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Kool film producer Shilpa Ganesh says that she would be abiding by the decision of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce about the controversy surrounding the film which started off with the director of the film walking out midway during the second day shoot of the film. Shilpa has also registered her complaint against director Mussanje Mahesh while the director has also complained of humiliation meted to him during the shooting. Now, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce is seized of both the complaints and will be thrashing out the issue on July 31 when a meeting has been arranged in the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.

"We know there are several misconceptions about the whole incident because only one sided story has been heard by the representatives of the film. I would like to say that many film workers, technicians of the Kannada film industry were witness to the proceedings and they would be given an opportunity to explain things. I am sure that as a producer of the film, I will be given a chance to explain my position and the difficulties I faced because of Mahesh's sudden exit from the unit' said Shilpa.

Thankfully the issue has not blown into a fight between the Kannada film producers association and the. Kannada film directors association mainly because both the organisations have been acting with lot of maturity with regard to the controversy.

Both K.C.N. Chandrasekhar, President of the Kannada film producers association and M.S. Ramesh, the president of the Kannada film directors association have not been allowing the passions among its members to raise to a level that can block an objective assessment of the situation. Basanth Kumar Patil, the President of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce is seized of the matter and will certainly solve the issue which has come as a big embarrassment to both Ms. Shilpa Ganesh, the producer and Mussanje Mahesh, the film director.

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