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Producer-Director and Actor Vijayalakshmi is now directing a film for an outside banner. She showed her prowess in directing films like "Ee Bhandana' and "Male Barali Manjoo Irali' which brought her lot of laurels. Now she is directing a film to be produced by actor Radhika Kumaraswamy who is making a comeback through this film.  Audithya is playing lead actor's role in the  film.

Giving details about this venture, Vijayalakshmi Singh better known as Munni in the film industry circles said that she had in fact contacted Radhika to discuss with her about a role for which a script was written by her. "I briefed the script which was instantly liked by Radhika.  She said she would be happier to make the film under her production banner as the film's story needed a good star cast and rich production values.

Radhika Kumaraswamy told me that she has already made a film like Lukcy and proved how serious she is busy with her production ventures. "It was Radhika's wish to add lot of variety in  the making of the film' said Vijayalakshmi Singh.

Vijayalakshmi Singh says that she had planned initially to cast Radhika and Audithya in lead roles of the film.  "The film is a full length comedy and both Radhika and Audithya have lot of space to perform.  Audithya has some action portions also' said Vijayalakshmi Singh.

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Despite Kiccha Sudeepa's intnetions to have a low key birthday on Sunday, the 2nd September this year, his fans are not prepared anything less than a big bash for the fans.  Last Sunday, on 26th August 2012, fans were already making arrangements to work out details for the actor's birthday.

The big success of Sudeep's bilingual film Eega and Naan Ee and also the dubbed Malayalam version Eecha has given a big boost to the celebrations even as Kiccha's next film Varadanaayaka in which he plays a special role is getting released in a few weeks from now.  And there are many big films which are now in various stages of production and pre-production work.

There is also a possibility that Kiccha's new segment of fans from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are expected to join the celebrations considering that Eega and Naan Ee have become the biggest block busters in their respective states and also in abroad.

Speaking to Chitraloka Mega Portal, Kiccha Sudeepa said that for him his birthday was just a birthday till his fans decided to celebrate it and wanted to meet him on that day at his house in J.P.Nagar. ' Every year I find them assembling from the strike of midnight at 12.01 A.M. on 2nd September.  These fans will start playing drums and I have to cut my first birthday cake at that time.  They would have come from distant places like Hospet, Koppal, Gulbarga and many other places.

Later the batches of fans start arriving which keeps me busy the whole day'   says Kiccha.

Kiccha says that birthday has become special for me only because of fans.  He does not know how to pay back their affection and love.

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Kiccha Sudeep will not be working in director Gautham Menon's new film with Vijay in the lead role. Kiccha was surprised to hear that some websites and media platrorms had published news that  he will be playing a negative role in the Tamil and Telugu film starring Vijay and directed by Gautham Menon.  He has denied that he had given his acceptance to such an offer, leave alone to accept some offers from non Kannada films as of now.

"I am surprised to see how this news emanated.  Infact I am not working in any film of non Kannada languages as of now other than in films like Bachchan directed by Shashank for which shooting is now under progress' says Kiccha.

"I have some commitments now in the Kannada film industry.  I can not just drop these projects and go to work in other language films as of now. Right now I am working for Bachchan and later I will be working for a  film with producer N.Kumar.  Kumar wants this film to be a trilingual film, but we have not get the script ready to make any decision on that.  Later I have also agreed to do a film with Nimishambha productions Chandrashekhar for which we have not worked out details.  Right now, I am not inclined to accept any offers.  I am glad even Gautham Menon has denied my presence in his film and has indicated that there has not been any discussions in this regard' says Kiccha Sudeepa.

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Bewitching beauty Parul who charmed the Kannada film fans with her Pyaar Ke Aagbittaithe song in Govindaaya Namaha is now working with actor Sudeep in the film "Bachchan'.  Right now, her portions in the film is being picturised which may continue for some more days. Later she will be partiicipating in the songs sequence of the film in the month of October and November.

Parul said that she will not working in any new film or sign any new venture until she completes her work in Bachchan.   Parul told in a chat with Chitraloka Mega Portal, that she is indeed getting offers, but she will not be able to sign any new film until she completes Bachchan.

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K.P.Srikanth, the producer of the film Shiva and  BKTC distributor PVL Vishwanath have been criticised by many film personalities for releasing the film in more number of  theatres. Even many ardent fans of Shivaraj Kumar had raised objections to this measure implying that the film will exhaust large number of audience in the first week itself which would kill the prospects of a long run of the film.

But Srikanth argues that the decision made good business sense and a win win situation for both the distributor and producer.   It also helped us to penetrate to theatres which were only releasing Telugu and Tamil films.  We have released the film in Tirumala Agara which only screens Telugu films.  I had personally taken Shivanna to Agara village and there was such a big reception for the entire team of Shiva.  People there said that they have overwhelmingly liked the film.    Likewise we have released in many theatres screening Telugu and Tamil films.   We have released Shiva on terms which are advantageous to us.  Yes, I agree that the present situation when the two big Telugu films flopped created a vaccum for theatres screening Telugu films. Since there was no big Tamil film release, even theatres screening Tamil films like Balaji in Vannarpettai, Mukunda  and Vinayaka in Marthhalli were  prepared to give the screening opportunity on our terms. We just seized this opportunity, but I am not sure whether the Telugu and Tamil screening theatres would have shown interest when big films were releasing simultaneously' says K.P.Srikanth.

Srikanth also says that in many number of theatres the film will run for only one week. "Shiva will; be removed after screening for a week in some theatres in Bengaluru.  I have released in single theatres in many semi urban and rural theatres unlike Jogayya which was released in two theatres in centres like Malavalli, K.R.Nagar, Kollegal, Ramdurga,  Hospet and other centres.  This will help us getting more collections in these centres' says Srikanth.

'We are thinking of a different type of publicity in the second week.   The post release publicity has received wide response as Shivanna, Raagini and Om Prakash Rao has been part of the publicity blitzkreig and many people speaking in live shows have appreciated the film' says K.P.Srikanth.

However some of the fans of Shivaraj Kumar seems to be unperturbed over the film getting released in large number of theatres.  They are happy that the film has obtained a huge response.

"Shiva is a sure super hit.  All my friends from  fans associations of other super stars have telephoned to me saying that they have liked the film. This had not happened even during the release of  Mylari.

The situation at the time of release of Jogayya was pathetic as many fans of  other actors openly told me over telephone that they were disappointed to see Shivanna's 100th film made with such low taste and quality. Shiva's entertainment quotient seems to be much liked.  It is Shivanna's superlative action and dances which have appealed lot of Kannada film fans'  says Naren, a software engineer and a fan of Shivaraj Kumar.

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