  though I was told to work for lesser number of days while offering advances.  I have not been paid excess amounts for these extra days of hard work I had put in' said Radhika Pandit. Radhika Pandit said it was painful to see that many number of people are complaining when a Kannada heroine asks for a little more remuneration after  proving  her abilities on screen, while some other imported heroines enjoy huge benefits despite their irritations like not giving call sheets whenver required and demanding lot of comfirts.

 "I have not asked for more any time to any producer, I will always be on time and I have not let anybody to complain on my dates.  I have worked even when I was having temparature to complete the shooting schedules in time.  I also find many of  friends in the industry doing the same. But still the Kannada heroines are targeted.   I think it is a misconception to say that I am asking for a high remuneration package.   People should also see the quality of work.   I was very happy today because every one connected to Sagar including the film's villain Dev Gill appreciated my work.   Ramu, Sridhar sir, Prajwal have all said that I had put in lot of efforts to my role.  I think that is the most satisfying experience to any artist' said  Radhika

Pandit who remained the main attraction in the  press meet of  Saagar.

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