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Actor Kicha Sudeepa says that he  can not answer all the controversies surrounding him on daily basis as it would need him to be  part of interviews in every channel and newspaper.   He was speaking to a private channel in an interview.

Answering a question about the withdrawal of  Deepa Sannidhi after being selected to be part of the film Bachchan,  Sudeep said that he had no hand in it.  "When the whole story was re-narrated to him he asked director Shashank whether he had intimated Deepa Sannidhi of the changes in the story as she was booked much earlier and the final story had not taken its present shape. Then I think Shashank and Deepa Sannidhi discussed with each other and mutually arrived at a decision. And that's it.  It was not my decision to select her in the first place.  This is true in the case of  any of the heroines of the film' says Sudeep.

"I have not interacted much with Deepa Sannidhi,  But I know she is very decent girl.  I have watched her in a few films like Janoo and she is good as a performing artist.  I dont have anything against Deepa, but I really want her to do best of roles' said Sudeepa. 

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The Eega press conference held in Bengaluru to promote the film and announce the release date turned out to be an exercise  of appreciation for actor Sudeep by the speakers present on the dias. Kicha Sudeepa who is called as Prince of Performance in the state of Karnataka was compared to  Kamal Hassan in his acting potential by Music Maestro M.M.Keervani whose song compositions in the film have topped the charts. Eega film producer Suresh Babu and director S.S.Rajamouli were in full in praise of  Sudeep for his outstanding performance in the role of an anogonist in the film.

Kicha Sudeepa said that his initial anxiety after shooting for the film was that he should not be blamed for bringing disrepute to Rajamouli for a poor selection for the most important role in the film.  "I think with the type of appreciations I am hearing now, I am quite relieved.  I am sure that S.S.Rajamouli has  done his best in the film.  Though I have myself directed many films, I just kept out all the my creative thinking outside the sets and just followed the instructions of  Rajamouli' said Kicha Sudeepa.

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The music composition work of  Ramu Enterprises presentation Sagar directed by M.D.Sridhar is ready after well known singer Sonu Nigam rendered playback for  a song for the film.  Music director Guru Kian  recorded this song in his Bengaluru studio after  Sonu Nigam sung the entire song from a studio in America.  The entire process of conversation and corrections were made through the tele conference in which Guru Kiran and Sonu Nigam were in regular contact.

With the completion of the voice recording of the song, the makers have to announce a date for the  audio release function of the film. "The entire function went on smoothly with Sonu Nigam recording the song.  Now, I will be giving masters of the whole song package to producer Ramu who will be then deciding about the audio release date. I should reiterate that Sagar audio will be one of  my best works this year.  I am  sure that two or three songs of the film will rock with the audience' says the talented music director Guru Kiran in a chat with Chitraloka Mega Portal.

Ramu says that he is planning to  have a big audio release function sometime in this month and then release the film in July.

"I think the entire team has worked so well for the film.  I am already tasting a big success for this film.  Everything has been neatly packaged.  It has romance, fights, good songs  and very good performance from Prajwal, Radhika Pandit and Dev Gill. The foreign locations shooting will add lot of quality for the film' says Ramu who says that the publicity of the film will escalate after the film's audio release.

Prajwal, Radhika Pandit, Hari Priya, Sanjana, Dev Gill, Avinash are in the cast.  Krishna Kumar is the cinemetographer.

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Well known super director S.S.Rajamouli whose latest directorial venture Eega is hitting the screens on July 6, says that Kannada actor Kicha Sudeep was selected to play the antogonist's role in the film because of his versatility and intensity in performances.

Speaking at a press meet on Eega which was addressed by Rajamouli, the film's producer Suresh Babu, co-producer Sai, Music director M.M.Keervani and Sudeep, the Eega director who has already made a mark in the Indian film industry .said that he had selected the talented actor after watching a film like Rann directed by Ram Gopal Varma.  "I was bowled over after watching him perform his best in the film Rann. Though it was a character with lot of intensity, I was able to understand that he can perform the Eega's antogonists character which had lot of shades in it' said Rajamouli.

Rajamouli said that three factors were responsible for him to make a film like Eega.  The first was producers like Suresh Babu and Sai who were prepared to give him lot of space for his creative input, a superb technician like Kanal Kannan who significantly reduced the cost of the graphics and animation work and an actor like Sudeep who was able to give a mindblowing performance without the presence of any artist in nearly eighty percent of  the shots.

Explaining the causes of delay in getting the prints of the film ready, Rajamouli said that the graphics work had taken more time as it had more number of shots compared to any other Indian film produced so far. The director also said that the system of progress report was introduced only reiterate the progress made in the graphics work for the film which will be finished in a day or two.

Suresh Babu said that the film will be getting released over 1200 prints all over the country and abroad with Karnataka state alone releasing in over 100 screens.  "We are planning to release some Kannada prints with English subtitles if there is a requirement on that count.   He said that the entire Indian film industry is now looking for the film's release and see how the latest technological innovation has been used for the film.

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Music Maestro M.M.Keervani compared Kicha Sudeepa to  versatile Universal actor Kamal Hassan. "Sudeep can be compared to  an actor of the calibre of Kamal Hassan.  He experiments in his varied type of roles like Kamal Hassan. I have found out the superb talents of Keervani while I did the re-recording work for the film. He is an excellent performer and is sure to get more glories once the film gets released' says Keeervani.

Keervani who is not used to pay encomiums to any star made departure from his usual practice to appreciate the talents of Sudeep.

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