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Kannada film producers associaiton is now making a social, political  satire which will deal with the current political situation in the country in general and Karnataka in particular.   He has a story idea which is now developing now and is all set to launch the film some time later in this month.    

After producing quality films like Aunty Preethse, Kambalahalli, Raktha Kanneeru and Katari Veera Sura Sundarangi,  Munirathna is all set to make a political satire with some thriller elements also.   I am writing the story of the film which will be concluding shortly. Ravi Srivatsa will be the director of the film.  I want to keep the technical values of the film at a high level' says Munirathna in a chat with Chitraloka Mega Portal.  The title of the film has been fixed as "Rajakeeya'.   

Munirathna is thinking of some big names of the South Indian film industry  to be featured in the film which he is planning to disclose shortly. "I want people whole heartedly after watching this  film.  I am not attacking any political party through this film. I am not giving any message through this film, but it you go deep you will understand that we people have to chose our representatives with caution and circumspection' said Munirathna who belongs to the Congress Party and is a corporator of the Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike.  

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Upendra starrer God Father has recorded the best collections in the first three days of its release and is all set to knock the door of box office hit in a few days, says a happy Prasad of Naraismha Enterprises who has obtained the distribution of  God Father which is produced by K.Manju.

"It is really heartening to note that the film has been running well despite opposition from rain and continuous cricket one dayers and 20 -20 matches.  The festive mood had also prevailed for the first three days which had kept the family audience indoors.  But thankfully Uppi's fans throughout the state have backed this film in good measure.  Even the press reviews have been quite favourable to the film which had enabled lot of " sitting on the fence' audience to visit theatres' said Prasad.

Prasad says despite his attempts to restrict the number of screening space to less than 120 theatres in the state, he was not able to stick on to the desire as there was heavy pressures from the theatres all around.  I really wanted to limit the number of theatres in Bengaluru and Mysore, but it was not possible.  Large number of theatres have restricted the number of  full houses, but people are coming in droves to watch the film in multiplexes, balcony and middle class segments in single screens.  This reverse integration has helped the film to get very good shares in the first four days of the film's release' says Prasad.

Prasad seems to be unperturbed with the negative talks that is emanating from the industry.  "I have faced such situations even I released films like Vishnuvardhana, Chingaari and recently Jaanu.  I don

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The huge wait by Century Star Shivaraj Kumar fans may not see the end result very soon with the release of his much expected film Shiva produced by K.P.Srikanth and directed by Om Prakash Rao. The film which was slated for release on the Vara Mahalakshmi festival day on July 27 is again postponed. According to Gandhinagar grapevine the film's release may be delayed by two to four weeks.  May be on August 10 or one or two weeks later.   This has really disappointed a number of  fans of the star who were looking forward for the release of the film on the festival day which seems to be lucky for the star.  K.P.Srikanth, the producer of the film is not available to comment as he is not lifting any calls now.  
Unfortunately, even last year the  Century Star's 100th film 'Jogayya' directed by Prem was scheduled to be released on the festival day was released a week later.  Same case seems to be repeating for the film Shiva which has already been much hyped because of the  two trailers released, the big audio release functions in Bengaluru and Chitradurga  and quality of the songs.  
The film's producer K.P.Srikanth has organised  a meeting of Shivaraj Kumar fans shortly to explain the situation.  However Shivaraj Kumar's fans who did not have an opportunity to see the actor's film for almost an year now are really feeling the heat of the postponement and are expressing their disappointment. 

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Samartha Ventures owner Prasad who has obtained the entire distribution rights of Upendra starrer "God Father' directed by Sriram and produced by K.Manju is releasing the film in lesser than 120 theatres in the state and is joining the race of  releasing the film in a large number of theatres as he had done earlier.

Incidentally the film is releasing all over Karnataka on July 27, the Vara Mahalakshmi festival day.

"Hitherto I was following a policy of reverse integration process in my distribution work of films obtained for distribution. This plan has brought some desired results..   But it also has its own risks for me as an investor. It curtails the opportunities for good films to take a long run in theatres which may limit the audience who are interested to watch the films after  six weeks of the film's release.

This time I would go with the experiment of releasing in lesser number of theatres around the state to  ensue that the film gets a longer run' says Prasad.

Prasad says each film needs to be assessed for a perfect release. All the previous films that I had released earlier were not seen by me before they were made to release in theatres.  But I have seen God Father and has been extremely confident about the project. Hitherto my films have run for fifty days, but this time I am confident that this film which has good sentiments, action and technical values is sure to click well with the audience.  That is why I have decided to release the film  in lesser number of theatres than usual' says Prasad.   .

Incidentally Prasad is also executing a marketing plan to attract more number of audience in the first three days. He wants to distribute the audio casettes of the film free of cost to every person who buys the tickets in the ticket counter.  The music of the film is composed by A.R.Rehman and it has beenan audio hit. "I want to popularise the songs of the film and also want the early birds who watch the film to be benefited. The first three days ticket rates will be Rs. 10 more than the existing rates.  But each person who wants to see the film will have the benefit of having a C.D.album of the film' says Prasad.  Prasad hopes to deliver more than five lacs audios in the first three days.

Prasad is also planning a big publicity drive of the film with making a good outdoor publicity to make it more visible to the fans. The regular publicity of music channels, television channels apart, Prasad is requesting the lead stars to go to some places to outside Bengaluru to create a hype for the film before its release

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Celebrations for Century Star Shivaraj Kumar's 50th birthday is to start by midnight on Wednesday itself.  At the stroke of  twelve P.M and just a minute later  hundreds of the fans of Shivaraj Kumar who will be assembling in front of the Nagavara house. of the actor on 12th July to cut the  50 years completion birthday cake.  Shivaraj Kumar and his family members will be joining this celebration by cutting the first birthday cake on 12th July morning, as the actor will be out of town on 11th July.  .

Many members of  Shivaraj Kumar fans assocation will be present to wish their favourite actor Shivaraj Kumar on the night of 11th  July itself.  Many  representatives of the fans associations and Shivu Adda members  will be there at Shivanna's Nagavara Residence. Shivanna though will be out of Bangalore that night and will return early morning on 12th, Shivu aDDa members are undertaking  a specia programme  to spend time and help the HIV Infected kids who are deserted by their own kith and kin.  Shivu Adda members will be taking care of such kids. The kids will be  taken care by an organization which has its premises in Sarjapur Road

The 12th July birthday celebrations will still be a low key affair, but for the fans.  Shivaraj Kumar has decided to organise a special function on 25th July when he has plans of distributing Rs. 1 lac to the Kannada medium schools in Hyderabad and Northern Karnataka for developing their infrastructure.   Sources said even Power Star Puneet

Raj Kuamr will be donating funds for this noblest purpose.  Some of the Kannada medium students who have secured high percentage of marks will be felicitated during the 25th special celebration organised by the actor himself.

On 26th July,  Shivaraj Kumar will be present during the launch of his film "Kaddipudi' directed by Suri. Swayamvara Chandru is producing this film which has Radhika Pandit as the heroine.   Hari Krishna is the music director of this film for which S.Krishna is the cinemetographer.

On 27th July, the Varamahalakshmi festival day, Shivaraj Kumar's most ambitious project Shiva produced by K.P.Srikanth and directed by Om Prakash Rao is being released all over the state.  Shiva will be the biggest release for the actor and is already being hyped as the costliest film featuring the actor. Raagini is the heroine of this film. The audio of the film has already become a big hit.

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