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Actress Pooja Gandhi wants her engagement ceremony to be a cool affair with only a few family members to be invited to the grand event. It is already known that Pooja Gandhi is now engaged to a Realtor and Builder Anand Gowda and her engagement ceremony is to take place on November 15 at Kattiraguppe flat of the actress.
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"Leave me alone. I am enjoying the most beautiful, memorable event of my life. This development has given me and my family members the highest degree of happiness and excitement.  I am looking forward for a great day. I request my media friends to leave me alone to enjoy this bliss for some time. I am certainly coming out to meet them in a suitable platform shortly.  But I want my engagement to be a strict personal affair.  I would not like to add anything more than that said Pooja Gandhi.

Asked about the Saree and accessories she will be wearing on the special day of November 15, the beautiful actress with the most captivating eyes said that  she has shopped for purchase of many sarees.  But she will choose her own favourite costume and accessories only on the D day.

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Pooja Gandhi is getting engaged on a businessman and film financier Anand Gowda on November 15 at her Katriguppe residence. The news was confirmed by the actress herself in a telephone chat with Chitraloka Mega Portal.

"If you are congratulating me on my marriage engagement ceremony, I would accept it' said the Rain Girl Pooja Gandhi who made a sensational debut to Kannada films six years ago through "Mungaru Male'.

In her journey in the Kannada film industry, Pooja Gandhi progressed towards being a top actress and even entered the political arena by joining the JD(S) headed by H.D.Deve Gowda.  But her political ambitions were put to rest recently when her party leader H.D.Kumara Swamy asked her to shut her mouth and not talk much about politics.

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Bollywood actress Tulip Joshi is presently acting in Shashank directed film Bachchan starring Kiccha Sudeep in the main role which is produced by Uday Mehta. On Tuesday, Tulip Joshi who plays a foreign based NRI girl in the film participated in an important sequence of the film with Kiccha Sudeep.

Chitraloka Mega Portal caught up with the glamorous Tulip Joshi on that day who expressed her happiness in working in films with such talented Kannada film personalities like Upendra and Sudeep.  She had earlier acted in Upendra directed "Super' in the role of a possessive lover of  the hero.  She had a brief role in the film but her presence was appreciated.

I  think my role in Bachchan is equally important in the sense.  I dont feel that the length of the role is important than  the impact a character of the film makes with the audience.  IN that way my role in Bachchan will certainly make a mark. I also feel that Bachchan will open up a window of some good opportuniteis in Kannada films' ' says Tulip Joshi.

Tulip is looking forward for a song sequence with Kiccha Sudeep. "Sudeep sir is quite expressive in his eyes and he will tell everything required through his expressions.  He is a lovely star to work with. We can learn so much from working with  talented artists like Upendra and Sudeep.  I am  now seriously looking forward for a song  sequence with Sudeep which has to be picturised later.  I think it will be a set song.   Director Shashank is picturising the entire film quite realistically giving equal importance to every character in the film' says Tulip.

Incidentally Tulip's third Punajbi film is getting released shortly. Her two earlier Punjabi films were received well.  As for as Bollywood projects are concerned, she will be part of a big project for which discussions are on.   She also says that there are some Kannada offers knocking at her door, but that can only be announced after discussions are completed.

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Lahari Velu who has spearheaded the movement of restoration of the Kannada programmes in FM Music channels is confident of solving the problem through negotiations and persuation with the owners of music channels.

In a press conference held a few days ago, the speakers including Agni Sridhar had warned Music Channels with dire consequences if they do not restore airing Kannada music from November 2.

When Chitraloka Mega Portal contacted Velu as to why he has not intensified the protest from November 2, a deadline set by them on restoration of Kannada programmes in music channels,  he said that they do not want to create a hostile atmosphere before any discussion with channels.

"We firmly believe that the problem will be solved in a few days.  We will be taking a persuasive route and will be meeting the owners shortly.  We do not want the discussions to be held in a hostile atmosphere' said Velu.

Velu said that they are also thinking of a legal option as the music channels have given an undertaking the government to air  40 percent of the programmes in the local language before they got their licenses.

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Mr. 420 film distributor Naga Prasad is not unduly disturbed over the fact that his film produced by Sandesh Nagaraj and starring Golden Star Ganesh is competing with a hugely budgeted historical film like Kranti Veera Sangolli Raayanna starring Challenging Star Darshan.

"Darshan is also closer to me. I had made an outright purchase of his film Chingaari and released the film in number of theatres to show the stamina of the Challenging Star.  Now, I will be releasing Mr. 420 on October 19, the same day on which even Kranti Veera Sangolli RaayannArtsa is being released.  I think there has been a number of Holidays in the next two weeks which will be beneficial to all the Kannada films releasing this week including Prajwal's Gokula Krishna.  I want all the Kannada films released during the festival days to win in the Box office'  says Naga Prasad who is releasing the film through Narasimha Arts.  Distributor Basha is releasing this film on behalf of Narasimha.

Prasad does not think that Mr. 420 is being released in a huge competitive environment.  He feels that the Holidays and the fact that Mr. 420 is a non stop comedy entertainer is sure to help the film to attract the audience.

Kranti Veera Sangolli Raayanna is a hugely budgeted film and certainly our film can not be compared with it in cost terms. And the recovery probability of  Mr. 420  looks achievable if the film runs well in the Holiday period.  We are releasing the film in some select well maintained theatres and I am sure family audience will fall for  this full length comedy film' says Naga Prasad.  Sandesh Nagaraj, the producer of  Mr. 420 had maintained that he has offered the film for free distribution for Naga Prasad in a press meet held earlier for the film.

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