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Multilingual actress Nikitha Thukral says that she wants to be known as a strong and positive minded girl than being a weak personality who is afraid to face bottlenecks and challenges in life. Nikitha was speaking to media persons during the last day of shoot for her Kannada film "Gauri Puthra' directed by Manju Maskal Matti. The film is a remake of the Tamil Hit "Raman Thediya Seethai' which had Cheran and Vimala Raman in the lead.  Nikitha is playing the role which was originally essayed by Vimala Rama. Nagashekhar, Smitha are the other artists of the film.

It was the last day's shooting for "Gauri Puthra' which was being shot in Manchanabele Dam with Akshay and Nikitha participating in the song sequence.

'There is no point in rewinding or unwinding the past as whatever has happened has happened.  I have emerged more stronger from the past occurrences and I am now moving forward.  My career has taken posiive strides. I have signed a big Tamil film with Karthi in the lead,  a new Telugu film with Allari Naresh, just finished my work for "Gauri Puthra' and I am in the process of signing a new Kannada film' said Nikitha.

"Yes, I did face many problems and I was unfairly targeted. But thankfully I did not have a pessimistic attitude which had helped me. Now, I have become mentally stronger and I have a postiive frame of mind.   I did get upset with the ban decision, but see today I don

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Dr. Suri had made a debut as a director through Lucky produced by Radhika Kumaraswamy with Yash and Ramya in the lead roles. The first three days collections in the theatres and the audience response has been overwhelming for him, says Dr. Suri who had assisted a top director like Prakash in  films like Gokula.

"I have been to many theatres in Bengaluru starting from the first show of the film at Sagar.  The response has been uniform and audience are laughing at the same sequence, dialogue in all the theatres.  I have not seen a different type of reaction in any theatres.  The song situations are viewed with lot of appreciation and I have found most of the people are glued to their seats during the song sequences.  The dialogues, the performances, background score have been liked extremely in this film' says Dr. Suri.

"I am given to understand that collections have been uniform in all the cntres where the film is released.   In Davanagere the collections have surpassed our own expectations.  I am told many of Yash's previous films have also run well.  I am curious to know how the film fares from Monday' says Dr. Suri.

Dr. Suri plans to visit some theatres outside Bengaluru with the film's hero Yash and other technicians of the film in the next week.

Suri says that all the reviews were eye openers to him. "I read all the reivews. I think these reviews are honest and have reflected the strengths and weaknesses of the film perfectly.  I will surely learn from these reviews and try to improve upon in the next time' says Dr. Suri.

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Prasad of Samarth Ventures who is laughing all the way to Bank  as his second distribution venture "Chingaari' is breaking the collection records in the Box office.

He says on Sunday the second week, there was a live telecast of the tri series match between India and Australia  and the CCL match between Karnataka Bulldozers and Chennai Rhinos team, but Chingaari recorded houseful collections every where.

"The first week collections is gross Rs. 6.5 crores and we are close to collect  Rs. 5 crores  deducting Rent and otehr expenses.   We released the film in over 180 theatres and in the second week, the film is still running in over 150 theatres. I think this sort of huge response for the film will ensure a bigger share for the distributor and hope to collect my investment by the third week.  I hope third week will be the same as we are getting additional Holiday for Mahashivarathri festival' says Prasad.

Prasad his idea of releasing the film in more number of  theatres was an extension of what he had learnt from the Stock Exchange operations. Being a leading broker from the Stock Exchange, we apply this idea of reverse integration.  The idea of releasing the film in main theatres in the beginning and allowing the films to get released in the towns and moffusils at a later date would have attracted a risk factor.

Therefore I decided to release the film in maximum number of theatres to extract the best collections from the theatres. Thankfully the state of the art digital  technology has also helped us in releasing in more number of theatres in lesser costs as the prints cost has been considerably reduced now. I think we may have to follow this process of  reverse integration in case of  all prime films' says Prasad who hints that his next  lined up film  "Bheema Theeradhalli' of Vijay and

"Anna Bond' of Power Star Puneet Raj Kumar will be released in the same way.

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Well known Tamil film actor and director Cheran who directed many classic films like "Autograph' is of the opinion that film stars should not play cricket matches. Director Cheran who was speaking at the audio release function of the film Malaipozhudin Mayakkathile opined that if all the actors concentrate on playing cricket, there would be nobody left to cast in movies. Cheran also requested this  issues to be sorted out soon. “I pray my ancestors for a quick solution because I do not pray to God,” he mentioned.

Tamil film industry feels that the way the TRP's are increasing for the CCL matches, it is definite that the matches will eat out big revenues accuring to the   film industry as the mateches are being played on Saturday and Sunday, when big Holiday Crowd are visiting the theatres.

Can the Kannada film industry personalities give their feed back on Cheran's statement?

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It would be too difficult to get Bewitching beauty  Aindrita on phone these days.  You can best hear the ringtones of  "Nee Mohisu' song of "Parijatha' which she has liked so much that she is eagerly awaiting to see the audience reaction for this song.    Andy is seeing this film FDFS at Kapali theatre where the producers have taken many test screening of the songs and sequences of the film.

The glam doll who is busy wrapping up her shooting for her film "Rajanikanth' directed by Pradeep Raj and starring Vijay in the lead is quite excited about the release of her forthcoming film. Parijaatha' which is hitting the screens this friday. Andy was busy promoting her film in all the television and music channels for the last two days and has been quite happy about the way the producers Paramesh and Prem have projected the film before its release.

"The film has come out very well.  The reaction so far from a few people who have watched the film has been awesome.  They have appreciated the entire film and not in bit and pieces.  As for my on screen chemistry with Diganth, it is all evident in the publicity posters too'  says Andy.

"I am as curious as you are to see the reactions to the film.  It is a thoroughly enjoyable film and I am sure the audience would be in splits watching the film.   I think young lovers will like the film the most.   It is a perfect gift for the Valentine's day, as we are releasing the film just a few days before the momentous  day' says Aindrita.

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